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Below is a complete The Time Tunnel episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Time Tunnel episodes are listed along with the The Time Tunnel episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Time Tunnel episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “The Walls Of Jericho” and “Chase Through Time.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Time Tunnel episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Time Tunnel (2002) (Unaired Pilot) In 2006, an experiment of the Department of Energy in hot fusion to produce energy releases a storm in time along 240 minutes, changing history. Only the personnel in the core of the laboratory ...more

Irwin Allen Interview

The Making of The Time Tunnel

The Time Tunnel Original Pilot An extended version of the first episode, running about 55 minutes rather than the regular 50 minutes. It contains material that was cut from "Rendezvous with Yesterday" and then added ...more

Time Travelers TV Movie In 1976, there's an outbreak of a disease that no one has seen before. All what they know is that rsembles a disease that existed at around 1871, and that a Dr. Henderson was able to save most ...more

Irwin's Home Movies Silent footage shot with a home movie camera during the filming of the pilot.

Devil's Island Nov 11 1966 - Tony and Doug arrive on Devil's Island in March 1895, where they are taken into custody as escaped prisoners. Doug manages to escape and hold the Commandant at gunpoint to convince the man he is ...more

Secret Weapon Nov 25 1966 - Doug and Tony arrive in Russia in 1956. The Tunnel staff try to contact them with F-5 probes, which prove highly dangerous. In the last probe the team sends a message telling the guys to contact ...more

Reign of Terror Nov 18 1966 - The guys arrive in Paris, 1793, and Doug is arrested by the Committee for Public Safety. Tony rescues him with the aid of a shopkeeper, who is a royalist and friend of Marie Antoinette. ...more

Massacre Oct 28 1966 - The guys arrive in South Dakota in June 24, 1876, near Little Bighorn. They are captured by Indians, although Doug manages to escape and make it to Custer's camp. Custer refuses to believe ...more

The Last Patrol Oct 07 1966 - Tony and Doug land in the War of 1812 in Louisiana, and steal som clothing that happens to have passes from General Jackson. They are captured by the British forces, led by Colonel Southall. In ...more

End of the World Sep 23 1966 - Dony and Toug arrive in 1910, where a local town is in a panic over the arrival of Halley's Comet. Tony is caught in a cave-in near two hundred miners, while Doug is unable to get help from the ...more

Revenge of the Gods Oct 21 1966 - Tony and Doug arrive at the Siege of Troy, and are taken before Ulysses. Ulysses believes them to be gods, while his lieutenant Sardis doubts them. Doug wins a swordfight with Sardis to prove ...more

Crack of Doom Oct 14 1966 - On the island of Krakatoa in 1883, time travelers Doug and Tony try to convince a British scientist that the volcano is about to erupt in one of history's biggest explosions.

Rendezvous with Yesterday Sep 09 1966 - Dr. Tony Newman prematurely enters the government's Time Tunnel project, and the project head, Doug Phillips, must go back to save him as they both fight for survival on the sinking Titanic.

The Death Trap Dec 02 1966 - The guys land in Baltimore on February 22, 1861, in a barn where a group of conspirators and followers of Abolitionist John Brown are meeting. They are mistaken for fellow collaborators, but the ...more

The Day the Sky Fell In Sep 30 1966 - Tony and Doug land in the Japanese Consulate in Honolulu on December 6, 1941, and see three men burning files. They talk their way out and Tony goes to find his father, who disappeared during ...more

Visitors From Beyond the Stars Jan 13 1967 - The guys land in a Western town in the late 19th century, where they are intercepted by two silver-clad aliens. The two aliens need to steal protein to supplement their own supplies, and soon ...more

Night of the Long Knives Dec 16 1966 - Tony is shot by Afghani tribesmen and left for dead, and they then take Doug prisoner. Doug is taken before Singh, the head of the Afghanis fighting against the British in 1876, while Rudyard ...more

