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Below is a complete The Toy Castle episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Toy Castle episodes are listed along with the The Toy Castle episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Toy Castle episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “Party for Three / Tooth Fairy / The Guest,” “Lazy Days Dance / Horse Sugar / Romeo and Juliet” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Toy Castle episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Tea Party / Waltz for Three / Phish Phobia EPISODE 115 A. TEA PARTY The Frogs were having a tea party for themselves, or so they thought. When the food started to disappear, they first blamed each other, until they found out who the real ...more

Perfectly Perfect Party / Tea Calamity / Pick a Picnic EPISODE 114 A. PERFECTLY PERFECT PARTY After much confusion as to what makes the perfect party, Clown loves the perfect party that Ballerina and the Frogs have decorated for him. Characters: ...more

Nutcracker Sweet / Twelve Days of Christmas / Season of Lights EPISODE 118 A. NUTCRACKER SWEET Ballerina and the Mice Family put on a surprise performance of the ""Nutcracker"" for Soldier, who mistakes their acting for the real thing. ...more

Duck, Duck, Goose / Cinderella / Cake Walk IEPISODE 101 A. DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE Rag Doll loves to play games with her friends but only if they play by her rules. She soon catches on that it's much more fun for everyone when you play fair ...more

Little Miss Muffet / Little Frog / Musical Chairs EPISODE 113 A. LITTLE MISS MUFFETT Goblin puts on the play, ""Little Miss Muffett"" casting Ballerina as the lead. Everything was fine...except Goblin didn't know that ...more

Twinkle Twinkle / She Shoots, She Scores / Just Say No EPISODE 116 A. TWINKLE TWINKLE Rag Doll stays up late one night and does a magical twinkle-twinkle dance under the starlight. Characters: Ballerina, Rag Doll, Strongman, Sailor B. SHE SHOOTS, ...more

London Bridges Falling Down / Pirate Pshaw / Bubble Ballet IEPISODE 104 A. LONDON BRIDGES FALLING DOWN Rag Doll promises everyone that she has the best game ever. After a couple of games of dancing in circles and falling down, the toys don't want to ...more

Hiccup / Dance for Joy / Clown Stew IEPISODE 120 A. HICCUP Goblin has fun scaring his friends but gets a taste of his own medicine when he needs them to scare his hiccups away. They make up a hiccup dance to celebrate. Characters: ...more

Poor Invisible Me / Crickle Crack Thoozelah / Mary Had a Little Lamb EPISODE 107 A. POOR INVISIBLE ME One day Goblin thinks he's become invisible when after a couple of his goofy antics, his friends dance right past him as if he wasn't even there. Being invisible ...more

The Pied Piper of Glum / Anything You Can Do / Giggle Girl EPISODE 117 A. THE PIED PIPER OF GLUM Clown finds out that glum moods can be catchy, but it's much more fun to be happy. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Rag Doll, Clown B. ANYTHING YOU CAN DO ...more

Missing Meow Meow / I'm Sick / Music Box EPISODE 119 A. MISSING MEOW MEOW Strongman loses his stuffed cat and has to admit to Ballerina that he has lost it. She thinks it is a real cat and does the Puss and Boots dance. Characters: ...more

Spring Junk Band / Funny Man / Camp Out EPISODE 106 A. SPRING JUNK BAND China Doll has a spring concert planned, but when her fellow toys can't perform up to her standards, she recognizes that their hearts are in the music and that's ...more

Bumpies in My Stocking / Wibbly Wobbly Wallygosh Walk / Step on a Crack EPISODE 121 A. BUMPIES IN MY STOCKING Ballerina makes up a ballet called ""Purple Polka-Dot Princess"" starring Rag Doll, who ends up with bumpies in her stockings. Ballerina ...more

Bo Bo's / Dance with Me / Hide and Seek EPISODE 112 A. BO BO'S Rag Doll pretends to be hurt so she can get attention and lots of bandages. She soon discovers that crying wolf isn't so much fun. Characters: China Doll, Rag Doll, ...more

Be My Valentine / Best Friend Ballet / Perhaps Forever EPISODE 109 A. BE MY VALENTINE Clown, Ballerina, Soldier and China Doll were all getting ready for the Valentine's Day Party when each of the toys secretly thought that they might not get a ...more

Clown Prince / Old MacDonald / Mr. Nobody EPISODE 123 A. CLOWN PRINCE While Clown and Goblin are being silly, they accidentally bump into Soldier and Ballerina dancing. Clown must take his place as the prince with Ballerina in the ...more

