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Full List of The Rockford Files Episodes

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Below is a complete The Rockford Files episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Rockford Files episodes are listed along with the The Rockford Files episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Rockford Files episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “The Battle of Canoga Park” to “Profit and Loss (2)” is included below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Rockford Files episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    The Rockford Files: Backlash of the Hunter

    Mar 27 1974
    Private investigator Jim Rockford is hired by a beautiful young woman to investigate the...
  • 2

    The Rockford Files: Backlash of the Hunter (Part 2)

    Mar 27 1974
    Private investigator Jim Rockford is hired by a beautiful young woman to investigate the...
  • 3

    I Still Love LA

    Nov 27 1994
    The famed P.I. works to uncover facts of the death of a wealthy socialite whose two grown...
  • 4

    If It Bleeds... It Leads

    Apr 20 1999
    Retired private detective Jim Rockford must investigate a series of child rapes when his...
  • 5

    Friends and Foul Play

    Apr 25 1996
    Rockford's friend from the Sandcastle, Babs, is investigating the murder, 18 monthes earlier....
  • 6

    Stephen J.Cannell On-Camera Interview

    Jan 01 2006
    2006 Interview with Stephen J. Cannell co-creator of the Rockford Files. DVD Season 2 special....
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    Punishment and Crime

    Sep 18 1996
    Laid-back private eye Jim Rockford and his brown Pontiac Firebird become embroiled in another...
  • 8

    A Blessing in Disguise

    May 14 1995
    "A Blessing in Disguise" proved very entertaining, with James Garner reprising his droll "Jim...
  • 9

    Godfather Knows Best

    Feb 18 1996
    Godfather Knows Best is a 1996 crime drama directed by Tony Wharmby....
  • 10

    If the Frame Fits

    Jan 14 1996
    In this episode of film sequels to the original tv series, James Garner's classic detective,...
  • 11

    Shoot-Out at the Golden Pagoda

    Nov 21 1997
    After a quiet fishing trip, Rockford is tricked into taking over a fellow PI's case involving...
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    James Garner Interview

  • 13


    Mar 07 1975
    Jim is hired to pass on the inheritance to a young woman in Las Vegas, who acts very strangly...
  • 14

    Profit and Loss (2)

    Dec 27 1974
    PART 2 - LOSS After being charged with filing a false police report, Jim and Rocky continue...
  • 15

    Counter Gambit

    Jan 24 1975
    Jim hired by a former prison mate to recover a pearl necklace stolen by his girlfriend, and...
  • 16

    In Pursuit of Carol Thorne

    Nov 08 1974
    Jim follows a woman, a recent parolee, believing she will lead him to his client's son, little...
  • 17

    The Countess

    Sep 27 1974
    Jim is helping a Countess avoid a blackmailer but is then charged for the Blackmailer murder......
  • 18

    Just by Accident

    Feb 28 1975
    Jim invesitgates the death of a man on behlaf of his mother, an old friend, but stumbles into...
  • 19

    The Kirkoff Case

    Sep 13 1974
    A wealthy but dislikable young man hires Jim to solve the mystery of the death of his parents...
  • 20

    The Dexter Crisis

    Nov 15 1974
    Jim is hired by Dexter, a wealthy businessman who believes his mistress has taken a suitcase...
  • 21

    Sleight of Hand

    Jan 17 1975
    Jim is confused when his girlfriend diappears after they return from a trip and her young...
  • 22

    The Four Pound Brick

    Feb 21 1975
    Jim invesitgates the death of a Rookie Police Officer on behalf the mother, a good friend of...
  • 23

    The Big Ripoff

    Oct 25 1974
    A life insurance investigation becomes more complicated than first appeared when Jim belives ...
  • 24

    Aura Lee, Farewell

    Jan 03 1975
    Sara Bulter hires Jim again to investigate the death of her friend Aura Lee Benton who died of...
  • 25

    Exit Prentiss Carr

    Oct 04 1974
    Jim finds the murdered body of Prentiss Carr in his hotel room and after reporting the...