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Below is a complete The Royal episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Royal episodes are listed along with the The Royal episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Royal episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “2” to “Best of Intentions” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Royal episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.







Consequences Dec 07 2003 - Ormerod faces a difficult dilemma when Caroline's father Henry turns up suggesting they turn off her life-support machine, having done all they can, but the guilt-ridden doctor wonders whether ...more

Famous for a Day Dec 21 2003 - The staff are excited by the arrival of a TV film crew at the hospital, especially Mr Harper, who is desperate to be caught on camera - and it looks like his dreams of stardom may be about to ...more

All the Fun of the Fair Jan 11 2004 - The residents are pleased when a fair comes to Elsinby, but Jeffrey and Samantha have their work cut out when the waltzer operator becomes trapped in the ride's mechanism. He's rushed to the ...more

Reckoning Feb 01 2004 - Dr. Ormerod is furious to discover the police have launched an investigation into his wife's death, and reveals in a heated outburst that she was planning to leave him at the time of the ...more

For Those in Peril Jan 25 2004 - The hospital staff have an intriguing case on their hands when local tramp Sebastian Fox is found dead. Ken Hopkirk rummages through his belongings and is surprised to find war medals, leading ...more

Doing Time Feb 08 2004 - Ormerod faces a taxing time when a prison van overturns on the moors. The driver is killed, a guard is seriously injured and one of the convicts escapes, while the others are rounded up and ...more

Doing the Rounds Nov 30 2003 - New GP and anaesthetist Dr. Jeffrey Goodwin has a tough first day at work when he witnesses a car crash, gets attacked by one of the drivers involved and has his own vehicle and possessions ...more

Holding on Tight Jan 18 2004 - A group of drunken mods arrive at the hospital in a shocking state, and Ken Hopkirk soon makes the grim discovery that they have been drinking industrial alcohol supplied by their friend, ...more

Skin Deep Dec 28 2003 - Brigid arrives at a decision and Lucy Klein is disturbed by the unscheduled reappearance of a figure from the past. Mr. Harper rests on his laurels, certain his future is assured, while Ormerod ...more

Cliffhanger Jan 04 2004 - Goodwin comes to the aid of a man brought in with a leg injury which his friend claims was sustained in an agricultural accident, but it soon emerges that he's actually suffering a gunshot wound ...more

The Unbreakable Chain Nov 16 2003 - A student nurse causes quite a stir when she arrives in the middle of the night, while Ken and Alun contend with a farming family suffering a crisis. Brigid and Jill deliver a Down's syndrome ...more

Poison Dec 14 2003 - The Health Authority announce they plan to reorganise management at The Royal, leaving Mr Harper less than keen to re-apply for his job, so Ken and Alun decide to convince him otherwise by ...more

If Not for You Nov 23 2003 - Tragedy strikes at the Royal v Ashfordly General rugby match, as Cheriton dives to score a try, only to be pounced on by opponents. It soon emerges that his injuries are serious, and Ormerod ...more

Home to Roost Feb 15 2004 - Ormerod faces a testing time when his father-in-law arrives demanding to know whether he was seeing Dr. Weatherill while his late daughter was still alive. Following a heated exchange, it ...more

Sister of Mercy Feb 09 2003 - Sister Bridget discovers a baby on the steps of the hospital. PC Bellamy and Dr. Alway link it to a girls disappearance for a couple of days. Dr. Alway sets out to find the girl and informs her ...more

Immediate Care Feb 16 2003 - Dr. Cheriton has the unenviable task of informing a patient she has little time to live, and the situation soon prompts the wedding of the year. Arriving at the scene of an accident at the ...more

First Impressions Jan 19 2003 - Dr. David Cheriton arrives at St. Aidan's Royal Free Hospital in Elsinby, newly qualified and keen to impress at his job interview - only to discover they aren't even expecting him. Meanwhile, ...more

Crash Mar 02 2003 - A serious coach crash throws the Royal into chaos, and for one member of the staff, the incident proves exceptionally traumatic. Cheriton has a bombshell for Nurse Taylor.

Coffin Fit Feb 02 2003 - Claude Greengrass causes a kerfuffle with a coffin containing the remains of his deceased sister and a mysterious phone call only serves to raise suspicions. Jill Weatherill has trouble with a ...more

Second Time Around Jan 26 2003 - A romantic escapade goes horribly wrong when a young couple are involved in a motorbike accident, and the tragic events of the night leave the staff of St Aiden's struggling to heal more than ...more

Kiss and Tell Feb 23 2003 - The cause of a schoolboy's illness is found too close to home, while a bit of teamwork brings Ormerod and Weatherill closer than they expect. Cheriton's flatwarming party goes with a bang, and ...more

