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Below is a complete The Red Green Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Red Green Show episodes are listed along with the The Red Green Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Red Green Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “The Best Of Red Green,” “Harold¬タリs One And Only”, and many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Red Green Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Fishing Derby Harold tags a prize fish and releases it in Possum Lake. The catcher will receive a thousand dollars. Red turns a lawnmower into a coffee maker. Ranger Gord uses Red to demonstrate his ability ...more

We Can't Help It, We're Men A collection of bits from the first six seasons (1991-1996). This is a boon for PBS audiences, who had not heard of Red Green scenes from its CHCH days.

The Best Of Red Green Clips featured are the following: The Experts - Edgar K.B. Montros on Movies Possum Lodge Word Game - Femanine - Marrige North Of Fourty - Boring Topics Descussion Handyman Corner - Installing ...more

Stuffed and Mounted 3

Duct tape Virtuoso Deluxe May 08 2001 - To me, technology is a subversive plot by all the geeks of the world to complicate our lives to the point where we become as useless as they are. Man's basic needs are food, clothing and ...more

Stuffed and Mounted 1

Stuffed and Mounted 2

Red Green Does New Years

Early Red Green on Smith & Smith

A Merry Red Green Christmas

Red Green's Hindsight is 20-20

It's a Wonderful Red Green Christmas

The Red Green Story - We're All in This Togethor

Of Cars and Men

Canoe Jousting Jan 01 1991 - The men have a canoe jousting contest. Red turns a car into a gardening centre. Harold questions his uncle on the rules of etiquette. Bill demonstrates how to find water.

He-Man Contest Jan 01 1991 - The lodge has a He-Man contest. Red turns a stove into a reclining chair. Hap Shaughnessy describes his days as a bush pilot. Bill makes an igloo.

Lost Toupee Jan 01 1991 - Old man Sedgwick loses his rug. Red makes an adjustable bed of a ping pong table. Bill demonstrates ways to keep the bugs away. Red drops in on lonely ranger Gord.

New Well Jan 01 1991 - The men try to dig a new well. Red tries to winch a canoe into a trailer. Dougie changes the oil in his monster truck. Bill reveals the various methods of trapping and snaring.

Practical Joke Week Jan 01 1991 - It's practical joke week at the lodge. Red builds an elevator out of a garage door opener. Ranger Gord falls in love with a log. Bill shows you how to make your own fishing gear.

Talent Show Jan 01 1991 - The lodge has a talent show. Red fixes his VCR. Bill shows us some tricks when erecting a tent. Red gives basketball tips to a youngster.

The Elvis Sighting Jan 01 1991 - Elvis is sighted near Possum Lake. Red shows a youngster how to run a model airplane. A visit with Doug Franklin and his monster truck. Bill toboggans on garbage containers.

Water Tower Jan 01 1991 - The men build a water tower. Red comments on free love. Bill has trouble trolling. Red makes his own gull wing doors for a ‘78 Ford Granada.

Problem Outhouse Jan 01 1991 - Trouble with the lodge outhouse. Red checks his lawn mower and finds out the engine is seized. Hap describes his days on the railroad. Bill demonstrates knife throwing.

Lodge Visitor Jan 01 1991 - There’s a bear inside the lodge. Red makes a basketball net out of a crinoline. The natural resources guy is testing water on the golf course. Bill goes snorkeling.

Safety Week Jan 01 1991 - It’s safety week at the lodge. Jimmy builds a boat prop out of a ceiling fan. Red fixes his toaster. Bill explains the subtleties of fire safety.

Jet-Ski Jan 01 1991 - Somebody on Possum Lake has a Jet ski. Red shows how you can substitute tools. Hap has an unbelievable ice-fishing experience. Bill goes international in demonstrating the Bolos.

The UFO Jan 01 1991 - The men claim to have seen a UFO. Red refinishes a chair with a bunch of hairdryers. Bill uses jumper cables to build a campfire.

Exotic Dancer Jan 01 1991 - Moose goes to see an exotic dancer. Red builds a portable phone. Doug shows the engine on his monster truck. Bill tries parachuting.

