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Below is a complete The Saddle Club episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Saddle Club episodes are listed along with the The Saddle Club episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Saddle Club episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “Foster Horse (3),” “Foster Horse (2)” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Saddle Club episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Horse Crazy (Movie)

The Saddle Club Feb 06 2001 - On her first day at Pine Hollow Stables, Lisa Atwood is befriended by snobby Veronica diAngelo. However, when Lisa foils Veronica's plan to endanger Stevie Lake, Lisa proves to Stevie and Carole ...more

Work Horses Feb 13 2001 - As the Saddle Club plans to horsenap Prancer from her owner before he can sell the mare to the slaughterhouse, their plan suddenly changes when they discover poor Prancer has colic.

Trail Ride (1) Feb 20 2001 - While on the Mountain Trail Overnight, Veronica develops a crush on Phil Marsten, but she soon discovers that he only has eyes for her rival, Stevie .So, in an attempt to get Phil's attention, ...more

Trail Ride (2) Feb 27 2001 - When Veronica's horse, Cobalt, returns to camp riderless, the Saddle Club along with Phil, put themselves in huge danger to rescue an injured Veronica.

Horse Shy Mar 06 2001 - Just as they are teaching Lisa to canter, the Saddle Club is caught in a sudden storm. This leaves Stevie and Carole stranded on a cliffside and Lisa to overcome her fear of cantering and ride ...more

Mystery Weekend Mar 13 2001 - Phil and his Pony Club come to Pine Hollow to participate in a mystery weekend to raise funds. However, they soon discover there is a real thief in their midst and the Saddle Club sets out to ...more

School Horse Mar 20 2001 - Max reverses his decision to sell Prancer after the horse saves the girls from certain death by killing a poisonous snake.

Star Quality Mar 27 2001 - The girls have to teach teenage heart-throb Skye Ransom how to ride to save his movie career.

Herdbound Apr 03 2001 - When Lisa's mother decides to enroll Lisa in a private boarding school, Carole and Stevie do everything they can to stop Lisa from attending it.

Greener Pastures (1) Apr 10 2001 - While working with veterinarian Judy Barker, Carole can't help but compare herself to her late mother, Karen. Carole is unable to deal with the loss of her mothe and is devastated when Veronica ...more

Greener Pastures (2) Apr 17 2001 - With help from her father, Carole comes to terms with her mother's death and Cobalt's and is soon thrilled to learn that Delilah is pregnant with Cobalt's foal.

Jumping to Conclusions Apr 24 2001 - Stevie and Carole naturally blame Veronica when Lisa's school horse, Prancer, starts to act sluggish and unresponsive. However, Phil thinks he knows the true reason.

Set Up May 01 2001 - The Saddle Club girls think that Deborah has asked Max to sell Pine Hollow Stables. They succeed in breaking up the couple, only to realize that Max's happiness is more important to them than ...more

Runaway (a.k.a. Over the Bit) Sep 16 2001 - Red's cousin Liam, begins lying to everyone he meets at Pine Hollow in an effort to fit in. He soon redeems himself when Lisa when has an acute attack of appendicitis.

Gift Horse Sep 23 2001 - Carole feels like The Saddle Club is falling apart: Stevie's too busy with her old friend, Tina, and Lisa's obsessed with beating out Veronica for the lead in the school play. The birth of ...more

Flying Change Sep 30 2001 - When Veronica appears to be neglecting her new horse, Garnet, in the same way she did with Cobalt, the Saddle Club girls enlist Phil's help to switch horses on Veronica and teach her a lesson.

Jump Off Oct 07 2001 - During a western riding clinic at Pine Hollow, Stevie rescues an abandoned mare and names her Belle. Deborah writes an article about Stevie and Belle and their photo appears in the paper.

Found Horse (1) Oct 14 2001 - Belle's rightful owner, Chelsea, sees the picture of Stevie and Belle in the newspaper and travels to Pine Hollow to take back her horse. When Belle runs away from Chelsea and will only respond ...more

Found Horse (2) Oct 21 2001 - Carole's role as best junior rider at Pine Hollow is threatened by the arrival of a talented, new rider, Andrea Barry.

Across the Board May 25 2002 - Determined to break up the Saddle Club once and for all, Veronica makes a bet with Carole Carole can't go a day without running to Stevie and Lisa with information. Carole counters that Veronica ...more

Track Record May 28 2002 - When a barn fire damages the hayloft and endangers Max's horses, Max comes down hard on Red for his negligence, and Red quits. The Saddle Club girls must find a way to get Red back.

First Refusal May 29 2002 - Much to Lisa's horror, Lisa's mother invites Veronica to stay with them while Veronica's parents are away. Carole and Stevie are hurt when Veronica tells them what Lisa wrote about them in her ...more

Horse Play May 30 2002 - Lisa and Veronica are forced to work together on the annual Pine Hollow costume party. Lisa gets even with Stevie for her practical jokes by staging an eerie prank of her own.

