Full List of The Rifleman Episodes

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Below is a complete The Rifleman episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Rifleman episodes are listed along with the The Rifleman episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Rifleman episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features “The Decision,” “Sins of the Father” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Rifleman episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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Episode: 33, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
When his employer begins to suspect him of embezzlement, bookkeeper Asa Manning decides to hire a professional gunman to take care of the problem.
The Sheridan Story Episode: 16, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Frank Blandon, a man with only one good arm, wanders on to the ranch. Lucas gave Blandon a job to ""hire him and Mark a clear conscience"". General Sheridan and his patrol ...more
The Boarding House Episode: 22, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Reformed card sharp Julia Massini now runs a respectable boarding house in North Fork, but Sid Fallon is threatening to reveal her sordid past unless she lets him turn the establishment into a ...more
The Indian Episode: 21, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart arrives in North Fork in search of renegade Indians suspected of the brutal killing of a Texas Ranger and his family, but the townspeople are suspicious of him when ...more
The Photographer Episode: 18, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Abel Goss, the photographer who took Lucas' wedding photograph, is in North Fork doing a portrait of Mark standing in the street. When Goss sees Col. Whiteside and his sidekick Jamison, he ...more
Shivaree Episode: 19, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Aaron Pelser's wagon train came across a pair of young boys on a buck board heading west and invited them to join the train. When he found out that one of the boys was actually a girl and the ...more
Episode: 4, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Micah Torrance, a once famous lawman, is introduced as a drunken derelict, who stumbles into North Fork. Micah, nursing an arm crippled in a gunfight, is hired by Lucas to help out at the ranch. ...more
The Second Witness Episode: 23, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Lucas puts his life in jeopardy when he agrees to testify in a murder case where the first witness was killed before he could testify, and the killer is still at large.
The Retired Gun Episode: 17, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Wes Carney and his wife Clair want to settle down and they figure North Fork might do fine. Wes is a well known gunfighter, who has promised Clair that he would hang up his guns for good. The ...more
The Deadeye Kid Episode: 20, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
McCain befriends Donnel O'Mahoney, a tough kid from Brooklyn, and arranges with two men for the young man to continue his travels on their wagon, but then one of them is murdered and the other ...more
The Trade Episode: 24, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Outlaw Sam Morley falls in love with a young woman who has a serious illness, and asks Lucas to turn him in for the reward and then use the money to pay for her medical care.
One Went to Denver Episode: 25, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Lucas welcomes his old friend Tom Birch, who once saved his life, unaware that the man is now a bank robber who is on the run with his gang.
Duel of Honor Episode: 7, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
When an Italian Count arrives in North Fork, his strange attire attracts the attention of Groder, a town bully. Groder trying to have fun with this stranger, destroys some of the Counts ...more
The Sister Episode: 9, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Rebecca Snipe is returning to North Fork after a long visit away. Before her stage left, she over hears a man saying he's going to North Fork to kill a big man with a big mouth. Upon Rebecca's ...more
The Apprentice Sheriff Episode: 11, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Dan Willard is filling in as temporary marshal while Micah is away. Some Texas cowhands are in North Fork looking for some fun and relaxation, but Dan keeps coming down hard on them. Dan's ...more
The Deadly Wait Episode: 26, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Dan Nowry, released from Yuma prison, arrives in North Fork intent on getting even with Marshal Torrance,who helped send him to jail.
The Challenge Episode: 28, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
When escaped convicts hold up the general store in North Fork and take Marshal Torrance hostage, Lucas comes to the rescue.
Stranger at Night Episode: 36, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Mark's finding of the body of a murder victim starts Lucas, his friend Artemus, and Marshal Torrance on a search for the killer.
The Raid Episode: 37, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
When renegade Apaches wound Lucas and kidnap Mark, Marshal Torrance joins with U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart to form a rescue posse.
Boomerang Episode: 39, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
When a rancher dies after the bank forecloses the mortgage on his property, his son blames the banker for his father's death.
The Mind Reader Episode: 40, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
When a wealthy rancher is killed, Mark suggests that they seek the aid of a mind reader to identify the murderer.
Home Ranch Episode: 2, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Two hired hands of a wealthy cattleman, who has been using the ranch for grazing his cattle, demand that Lucas move out. When Lucas refuses, he is beaten and dragged and then the ranch house is ...more
The Pet Episode: 15, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Ward Haskins guns down Joe Flecker, who has evidence that could be used to blackmail him. Haskins thinks the information was given to Lucas, since he brought Flecker to the doctor before he ...more
End of a Young Gun Episode: 3, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Lucas is forced to give refuge to Will Fulton, a young bank robber, who was injured while saving Mark's life. While staying at the McCain ranch Will gets a taste of a life better than the one ...more
New Orleans Menace Episode: 10, Season: The Rifleman - Season 1
Tiffauges, a wealthy and sadistic Frenchman, who is used to getting whatever he wants, decides he wishes to purchase the McCain Ranch. Tiffauges' lead man, Xavier, proclaims Lucas to be muy ...more