One Way to the Moon Sep 16 1966 - Doug and Tony land 10 years in the future on the Mars Excursion Module during liftoff. Their extra 335 pounds of weight endanger the mission by putting it over the weight allowance. Everyone ...more

The Alamo Dec 09 1966 - Tony and Doug arrive at the Alamo on March 6, 1836 - the day Santa Ana wiped out the defenders. The two make it to the fort, but are put into custody when Tony tries to convince the stubborn ...more

Idol of Death Feb 03 1967 - Doug and Tony arrive in a jungle in 1519 Yucatan as Cortez and his Spanish conquistadores attack the locals. The pair rescue natives being tortured for knowledge of a sacred golden mask and ...more

Chase Through Time Feb 24 1967 - The guys arrive in Arizona, 1547, as a technician named Niman kills a scientist. After a shootout, he flees into the Tunnel. Niman is a spy who has planted a nuclear device in the complex. The ...more

The Kidnappers Mar 24 1967 - The guys' signal is intercepted and a silver-skinned alien shows up and kidnaps Anne. He leaves behind a data card which the rest of the Project staff use to send Tony and Doug to. The guys end ...more

The Walls Of Jericho Jan 27 1967 - Tony and Doug arrive outside the tent of Joshua on the sixth day of his seven-day assault on Jericho. With their future knowledge of the Bible they are able to convince Joshua that they are ...more

Pirates of Deadman's Island Feb 17 1967 - Doug and Tony arrive on the Spanish Main on April 1805, where they are captured by Captain Beal and his crew. They befriend Armando, a young boy who claims to be the nephew of the King of Spain. ...more

The Death Merchant Mar 03 1967 - Arriving in Gettysburg in the 1860's, Doug and Tony are separated by an explosion which seemingly gives Tony. A jolt from the Tunnel revives him but with amnesia. Doug falls in with the Union ...more

Kill Two by Two Jan 06 1967 - The guys land on an island in the South Pacific at the tail end of WW2. Two Japanese soldiers are holding it against invasion: the deranged Lt. Nakamura, who hates Americans, and the loyal ...more

Invasion Dec 23 1966 - Doug and Tony are captured by the Gestapo in Cherbourg on June 4, 1944, two days before D-Day. A scientist, Dr. Heinz Kleinemann, working for the Reich plans to brainwash Doug and allows Tony to ...more

The Revenge of Robin Hood Dec 30 1966 - Doug and Tony show up in June 1215 when the Earl of Huntington is trying to convince King John to sign the Magna Carta. Doug is captured along with Huntington when the King gets surly and orders ...more

The Ghost of Nero Jan 20 1967 - Tony and Doug arrive near the Italian-Austrian Alps on October 23, 1915, as the Germans are preparing to bombard the area. An explosion knocks them out and uncovers the stone coffin of Emperor ...more

Billy the Kid Feb 10 1967 - Doug and Tony arrive in Lincoln in late April in the 1860s, and run afoul of Billy the Kid. Doug shoots Billy and apparently kills him, then he and Tony escapes. It turns out Billy took the ...more

Attack of the Barbarians Mar 10 1967 - Doug and Tony are captured by the Mongols in 1287, led by Genghis Khan's grandson Baku. Tony is tortured until Doug stages a rescue, where they meet with Marco Polo, who is aiding Kublai Khan. ...more

Merlin the Magician Mar 17 1967 - Tony and Doug are frozen in time, then a rather fey Merlin appears in the Project base. He takes the guys out of time and freezes them, commands them to do his bidding, then sends them on to 544 ...more

Raiders From Outer Space Mar 31 1967 - Tony and Doug arrive in Khartoum, November 2, 1883, in the middle of a battle between British and Arab forces. However, two aliens take them prisoner. The aliens plan to conquer Earth with ...more

Town of Terror Apr 07 1967 - The guys arrive in a brick basement on the North Atlantic coast in 1978. It has advanced electrical equipment, and they are attacked by an overalled man. He collapses dead, then gets up and ...more

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