Go Lady Go / Midsummer's Nightmare / Island of Happy IEPISODE 122 A. GO LADY GO China Doll tries to teach Rag Doll to be a lady just like her, but instead Rag Doll finds out how wonderful it is just to be yourself. She dances the Jitterbug with ...more

Sea Moon Dragon / Horse Dreams / Happy Birthday to Me EPISODE 124 A. SEA MOON DRAGON Little Mouse tries to be a sea moon dragon dancing in the moonlight- just like in Sailor's stories. But when he is seen, the toys try to catch him and return him ...more

Private Rag Doll / Cirque Du Ballet / Lost My Head EPISODE 108 A. PRIVATE RAG DOLL Soldier tries to show the flippy floppy Rag Doll how to march - but she has no starch! Rag Doll takes Soldier's blunderbuss without permission but in the end, ...more

Rag Doll's Gift / Party for One / I'm the Boss EPISODE 102 A. RAG DOLL'S GIFT Rag Doll makes a Birthday Party for Clown with ballet dances performed by Ballerina, Soldier and herself. Rag Doll does an awful ballet dance. Clown then shows her ...more

A Frog is a Frog / Sailor's Delight / Goldilocks EPISODE 103 A. A FROG IS A FROG A Funky Chicken dance? That's what Ballerina thought - until she tried it and admitted that the Frogs had made her ballet more fun. Characters: Soldier, ...more

Itsy Bitsy Spider / Bluebird / Strong, Not Strong EPISODE 105 A. ITSY BITSY SPIDER China Doll puts on the Itsy Bitsy Spider Party. Strongman shows Rag Doll that even if you're different and you can't do all the moves, you are still loved. ...more

Angel Wings / Copy Cat / Three Cool Pigs EPISODE 110 A. ANGEL WINGS Rag Doll is mistaken for an Angel when she dances in the courtyard with some homemade wings made out of curtains. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Rag Doll B. COPY ...more

Sugar Plums Fairly / Alone Not Lonely / Blunder Bluff EPISODE 111 A. SUGAR PLUMS FAIRLY Ballerina had planned a ""Pas de Trois"" dance with Strongman and Clown but accidentally left out Goblin. To get attention, Goblin plays ...more

Frederick the Late / Stinky Mouse / Starry Night EPISODE 125 A. FREDERICK THE LATE One day while playing tennis, Frederick Frog discovers the importance of being on time and keeping his promises to his friends. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, ...more

Little Red Riding Hood / Ship Ahoy / Me Too EPISODE 126 A. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Ballerina is putting on the play, ""Little Red Riding Hood"". Goblin and Clown discover that competition instead of cooperation can get ...more

Magic Word / Bumble Stumble Tumble Dance / Paper/Scissors/Rock EPISODE 235 A. MAGIC WORD Little Mouse has a miserable day until he remembers the magic word ""Please."" Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Rag Doll, Little Mouse B. BUMBLE ...more

Brother John / Dimbo-Wally / Strongest Man EPISODE 237 A. BROTHER JOHN Goblin decides he doesn't need naps anymore, but keeps falling asleep, until a dream jolts him back to reality. Characters: Soldier, Goblin, Strongman, Clown B. ...more

Strange Squeak / Serious Safari Seeker / Mirror Mirror EPISODE 230 A. STRANGE SQUEAK Goblin playing pranks with a squeaky hinge goes overboard until Rag Doll believes she is wearing out. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Rag Doll, Goblin B. SERIOUS ...more

Who's Sorry Now / Mop Master / Clown Dreamer EPISODE 231 A. WHO'S SORRY NOW Goblin tells Rag Doll she is the ‘sorry-est dancer' ever, until a swing dance starts, then he is the sorry-est one. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Rag ...more

Man in the Moon / Spring Clean / Pas de Choo EPISODE 240 A. MAN IN THE MOON Overhearing Rag Doll's wish to talk to the Man in the Moon, Goblin arranges a magical trip to the moon with the help of Ballerina and Soldier. Characters: ...more

Giving Thanks / Big Problems / Thanksgiving Gift EPISODE 245 A. GIVING THANKS Little Mouse is peeved at being ignored during dinner preparations until he has a dream where everyone only plays. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Papa Mouse, Little ...more

Polly Wanna Apple / Silly Willy Dilly Day / No Birthday EPISODE 228 A. POLLY WANNA APPLE China Doll, Strongman and Clown, all thinking they are teased by Goblin, find out he's telling the truth-- it is a parrot. Characters: China Doll, Goblin, ...more