Wishing and Hoping Jun 15 2003 - A frantic mother and father bring their daughter to the Royal for whooping cough treatment, and Cheriton is shocked to hear the girl hasn't been vaccinated because of her parents' fears of the ...more

Snakes and Ladders Jun 01 2003 - A teenage boy is brought into the Royal having fallen from a cliff, but it soon emerges that the incident was a suicide attempt as evidence of extreme depression comes to the surface. Cheriton ...more

The Last Waltz Jun 29 2003 - As preparations get under way for the Royal's charity ball, Ken Hopkirk is forced to rescue the band hired for the evening when their van breaks down en route. Meanwhile, Dr. Weatherill faces a ...more

Thicker Than Water Jun 08 2003 - Sister Brigid has a crisis of faith over a mother whose life is in danger. Family secrets are exposed when a hunting trip ends in tragedy, and Ken and Harper clash over the hospital laundry.

All at Sea May 25 2003 - Gordon struggles to cope following the coach crash which left his wife horrifically injured and turns for comfort to colleague Jill, who tries to persuade him to take time off work. Meanwhile, a ...more

One of Those Days Jun 22 2003 - Ormerod rushes to help following a boating accident, but realises he's been sent to the wrong location, and when he finally arrives at the disaster scene, his efforts to save a man's life prove ...more

No Room for Ravers Dec 19 2004 - A routine visit turns into a nightmare for Jill when she is taken hostage by a psychologically damaged ex-prisoner of war, who has barricaded himself into his house and booby-trapped the ...more

It's What's on the Inside That Counts Jan 16 2005 - New recruit Thelma Parker catches the eye of Harper, but proves to be less popular with the rest of the team, and an injured boxer causes concern for the staff at the hospital. Dr. Weatherill ...more

Sins of the Father Jan 30 2005 - Nurse Stella Davenport arrives at the Royal with a less than favourable reputation, and soon causes a stir among the staff and patients as rumours about her circulate the hospital. Matron and ...more

Sinking Feeling Feb 27 2005 - Johnny Lomax's proposal to Matron causes Nigel Harper to worry about the effect her decision will have on the hospital, and Jill comes into conflict with a strict Catholic family. Ormerod and ...more

While the Cat's Away Mar 06 2005 - Matron is forced to change her plans after a tragic turn of events and decides to withdraw her resignation. Nurse Taylor grows closer to Jeff as they tackle an unusual medical emergency, but ...more

For Better for Worse Dec 05 2004 - Jill and Gordon's wedding day finally arrives, but a huge explosion at a nearby care home disrupts proceedings in spectacular fashion. As the Royal staff help pull the elderly residents out of ...more

Everybody Needs Somebody Feb 06 2005 - When Matron is attacked by a thief, everyone is surprised to discover who was responsible - but there appears to be more to the case than meets the eye. Goodwin is upset when it becomes clear he ...more

The Way We Were Feb 20 2005 - Dr. Goodwin faces the pressure as rumours about him frantically circulate the hospital and when Dr. Weatherill passes on some important news, he wastes no time in using it to set the record ...more

Beggars and Choosers Dec 12 2004 - Mr. Harper prepares for the arrival of an important private patient, who proves useful when a badly injured teenager is brought in after an industrial accident after Dr. Goodwin puts his career ...more

Duty Bound Jan 23 2005 - Samantha struggles to cope with the reality of her recent discovery and takes desperate action which leaves her life hanging in the balance. Frankie and Gordon attempt a daring rescue to help a ...more

The Rose Queen Jan 09 2005 - Dr. Weatherill is involved in an air rescue to save an unconscious girl and finds herself braving a cliff abseil to reach the youngster. Dr. Ormerod faces a difficult time when he misdiagnoses a ...more

Say a Little Prayer Feb 13 2005 - Sister Brigid faces a struggle as she tries to convince her superior at the convent to seek medical help when it becomes obvious she is seriously ill. Jill discovers the answer to a puzzling ...more

Thinking Too Hard Mar 26 2006 - A local nightclub owner is admitted with symptoms of poisoning, and his son is quick to point the finger of suspicion at his father's glamorous wife. Frankie is shocked to see Dr. Ormerod doubt ...more

Seeking Refuge Apr 02 2006 - Dr. Goodwin is accused of taking sides when he goes too far to help a woman who claims her husband is hitting her, and there is a mystery to solve when a patient is admitted under a false name. ...more

Fever Apr 09 2006 - The hospital has its hands full when a typhoid epidemic breaks out in the community. Things get worse as the disease's source is traced back to the wards and staff struggle to locate it. Dr. ...more

Letting Go Apr 16 2006 - Frankie faces trouble when someone tries to steal his motorbike

Love Is All You Need Sep 17 2006 - When a day at the beach ends in tragedy for a local family, Carnegie questions Weatherill's competence. An outraged Dr Ormerod leaps to Jill's defence, but divulges her condition in doing so.