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Below is a complete The Torkelsons/Almost Home episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Torkelsons/Almost Home episodes are listed along with the The Torkelsons/Almost Home episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Torkelsons/Almost Home episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “You Ought to Be in Pictures” and “The Dance.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Torkelsons/Almost Home episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Fence Neighbors Sep 21 1991 - A homespun family led by a single mom tries to get by, but teenage daughter Dorothy Jane isn't thrilled when her mom's forced to take in a border to make ends meet.

The Cotillion Sep 28 1991 - Dorothy Jane hopes for a fairy-tale resolution to a school-dance, but she has no dress, no date, and Riley, her Prince Charming next door, seems oblivious.

A Kiss is Still a Kiss Oct 05 1991 - Dorothy Jane would like a romance between Millicent and the new pastor but when he comes calling, its only to report that Steven Floyd nearly turned a hayride into a roll in the hay.

For Love or Money Oct 12 1991 - Millicent deems it necessary to be regularly employed, giving Dorothy Jane the job of looking after the other kids.

Poetry in Motion Oct 19 1991 - A blackmailing Ruth Ann reveals Dorothy Jane's private poems of passion to the world, but the unveiling ends up emboldening lovelorn Dorothy Jane.

An American Almost in Paris Oct 26 1991 - Dorothy Jane wants desperately to bid adieu to Oklahoma and say bonjour to Paris, and she might, if she's selected the winner in a student-exchange competition.

Men Don't Leave Nov 02 1991 - Randall Torkelson blows in from Texas after more than a year away, but his arrival is an ill wind to Dorothy Jane, and she may be the last gasp of his marriage to Millicent.

Thanksgivingmesomething Nov 24 1991 - Pastor Langley and his assistant will be guests for Thanksgiving, prompting Dorothy Jane to push Millicent to play up her femininity.

Return to Sender Nov 24 1991 -

I Fought the Law Dec 01 1991 - Millicent stands up for the American way, and the right to sell homemade pickled goods, by insisting on operating her annual roadside stand without a license.

A Sigh is Just a Sigh Dec 08 1991 - Steven Floyd goes to bat for Millicent by beating up a school big mouth - but she doesn't know that until after she's chewed him out and he's run away.

Educating Millicent Dec 22 1991 - Millicent had her reasons for not finishing high school, but there's no good reason why she couldn't take an equivalency exam now.

Double Date Jan 09 1992 - Radio ""Love Professor"" Kitty Drysdale wires into the affairs of Dorothy Jane and Millicent's hearts and jump-starts their dating lives.

The Ice Princess Jan 12 1992 - Dorothy Jane resolves to become the kind of girl who makes guys melt, and she looks to the school's resident ice princess for guidance.

Swear Not By the Moon Jan 19 1992 - Never was there a story of more woe (except maybe one) than of Dorothy Jane's trial playing Juliet in the school play opposite her Romeo, Riley Roberts.

Say Uncle Feb 16 1992 - Dorothy Jane and Millicent get a double dose of relentless wooing by two Scroggins men - Kirby and his big-talkin' uncle, who takes a liking to Millicent.

The Long Goodbye May 02 1992 - Randall Torkelson returns with a big hello for Millicent and the kids, but Dorothy Jane is fretting over college-bound Riley, who didn't say goodbye.

The Egg and I May 23 1992 - Dorothy Jane and Kirby learn parenthood isn't all it's cracked up to be when a school assignment requires them to care for an egg.

It's My Party May 30 1992 - Dorothy Jane is exposed to the perils of popularity when she throws a party to increase her social standing, but leaves a new friend standing out in the cold.

Aunt Poison Jun 13 1992 -

New Moon Feb 06 1993 - The Torkelsons get a new start, as Millicent and her kids move to Seattle, where she takes a job as a nanny for the two spoiled children of widower Brian Morgan.

Girls and Boy Feb 13 1993 - Dorothy Jane enjoys her new job at a fast-food chicken joint, mainly because of her handsome supervisor, but Molly also wants a piece of this action.

Sleeping with the Enemy Feb 20 1993 - It's far from a perfect match when Dorothy Jane and Molly must share a bedroom, but the possibility of Brian's match with an attractive woman is what really bothers Molly.

Is That All There Is? Feb 27 1993 - The top jock in school asks out plain old Dorothy Jane, who sports newfound popularity in exchange for a rather bland relationship.

The Fox and the Hound Mar 06 1993 - When Brian's dinner date cancels at the last minute, he asks Millicent to fill in since the client he is meeting feels the man is only as good as the woman in his life.

Winner Take Millicent Mar 20 1993 - Brian's hotshot brother Jim asks out Millicent, and when things heat up between the two, Brian is left cold.

To Jane Eyre is Human Mar 27 1993 - Molly plagiarizes Dorothy Jane's book report in order to please Brian, who's not pleased at all with Molly's recent report card.

Duelling Birthdays Apr 03 1993 - Dorothy Jane and Molly's sweet-16 birthday parties coincide. Molly's is a back-yard extravaganza, while Dorothy Jane's is a plain affair with just the family.

To Date or Not to Date Apr 10 1993 - Millicent's decree that Molly can't date a college-age guy creates solidarity between Molly and Dorothy Jane, who sneak out of the house together.

The Dance Apr 17 1993 - Gregory's in trouble when tom-boy friend Sam transforms herself into a pretty young lady and asks him to the Girls' Choice Dance.

You Ought to Be in Pictures Apr 24 1993 - The camera loves Chuckie Lee, who loves the attention he gets posing in Brian's clothing catalogue. And when he gets a chance at a commercial, a reluctant Millicent acquiesces.

Hot Ticket Jun 05 1993 - Gregory gets it but good when he uses Brian's credit card in a desperate effort to land hard-to-get tickets to a big rock concert.

Bowling for Daddies Jun 12 1993 - Millicent and Chuckie Lee enter themselves in Chuckie Lee's Wilderness Troop's father-son bowling tournament.