Nobody Likes Me / Monkey See Monkey Do / Sleeping Beauty EPISODE 233 A. NOBODY LIKES ME Soldier misunderstands a game Goblin and Clown are playing and thinks they don't like him anymore. Characters: Soldier, Goblin, Clown B. MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO ...more

Soldier Story / Mandelberry Muffin / One Quick Game EPISODE 238 A. SOLDIER STORY The boys make fun of Solder who is reading an adventure book until he reads them a page - then they are hooked. Characters: Soldier, Goblin, Strongman , Clown B. ...more

Alouette / Only Friend / Strongman's Song EPISODE 227 A. ALOUETTE The boys reluctantly offer to play China Doll's easy-peasy musical game but find out it's much harder than it looks. Characters: China Doll, Strongman, Goblin , Clown B. ...more

Farmer Plays Alone / The Intruder / Just Whistle EPISODE 234 A. FARMER PLAYS ALONE Rag Doll, wearing a fake farmer beard, decides to be the star of every game, until she finds herself playing alone. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Rag Doll, ...more

If You're Happy / Brother May I / Coppella EPISODE 241 A. IF YOU'RE HAPPY Little Mouse asks Soldier, Ballerina and Sailor how to show happy, but they are so busy that they have forgotten. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Sailor, Little ...more

Just Like You / Let's Pretend / The Ribbon EPISODE 236 A. JUST LIKE YOU Each of the boys decides to try to be ‘just like someone else', but they end up just having fun. Characters: Soldier, Goblin, Strongman, Clown B. LET'S ...more

If At First / Enchanted Scarf / Three Billy Mice Gruff EPISODE 243 A. IF AT FIRST The harder Little Mouse tries a new dance step the more he is told he is too little - but he just tries harder. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Rag Doll, Little ...more

Lost Egg Hunt / Dog-Egg / Easter Picnic EPISODE 246 A. LOST EGG HUNT Ballerina's Easter Egg Hunt for Little Mouse is ruined when Sailor accidentally keeps finding the hidden eggs. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina, Sailor, Little Mouse ...more

Home Sweet Castle / The Most Beautiful / Dolly's Dance Garden EPISODE 239 A. HOME SWEET CASTLE Soldier is bored with the Castle until Ballerina takes him for a magical musical ride around the world. Characters: Soldier, Ballerina B. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ...more

Moon Lady / Little Horse / Swan Lake EPISODE 244 A. MOON LADY When Ballerina and China Doll have a tiff, Rag Doll and Little Mouse appeal to the Moon Lady for help. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Rag Doll, Little Mouse B. ...more

Tushy Cushy Quack / Tall Tales / Babysitter Bruhaha EPISODE 229 A. TUSHY CUSHY QUACK Strongman is terrified that Goblin and Clown will ruin his afternoon with China Doll with their quack-quack pillow. Characters: China Doll, Goblin, Strongman, ...more

The Burp / Snowflake / Butterflies EPISODE 232 A. THE BURP While dancing Strongman accidentally burps and blames the noise on an elephant sending them on a wild elephant chase. Characters: China Doll, Goblin, Strongman, Clown B. ...more

Monster Bash / Scary Stories / Fair Treats EPISODE 242 A. MONSTER BASH Little Mouse brings Halloween costumes for the girls, but learns the hard way to let them make up their own minds. Characters: Ballerina, China Doll, Rag Doll, Little ...more

Oh Brother / I Promise / Surprise Party EPISODE 356 A. OH BROTHER When Freda tires of her brother she enlists Soldier as a new one, until she realizes there is no brother like your own brother. Characters: Soldier, Rag Doll, Freda ...more

Brag Busters / Double Doggy Dare / Big Brother EPISODE 352 A. BRAG BUSTERS Goblin persists in bragging until Soldier and Strongman give him a taste of it back. Characters: Soldier, Clown, Strongman, Goblin B. DOUBLE DOGGY DARE Goblin tricks ...more

Olympic Champ / Again Please / Same Old Toys EPISODE 351 A. OLYMPIC CHAMP Clown, who never likes to compete, ends up winning the gold just by being his good-hearted goofy self. Characters: Soldier, Clown, Goblin, Strongman B. AGAIN PLEASE ...more

Bizzle Soccer / Beautiful Tears / Ruby EPISODE 357 A. BIZZLE SCOCCER When Soldier realizes Rag Doll can't play Bizzle Hockey because her hands won't hold a stick, he creates a new game. Characters: Soldier, Rag Doll B. BEAUTIFUL ...more