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Below is a complete The Sweeney episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Sweeney episodes are listed along with the The Sweeney episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Sweeney episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of items like “Ringer” and “Jackpot.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Sweeney episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Sweeney 2 Apr 14 1978 - Second cinematic spin-off from the popular 70's police series. Regan & Carter head a Flying Squad investigation into a series of bank raids by a team of well-armed villains who are flying in ...more

Sweeney! Jan 18 1977 - Hard-bitten Flying Squad officer Jack Regan gets embroiled in a deadly political plot when an old friend asks him to investigate the death of his girlfriend. Framed on a drunk-drive charge and ...more

Regan Jun 04 1974 - Sgt Alan Cowley of the Flying Squad is killed whilst on the trail of rival London gangs. It is discovered that he had not called in for several days, and had filed no paperwork detailing his ...more

Queen's Pawn Jan 23 1975 - Regan knows that Eddie Boys is involved in a factory robbery, but he seems to have a cast-iron alibi. Worse still, Regan is accused of police harassment.

Night Out Feb 06 1975 - The squad tries to pinpoint a radio transmitter which is being used to coordinate the movements of bank robbers.

Big Spender Mar 13 1975 - The Smith brothers are a notorious gang of gangsters who carry out violent hijack's and robberies but always seem to keep themselves clear when the Sweeney come investigating, so Regan & ...more

Cover Story Feb 20 1975 - A gang of thieves lead by Max Deller (Dudley Sutton) need a way of shipping stolen gold out of the country for resale. Deller leans on a former prison cell mate who is now using another identity ...more

Ringer Jan 02 1975 - Regan's girlfriend's motor is nicked. Unfortunately it contains most of the evidence from Regan's current surveillance of gangster Frankie Kemble, and it doesn't take long for the evidence to ...more

Jackpot Jan 09 1975 - A robbery is foiled in a well planned swoop by the Flying Squad. The villains are arrested and most of the cash recovered, except for one bag containing £35,000. No one seems to be ...more

Contact Breaker Mar 20 1975 - Danny Keever is on weekend release from his prison sentance, at the same time a firm of robbers break into a bank vault, the hallmarks of the robbery and the statement of a witness seem to fit ...more

The Placer Feb 13 1975 - There's romance between Regan and a crime journalist, but when she is implicated in a major crime, her innocence comes into question.

Abduction Mar 27 1975 - Jack Regan's tip off of a robbery lead him to close to the action, so the gang planning the robbery kidnap Jack's daughter to use as a hostage, to keep Regan off the scent of the action until ...more

Golden Boy Feb 27 1975 - A gang of thieves lead by Max Deller (Dudley Sutton) need a way of shipping stolen gold out of the country for resale. Deller leans on a former prison cell mate who is now using another identity ...more

Thin Ice Jan 16 1975 - Regan lures Bishop, a prize crook, back into the country using the villain's favourite dog as bait.

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Stoppo Driver Mar 06 1975 - The Smith brothers are a notorious gang of gangsters who carry out violent hijack's and robberies but always seem to keep themselves clear when the Sweeney come investigating, so Regan & ...more

Jigsaw Jan 30 1975 - The squad tries to pinpoint a radio transmitter which is being used to coordinate the movements of bank robbers.

Poppy Oct 20 1975 - Violent criminal Vic Labbett returns to England to recover the proceeds of an earlier robbery. He intends to exchange the cash for diamonds, and return to exile abroad.

Stay Lucky, Eh? Oct 27 1975 - Two young villains, Tyson and Jenner, working for gang boss Tony Kirby, are relieved of the spoils of their robbery by a mysterious gun-man, who shoots Jenner in the leg. Nobody knows who he is ...more

Country Boy Nov 17 1975 - A London gang have got the Metropolitan police and Sweeney running in all directions to answer alarm bells ringing at banks and shops all over London, whilst the gang are using this distraction ...more

Trojan Bus Nov 03 1975 - Australian villains Colin MacGruder and Ray Stackpole return to London and steal a bus, posing as its crew. They rob an art dealer travelling on the bus of a Goya painting, which they plan to ...more

I Want The Man Nov 10 1975 - Informant Popeye is abducted by villain Maynard whilst staking out small-time crook Frankie Little after a jewel theft. Regan pulls Little but agrees to drop charges if Little will go ahead as ...more

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Thou Shalt Not Kill Nov 24 1975 - The day before the start of a new term, the university branch of the National Mercian bank is robbed. Regan and his squad arrive and catch or shoot most of the gang but known killer Hands and ...more

In From The Cold Sep 13 1976 - Regan whilst on a routine operation spots Billy Medhurst, who had been part of a gang that carried out a robbery in which a former Sweeney officer, Eddie Jackson was shot and left permantly ...more

Visiting Fireman Sep 20 1976 - Regan must find the source of dangerous illicit firearms that are flooding the market.

