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Below is a complete The Wayans Bros. episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Wayans Bros. episodes are listed along with the The Wayans Bros. episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Wayans Bros. episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Goop-Hair-It-Is” and “The Return of the Temptones.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Wayans Bros. episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

ER Mar 15 1995 - After sitting on a staple gun, Marlon borrows Shawn's health-care cards to ensure immediate medical attention for himself, but the brothers' clandestine operation may be exposed when they learn ...more

It's Shawn! It's Marlon! It's Superboys! May 03 1995 - Shawn and Marlon's apartment complex is beginning to fall apart. They meet with the landlord, Mr. Stone, who manipulates them into becoming apartment managers. The complex is soon in worse ...more

Afro Cab Feb 22 1995 - Shawn's efforts to steer his brother into a new career backfire when Marlon starts a taxi service, ""Afro Pick You Up,"" catering to African-American clientele, which appears ...more

Pops Moves In Feb 15 1995 - Shawn and Marlon egg on Pops to defy their mother---but they wind up getting burned when he gets kicked out of the house and shows up on their doorstep. When his living habits begin driving the ...more

The Poppa-Cabana Mar 22 1995 - Before leaving on his Atlantic City vacation with Uncle Leon, Pops decides to take a chance on Marlon and let him temporarily run the diner. Unfortunately, Marlon's half-baked ideas land him in ...more

Pulp Marlon May 10 1995 - Marlon may learn the real meaning of the expression ""love hurts"" after he becomes involved with Mia, a beautiful young woman who turns out to be the wife of a hit man ...more

Free Wally Feb 01 1995 - When Lisa and Shawn's relationship hits rough waters due to Marlon's constant interference, Marlon goes overboard to make amends -- sending them on a romantic ferry cruise on the harbor.

I'm Too Sexy for My Brother Jan 25 1995 - Shawn gets a dressing down from his younger brother when he horns in on Marlon's budding modeling career and winds up getting hired by a top designer.

The Shawn-Shank Redemption Mar 01 1995 - Shawn and Marlon get involved in another fine mess when they get sidetracked en route to paying their overdue parking tickets and wind up in a holding pen with several tough-looking guys.

First Class Jan 18 1995 - Marlon is flying high when he's mistaken for basketball star John Starkes and scores the athlete's first-class airplane tickets.

Goop-Hair-It-Is Jan 11 1995 - Shawn and Marlon's latest scheme becomes a hair-raising nightmare when they take over the manufacture and marketing of a grooming product called ""Goop, Hair-It-Is."" While ...more

Brazilla vs. Rodney May 24 1995 - Shawn and Marlon decide to become children's entertainers, but the party may be over before it begins thanks to a rival performer named Brazilla who wants to squash their careers. A kids' party ...more

My Fair Marlon Feb 08 1995 - Shawn plays Cyrano to help Marlon win the woman of his dreams, whom he met at a poetry reading -- but winds up turning his own life into a tragicomedy when Lisa discovers his love poems.

Getting It Jan 10 1996 - Shawn and Marlon become desperately lonely men, and at Pops' suggestion, attend a church bazaar where Shawn meets the girl of his dreams. The situation is complicated when Shawn discovers ...more

Head of State Nov 08 1995 - When Marlon finds out that President Clinton's motorcade will be passing by Pops' diner, and that the bathroom will be made available to the leader should he need to use it, Marlon determines to ...more

Fatal Subtraction Sep 13 1995 - Distraught over a recent breakup, Shawn becomes instantly enamored with domineering Rachel, a woman he meets at the newsstand. Rachel gives him lots of love and attention, as well as expensive ...more

Think Fast Nov 22 1995 - When Marlon quits the family basketball team, Pops turns to Monique, who can make his son jump through hoops. It's the basketball game of the season for the Williams brothers when they go up ...more

The Ghetto Gourmets Feb 21 1996 - When the producer of a Regis & Kathie Lee type morning talk show invites Pops to cook his chili on the program, Marlon and Shawn tag along as his assistants. They're a hit and get invited ...more

It Takes a Thief Mar 13 1996 - When Dee falls for a con man, a smooth-talking jewelry salesman who rips off lonely single women, Shawn and Marlon must find a way to open her eyes before the wedding.

Farmer's Daughter Nov 29 1995 - Shawn and Marlon dread a visit from their rural cousin Sheila. When she arrives, they discover how distraught she is over losing her boyfriend. In an effort to cheer her up and improve her ...more

Who's In Charge Here? Jan 31 1996 - With Pops secretly enjoying being sick in bed, the boys try to force his hand by turning the diner over to White Mike, hoping he'll do so a bad job that Pops with rush back. But Mike turns the ...more

Hearts and Flowers Feb 14 1996 - Shawn's romantic Valentine's Day plans go awry when his girlfriend wises up to his two-timing ways and spurns him for Marlon. Meanwhile, Dee thinks her secret admirer is Pops, but it's really ...more

Psycho Santa Dec 20 1995 - Santa's loading a gun and checking it twice, then taking Pops and the boys hostage for not showing the right Christmas spirit. He's only a part-time, dress-up Santa, but the gun is for real.