The Treasure Hunt Jan 01 1991 - The men go on a treasure hunt. Red build a beer cooler out of a toilet tank. Bill demonstrates snow-shoeing. Hap Shaughnessy stretches the truth about his rubber farm.

Home Barber Kit Jan 01 1991 - One of the men gets a home barber kit and gives everybody a haircut. Red puts eight extra headlights on his car. Jimmy McVeigh plans to spend the night in the boat he’s rebuilding. Bill fools ...more

Guest Elephant Jan 01 1991 - Red has an unpleasant experience with an elephant. Bill demonstrates paddling techniques. Red builds a jet powered car. Tips on buying a used car - kick everything.

Bad Chili Jan 01 1991 - A running shoe turns up in the lodge chili. Red installs a window air conditioner in the Possum van. There’s no mail. Bill takes Red orienteering.

The Big Inboard Jan 01 1991 - The men at the lodge build a huge outboard motor out of a V8 engine. Red demonstrates the belt sander. Harold discusses sex education and Bill teaches canoeing.

Wind-Powered Boat Jan 01 1991 - The men build a wind powered boat. Red changes a headlight with a wrecking bar. Hap claims to have worked on a tiger ranch. Bill gets in trouble with a metal detector.

Hot Water Bottle Jan 01 1991 - Everybody tries to blow up a hot water bottle. Red makes a coffin out of a freezer. Glen gets Red to clean his RV. Bill demonstrates archery.

Whittling Contest Jan 01 1991 - The Lodge has a whittling contest. Red demonstrates how to put on a spare tire with duct tape. Glen is unable to fix the outboard. Bill tires water skiing.

Water Slide Jan 01 1991 - The men build a water slide. Red shows how you can fix your own windshield. Dougie looses his license. Bill demonstrates different ways to signal for help.

The Salt and Pepper Shakers Jan 01 1991 - Somehow gun powder ends up in the salt and pepper shakers. Doug Franklin describes how the ladies go for his monster truck. Red shows how to do your own body work. Bill messes around with

Lunar Eclipse The men try to recapture their youth by watching a lunar eclipse together, just like they did thirty-five years ago. Red converts the Possum van into an airboat. Dalton decides to use the ...more

Out Of The Woods Red and Ed trap a large animal roaming the woods at night. Red demonstrates a carefree way to travel by using wear-on luggage. Ranger Gord presents an animated feature about signs on the forest. ...more

The Beaver Dam Possum Lake is rising because the beavers have built a dam across the river running out of it. Red uses the van exhaust to inflate children's toys. Dalton tries to sneak out of the house to go ...more

No Duct Tape Everyone panics when the Lodge runs out of duct tape and the local hardware store is back-ordered. Red uses a frozen turkey as a toboggan return. Ranger Gord gets struck by lightning. Ed Frid ...more

Foster Child Red learns that the Lodge has a foster child who's coming to spend the weekend with him. Red demonstrates a fun way to take out the garbage and builds a revolving restaurant out of a dining ...more

Cheap Jeep In one of his favorite magazines (Archie Comics), Red finds an advertisement for an army jeep on sale for seventy-five dollars. He orders it and it arrives in 15 cases of parts. The instructions ...more

A Very Merry Red Green Christmas

The Dandruff Foundation The men find a charity for the Lodge to affiliate with as way of avoiding taxes and receiving government grants. Red makes a device that automatically clears snow from your driveway. Ed Frid ...more

Historic Site Red and Mike try to save the Lodge by having it declared a historical site. Red demonstrates how to get two cars into a one-car garage. Red makes a hedge trimmer our of a weed whacker on roller ...more

Survivor A toxic cloud in the area forces Red to stay locked in the Lodge for a few days. Also Red makes a woodshop out of a truck. The men have fun rolling down a hill inside oil drums. Red demonstrates ...more

Damn You Emu Red Green opens by stating that there's a "great big chicken on the loose. Four feet tall and very, very vicious." Actually, it's not a chicken. It's an emu, which appears to be ...more

Who Wants To Be A Smart Guy Dalton represents the Lodge as a contestant on a tv trivia game show. Red shows how you can be in your own tourist photos without asking a stranger to take the picture. Red turns a van into a ...more