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Below is a complete The Secret Life of Us episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Secret Life of Us episodes are listed along with the The Secret Life of Us episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Secret Life of Us episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “An Ill Wind...” and “The Truth About Cats And Dogs (1).” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Secret Life of Us episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Best of The Secret Life Of Us (Part 1)

The Best of The Secret Life Of Us (Part 2)

The Unbelievable Truth Jul 23 2001 - Alex has betrayed her best friend Gabrielle. She hates herself. So does Gabrielle. Kelly meets Nerida ,her former boss's wife and she surprised to find out that she likes her more than her ...more

The Garden of Gethsemane Jul 30 2001 - Richie revels in the glamor of an actors life, while Miranda delivers a singing telegram. And Will finds that he has to stand alone. Leah pays back the loan to Will but he finds it difficult to ...more

The Rules Aug 06 2001 - Will suffers unprecedented performance problems, but Sam saves him from his embarrassment with a sudden sexual ambush. Meanwhile, Evan fells in love with Carmen and decides no to see her again. ...more

Expect The Unexpected Aug 13 2001 - During a heated night of partying drugs & alcohol, Richie goes further down a path he never imagined he'd take ... with the local establishment. Kelly breaks up with Joseph after she gets ...more

The Road Less Taken Aug 20 2001 - Evan's madly in love with Carmen and is surprised to find that he quite likes the feeling. Kelly finds that her job at Get Personal is a challenge to her code of ethics. And Richie's head is ...more

What Am I? Aug 27 2001 - Kelly meets Nathan,a client at the "Get Personal" introduction Agency,he's attractive,warm,friendly and constantly rejected by the girls who are registered at the agency.After she ...more

The Secret Life of Us Sep 03 2001 - In the first part of this special 2 part Movie length episode, we get to see inside the character's heads on what event in the past has helped form the person they are today. Alex and her ...more

State of Limbo Sep 03 2001 - In The 2nd part of this special movie length episode, Richie has another homosexual encounter at the beach and as the guy is about to perform, Will enters the toilets and startles Richie. Richie ...more

Love Sucks Sep 10 2001 - Alex has an epiphany...she doesn't need love anymore. Evan laughs at her at first along with Kelly but they both learn a lesson. Kelly realises that her job isn't as bad as she thought and Evan, ...more

Fallout Sep 17 2001 - Will's jealousy problems escalate when he gets stoned and in a jealous rage, tries to force himself on Sam at a party. Simon is confronted by Miranda about his sexual encounter with Richie. ...more

Secrets and Lies Sep 24 2001 - A little girl is nearly killed when Eric accidentally gives her a double dose of morphine. He begs Alex to lie for him...will she keep his secret or expose him?? Evan, is interested and also ...more

Better the Devil You Know Oct 01 2001 - Signs of strain are starting to show in Will and Sam's relationship, due to the return of Leah and her own personal crisis. Evan has a shortlived career working as a glass collector in a pub, ...more

The Gap Oct 08 2001 - Kelly is in a state of shock over why she can't seem to find herself happy with Paulo. Ultimately she realises that she wants someone whom she can have some problems with and that he doesn't ...more

The Butterfly Effect Oct 15 2001 - Alex and Evan give into tempation but whats the aftereffect? And Richie finally tells Miranda the truth...but at what cost?

Piggy-in-the-Middle Oct 22 2001 - Tensions mount tonight as Richie has to face the consequences of his encounter with Brad. There is no communication between him and Miranda, with her refusing to talk to him, but also refusing ...more

Intimations of Mortality Oct 29 2001 - Alex and Evan still fantasing about each other and the situation between them is becoming more and more tense. Riche finally is going to move out of the flat. But the sad thing is that Sam is ...more

A Friend Indeed Nov 05 2001 - Although Will is still devestated about Sam, he goes back to work and continues to torture himself about his joking to Sam that he didnt love her. Kel helps him find a way to say goodbye to Sam, ...more

Men on the Verge Nov 12 2001 - Richie throws himself into the gay scene, but he doesn't find the answers he was hoping for, and explains to Evan that he has to keep silent about his sexuality for the sake of his career. Jason ...more

Doorway Nov 19 2001 - Alex drops a bombshell: she's been accepted into the cranio-facial surgery program at a prestigious hospital in London and will be away for a year. Evan is stunned and throws himself into a ...more

Now or Never Nov 26 2001 - In the last episode of the season, Richie feels uncomfortable when Brad wants him to experiment sexually with another gay couple. He confides in Simon, who offers him an alternative place to ...more

The Secret Life Of Us (Part II) Jul 16 2001 - Miranda tries to reconcile her failure with Richie's success and Kelly makes a clean start.Kelly's having a party in the flat. In the party,Jason and Gabrielle announce that they got married. ...more

The Secret Life Of Us (Part I) Jul 16 2001 - Kelly leaves her job when she can't handle her boss/lover's constant manipulation of her, saying he will leave his wife when in fact its quite obvious he won't. She finds during her apartment ...more

A New World Order Feb 18 2002 -

Free Will Feb 25 2002 -

The Dance Mar 04 2002 -

The Grand Delusion Mar 18 2002 -

It's Not Easy Apr 08 2002 -

A Fine Line Apr 15 2002 -

Make Up Your Mind Apr 22 2002 -

Controlling the Universe Apr 29 2002 -

Between a Rock and a Hard Place May 06 2002 -

The Funny Side May 13 2002 -

Who Do You Want to Be Today? May 20 2002 -

From Little Things Big Things Grow May 27 2002 -

Rose Coloured Glasses Jun 03 2002 -

Have a Little Faith Jun 17 2002 -

The Great Divide Jun 24 2002 -

Sweet Revenge Jul 01 2002 -

Signs of Life Jul 08 2002 -

The Searchers Jul 15 2002 -

Walpurgisnacht Jul 22 2002 -

Do the Right Thing Jul 29 2002 -

An Ill Wind... Mar 11 2002 -

Truth Is Beautiful, Without Doubt; So Are Lies Aug 05 2002 -

The End Is the Beginning Feb 10 2003 - The episode starts at the end, with Alex and Rex in bed. They hear a girl moaning and groaning whilst having sex (obviously with Evan) and they wait, hoping that eventually he's going to hit ...more

The Cycle Feb 17 2003 - Called "The Cycle", this episode is about the lifecycle our characters. Evans voiceover talks about the cycle in the city compared to the country, where in the city it's basically all ...more

You Can't Always Get What You Want Feb 24 2003 - Christian is spinning out of control despite Evan's effots to help him. Chloe & Miranda's big night out clubbing doesn't end as planned.Kelly bumps into Nathan-and his new wife. Evan helps ...more

The Way We Are Mar 03 2003 - Evan and Gabrielle are salsa dancing. It reminds them of being in Cuba, the fun they had. They kiss. But that was free Gabrielle, and responsible Gabrielle lives in the real world - is sex with ...more