Selected Target Sep 06 1976 - Two prison cell mates plan a robbery together whilst inside and then stage a fight and kidnapping when they are released to keep the Sweeney off their trail. The Sweeney tail Kibber believing he ...more

Tomorrow Man Sep 27 1976 - Regan has to do battle with a brilliant computer expert bent on revenge to ensure the safe shipment of a consignment of gold bullion.

Victims Dec 14 1978 - Regan and Carter are at the scene of a shooting where Sgt. Taylor has been badly injured. Carter discovers that Jimmy Park, one of Taylor's informants was involved. Regan finds himself ...more

Trust Red Sep 28 1978 - Regan and Carter can find no leads after a criminal dies during a robbery.

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Bait Oct 19 1978 - Lyn Hurst is injured in a road accident but, in the ambulance, she produces a gun, forces the vehicle to stop and escapes. Regan and Carter discover she was part of a gang behind the wages theft ...more

The Bigger They Are Oct 26 1978 - A wealthy entrepreneur is being blackmailed over activities he performed whilst stationed as a soldier in Malaya. He seeks assistance from two other former soldiers who had been involved, one of ...more

One Of Your Own Nov 09 1978 - Jimmy Fleet and a friend con two businessmen into handing over some valuable diamonds. They are caught, but only after Jimmy managed to hide the diamonds. Patsy Kearney, a criminal who ...more

Hearts and Minds Nov 23 1978 - Regan and Carter get caught up in a plot to prevent a foreign head of state from getting his hands on an experimental drug to treat his heart condition.

Jack Or Knave Dec 28 1978 - Regan finds himself in deep trouble when an allegation of corruption is made by the Police Complaints Department. A security van is robbed, and a guard identifies one of the robbers.

Nightmare Oct 05 1978 - Regan's girlfriend's nightmare has come true when he becomes a target.

Money, Money, Money Oct 12 1978 - Regan and Carter try to catch a man trying to blackmail a pools winner about the part he played in a robbery.

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Latin Lady Nov 30 1978 - Regan and Carter go after a gang of villains who attacked a gynaecologist and robbed him of a large sum of money he was planning to smuggle out of the country.

Feet Of Clay Nov 02 1978 - Regan is asked to help a criminal from his past who's son has been kidnapped.

Big Brother Sep 22 1975 - Regan loses his patience with a thug he is questioning about a wages snatch. Soon the press are sniffing round for a police brutality story—and the suspect's gangster brother puts out a ...more

Hit and Run Sep 29 1975 - George Carter's wife Alison is killed by a hired assassin when she is mistaken for a fellow teacher with dubious connections.

Supersnout Sep 15 1975 - An informant of Regan's tells him about a hijack involving a lorryload of cigarettes where he will be the look-out man. But can Regan trust his snout?

Trap Oct 06 1975 - Regan and Carter are confronted by a newsman with information on the unsolved Golden Maid robbery. But does he still want that man? And why are Regan and Carter being photographed?

Faces Sep 08 1975 - When a gang hijack an armoured security truck and steal the money, Regan, Carter and the Flying Squad set up an ambush to catch the crooks. But who's the informer?

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Chalk and Cheese Sep 01 1975 - When a wealthy couple are robbed of their possessions while driving down a country lane, Carter gets to meet up with an old friend—but not in the circumstances he would have wished.

Golden Fleece Oct 13 1975 - Chief Inspector Haskins is framed for corruption while Regan and Carter investigate a spate of break-ins. Is there a connection?

On The Run Dec 20 1976 - An armed robber is sprung from jail and comes looking for Regan.

Bad Apple Oct 11 1976 - A group of CID detectives are accepting bribes from criminals but when one is sent down, he soon grasses up the police officers involved. Regan & Carter go undercover to investigate the ...more

Sweet Smell Of Succession Nov 08 1976 - Regan gets involved in gangland warfare following the death of one of London's leading villains.

Payoff Nov 29 1976 - Carter's girlfriend asks him to find a missing villain, who turns up dead.

Lady Luck Dec 13 1976 - Regan knows the identity of a robber, but has a difficult time proving his guilt.

Taste Of Fear Oct 04 1976 - A detective with a very good past joins the Sweeney, in time to investigate a violent burglary by a group of ex soldiers. But is the new recruit up to it? Jack Regan thinks not but nobody seems ...more