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Full List of The Waltons Episodes

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Below is a complete The Waltons episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Waltons episodes are listed along with the The Waltons episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Waltons episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “The Departure” and “The Achievement.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Waltons episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • 1
    Alice: Season 3 - What Are You Doing New Years?
    Season 1 Episode 1: Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) winds up without a date for New Year's Eve so Mel (VIC TAYBACK) recruits her to work in the diner.
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  • 2
    The Foundling
    Season 1 Episode 1: When the Waltons teach sign language to an abandoned deaf girl, the love created by their concern reunites the child with her family.
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  • 3
    Eight Is Enough: Season 2 - Yes Nicholas, There Is a Santa, Part 1
    Season 1 Episode 2: The Bradfords try to bolster their spirits for the holidays, since it's the first Christmas they'll be celebrating without Joan.
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  • 4
    The Carnival
    Season 1 Episode 2: Olivia's concern over the friendship between the Walton children and four stranded carnival performers turns to respect and admiration after the family is invited to a private performance.
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  • 5
    Eight Is Enough: Season 2 - Yes Nicholas, There Is a Santa, Part 2
    Season 1 Episode 3: The Bradfords celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.
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  • 6
    The Calf
    Season 1 Episode 3: Elizabeth and Jim Bob rebel when John announces they need to sell Chance's calf.
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  • 7
    The Hunt
    Season 1 Episode 4: Unable to pull the trigger to shoot a turkey on his first hunting trip, John-Boy proves his courage by saving his father's life.
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  • 8
    Welcome Back, Kotter: Season 3: Sweathog Christmas Special
    Season 1 Episode 4: Merriment, mistletoe and menorahs are the beginnings of a Merry Christmas celebration with the Sweathogs and Gabe and Julie Kotter.
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  • 9
    The Typewriter
    Season 1 Episode 5: When John-Boy secretly borrows an antique typewriter from the Baldwin sisters, his sister innocently sells it to a junkman.
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  • 10
    The Waltons: Season 5 - The Best Christmas
    Season 1 Episode 5: With the Walton children growing up, this may be the last Christmas that the entire family can spend together.
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  • 11
    The Star
    Season 1 Episode 6: Grandpa Walton believes a shooting star is an omen of death until he learns that another superstitious belief may result in the Baldwin sisters losing their famous still.
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  • 12
    The Sinner
    Season 1 Episode 7: A young preacher staying a few days with the Waltons leads John-Boy to learn the meaning of grace.
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  • 13
    The Boy From The C.C.C.
    Season 1 Episode 8: An injured runaway boy who is taken in by the Waltons unexpectedly betrays their trust.
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  • 14
    The Ceremony
    Season 1 Episode 9: A family of Jewish refugees comes to Walton's Mountain from Nazi Germany & worry that the persecution they suffered will continue in their new country. But when John-Boy arranges a bar mitzvah, the family regains its dignity and finds a home in America.
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  • 15
    The Legend
    Season 1 Episode 10: While visiting the Walton family, an old World War I buddy of John's tries to hide his failure in life with a barrage of wartime tales about his daring deeds.
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  • 16
    The Literary Man
    Season 1 Episode 11: A self-styled writer sends John-Boy's literary dreams soaring so high that the Waltons lose an important wood-cutting contract.
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  • 17
    The Dust Bowl Cousins
    Season 1 Episode 12: The unexpected arrival of the Waltons' cousins creates havoc in the home, but John-Boy learns a good lesson from Grandpa.
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  • 18
    The Reunion
    Season 1 Episode 13: John-Boy unexpectedly becomes an undercover agent for the sheriff, when an unscrupulous relative of the Baldwin sisters uses their "recipe" for whiskey for his own gain.
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  • 19
    The Minstrel
    Season 1 Episode 14: Mary Ellen becomes enamored of a 19-year-old wandering minstrel and fails to help the family at a time when she is needed.
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  • 20
    The Actress
    Season 1 Episode 15: A world-famous actress becomes a reluctant houseguest of the Waltons when her car breaks down and she is abandoned by her chauffeur.
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  • 21
    The Fire
    Season 1 Episode 16: Tragedy strikes the life of a young girl befriended by the Waltons when her drunken father burns the schoolhouse in the name of religion after he learns the children are being taught the theory of evolution.
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  • 22
    The Love Story
    Season 1 Episode 17: John-Boy Walton finds himself in love for the first time when a young girl in need of love and attention returns to her remarried father's home on Walton's Mountain.
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  • 23
    The Courtship
    Season 1 Episode 18: When Olivia's uncle, a fastidious man of 64, visits Walton's Mountain after an absence of 30 years, he becomes involved with a divorcée who is eager to marry again.
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  • 24
    The Gypsies
    Season 1 Episode 19: Despite dire predictions that a band of gypsies will steal from the Waltons, John-Boy invites them to live in the family home until they can fix their wagon.
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  • 25
    The Deed
    Season 1 Episode 20: John-Boy leaves home to get a job to help pay legal fees when the Waltons are in danger of losing the mountain because their forebears never filed a deed.
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