High Horse May 31 2002 - Everyone is surprised when a visiting "horse whisperer" praises Kristi for her natural talent. Kristi's swollen ego becomes unbearable when she is selected to star in a live sports ...more

Bridle Path (1) Jun 01 2002 - In this episode, Lisa wants to win first place at a competition but the jumps are to high for her. When she first practices Prancer refuses to jump it and Lisa goes flying over the jump and she ...more

Bridle Path (2) Jun 08 2002 - When Carole and Stevie's efforts awaken comatose Lisa, Pine Hollow is thrown into a frenzy to get Max and Deborah's wedding back on track. Also, Stevie and Phil finally admit they like each

A Horse of a Different Color (1) Apr 01 2003 - A valuable horse named Hugo is transported from France arrives at Pine Hollow but escapes into danger. A thief seems to be operating in the stables and Veronica is blaming Scooter.

A Horse of a Different Color (2) Apr 02 2003 - The valuable French horse is not everything it appears to be and the Saddle Club must find the real one quickly.

Show Ponies (1) Apr 03 2003 - Dorothe Doutey, the French Junior Champion arrives at Pine Hollow and rumours begin to fly.

Show Ponies (2) Apr 08 2003 - The Saddle Club coaxes Dorothee into riding Hugo again by getting Veronica to buy him. Veronica agrees to buy him, if she can sing with the Saddle Club at their first gig.

The Ride of His Life Apr 09 2003 - The Equine infection endangering the horses could mean the end of Pine Hollow and when Comanche gets sick, The Saddle Club try to do their best to try and save the horse.

Love is in The Air Apr 10 2003 - Stevie and Phil's first date almost turns into disaster and Red coaxes Doroth'e into facing her demons and jumping Hugo again.

Horsenapped Apr 15 2003 - When Veronica's horse, Garnet, is kidnapped, The Saddle Club sets out to solve the mystery. Meanwhile, Murray is driving Carole mad, both at home and at Pine Hollow. When Carole finds out that ...more

Au revoir Dorothee Apr 16 2003 - Both Dorothée and Max are faced with important decisions. The stables are divided about whether Dorothée should pursue her love with Red or her career as a show jumper. But in the ...more

The Home Straight Apr 17 2003 - When Pepper gets old, The Saddle Club is faced with the difficult task of finding a way for an old man and an old horse to enjoy a useful old age. Max's cousin, Drew takes over the stables while ...more

Running Free (1) Apr 22 2003 - The Saddle Club befriend Raffael and his mother, both itinerant workers, who arrive at Willow Creek with Raffael's beautiful horse, Diablo. Then Raffael is accused of horse-theft by a local ...more

Running Free (2) Apr 23 2003 - The Saddle Club help Raffael rescue his horse, but he is forced to offer Diablo for sale when his family's life savings are stolen. Mrs. Atwood buys Diablo for Lisa so Raffael will leave. Lisa ...more

Race Against Time Apr 24 2003 - Peeved that Lisa won the captaincy of the Navigation Riding Team to take on Cross County, Veronica sets out to prove Phil is poisoning their horses so his club will have the advantage. When Lisa ...more

Fillies vs. Colts Apr 25 2003 - Stevie's judgment is clouded by her attempts to camouflage a pimple, and then she doesn't wear a helmet when riding out in the field on Belle. She then falls off and gets a bump on her head. ...more

Stevie's Bad Day Apr 30 2003 - Stevie challenges the boys to a Survivor style camp-off to determine who is the better sex, while Melanie and Ashley have their own gender battle with a new rider named Nick. And Deborah is ...more

Blind Faith May 01 2003 - When visually impaired students visit Pine Hollow, The Saddle Club helps a young blind girl named Jenna conquer her fear of horses, and in the process prove to her overly protective mother that ...more

Join Up May 02 2003 - A dance has all of Pine Hollow seeking a date, and Kristi schemes to snare Red as her partner. Carole's attempts at matchmaking end in disaster, especially when she tries to make over a boy for ...more

Tenderfoot May 09 2003 - Carole, Stevie, and Lisa are worried when Belle comes down with a mysterious illness that even the new young vet can't diagnose. Red is left to manage Pine Hollow on his own. With everyone busy, ...more

Bloodlines May 10 2003 - The Saddle Club befriend a young painter who turns out to be Kristi's long lost big sister, Chelsea. Melanie is upset by Lisa and doesn't want to be her sister any more. Veronica is jealous ...more

Foster Horse (1) May 17 2003 -

Foster Horse (2) May 18 2003 -

Foster Horse (3) May 19 2003 - Lisa gains Storm's trust, but his ultimate test is still to come. The Saddle Club is distressed that the trails will have to be sold to save Pine Hollow.

High Stakes (1) May 26 2003 - Carole assists a famous trainer with Mr. diAngelo's promising young racehorse, Windsong. With her father's new investment in Pine Hollow, Veronica lords her newfound status over the other kids ...more

High Stakes (2) May 27 2003 - Carole blames herself for the erratic performance of Windsong. Veronica is distressed when her father informs her that they are no longer rich and that they'll have to sell Windsong. Veronica ...more