New Lease on Life May 01 1996 - It's decision-making time for Shawn when Mrs. Niedermeyer, the owner of the building where his newsstand is housed, makes a pass at him, and Shawn must decide whether he will return the ...more

A Hero's Story Feb 28 1996 - Shawn rescues a boy hit by a car in front of the Niedermeyer Building. After reviving him with CPR, Shawn goes to call 911, leaving Marlon with the boy. When the boy regains consciousness, he ...more

Two Men and a Baby Sep 27 1995 - Shawn and Marlon find an infant left at their door with a note to the unnamed father from ""T."" Which one is the daddy? Each claims it's the other until the bonding begins.

Scared Straight Oct 25 1995 - Every Halloween, Pops puts out a cup of coffee and a doughnut to please the spirit of a dead woman, Cassandra Malloy, which he believes resides in the building. As a joke, Shawn and Marlon sneak ...more

Loot Oct 04 1995 - Shawn, Marlon, Pops, Lou and Monique dream of the good life when they find $100,000 in an ashtray in the lobby. But Lou is determined to carry out the Niedermeyer Building rule requiring a ...more

The Liar's Club Oct 11 1995 - Marlon gets jealous when Monique pretends to be married to Shawn in order to impress Otis Campbell, her college rival. When Otis takes the ""couple"" to a chic Moroccan ...more

Mama, I Wanna Act May 08 1996 - Marlon's acress friend Stacey convinces him to help her audition fot the Tisch School of Performing Arts. Marlon begins to consider an acting career for himself -- an idea that Shawn thinks is ...more

Shawn Takes A New Stand Sep 06 1995 - When Cliff, the owner of the newsstand in the same New York office building as Pops' diner, dies, Shawn borrows money from Pops to buy the business, and hires Marlon to help out. But Marlon ...more

Trial and Error May 15 1996 - Marlon slips in Shawn's spilled coffee and breaks his leg, which knocks him out of the cash prize he was sure to win in a dance contest. Marlon sues Shawn in small claims court for the two ...more

The Sting Nov 15 1995 - Shawn listens carefully to Pops' lecture on the evils of poker -- then risks everything on a single hand, losin g his newsstand to T.C. After T.C. takes over ownership, Shawn's pride is on the ...more

The Odd Couples Feb 07 1996 - After an argument with Shawn, Marlon decides it's time for him to claim his independence and move out. Marlon ends up rooming with White Mike, while Shawn takes in T.C. Unexpectedly, Mike and ...more

Blood is Thicker Than Watercolor Sep 20 1995 - After a leader of the art world buys Marlon's paint-smeared dropcloth, Marlon turns into a temperamental artist, much to Shawn's disgust. But Marlon's artistic career hits a snag when Lou ...more

Love Letter Feb 21 1996 - White Mike asks Shawn to ghost write a love letter for him to Tatiana, the new waitress at Pops' diner. The letter gets into Dee's hands and she mistakenly believes Shawn left it there for her. ...more

I Do... Feb 19 1997 - Marlon's relationship with his girlfriend is suddenly altared -- er, altered -- when her brother, a neighborhood bully, learns how close they've become and forces young Williams to propose.

The Return of the Temptones Nov 13 1996 - Pops reunites with his old singing group for a comeback try, but it seems times have changed. And thanks to modern surgery, so has one of its members.

Trippin' Oct 02 1996 - Contest-obsessed Marlon hits the jackpot. His prize is a vacation for two, but it's no day at the beach when Shawn, Pops and Grandma battle over the second ticket.

An Officer and a Homegirl Nov 06 1996 - Dee flies off the handle when her sister Natalie thinks about giving up her promising Air Force career to be with airhead Marlon.

Pops' Secret Feb 12 1997 - When Pops starts dressing in fine clothes, closing the diner early and staying out late, Shawn and Marlon suspect the reason is another woman.

Goodbye Mr. Gibbs Jan 29 1997 - Shawn and Marlon decide to play a prank on a hated teacher from junior high -- but find themselves delivering his eulogy when he drops dead at his retirement party.

Gots to Have a J.O.B. Sep 25 1996 - Marlon achieves celebrity status by starring in a series of malt-liquor commercials, but there's trouble brewing when he portrays a ghetto stereotype.

Dee's Baby Daddy Feb 26 1997 - Dee delivers a woman's baby, and her maternal instincts surface.

Going to the Net Nov 20 1996 - Shawn falls for an older woman (Grier), while Marlon meets a young thrill-seeker and finds that love is just a hop, skip and bungee jump away -- unless he wimps out.

The Black Widower Apr 30 1997 - The boys fear it's a match made in hell after introducing a lonely Grandma to Fred, a smooth-talking diner regular who they later believe is a wanted murderer known as ""The Black

Marlon Goes On the Road May 14 1997 - Shawn's plans to expand ""Williams Brothers News"" are interrupted when Marlon lands a part in a national musical starring R&B artist Keith Sweat.

Risky Bid-ness Feb 05 1997 - Shawn figures he's movin' on up when he lands a job at the ad agency in the building, but he's knocked off the fast track when his boss Ted takes credit for his slogan. Meanwhile, Marlon is left ...more

Do the Wrong Thing Nov 27 1996 - Shawn becomes Marlon's agent and undermines his client's sputtering acting career by demanding the full star treatment. Meanwhile, Pops tries to foist spoiled food on the church mission.

Say It Ain't So Marlon May 07 1997 - Marlon looks to even the score with an old Little League teammate who supposedly ruined his chances at a big-league career by hogging all the glory.