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Below is a complete This Old House episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual This Old House episodes are listed along with the This Old House episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. This Old House episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “Episode 4” to “The Weston House 03.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the This Old House episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Newton Centre Project, Part 6 of 16 Nov 12 2009 - Work on the Dutch Colonial Revival continues as master carpenter Norm Abram recaps the progress on the addition, then turns his attention to the kitchen where general contractor Tom Silva and ...more

Newton Centre Project, Part 12 of 16 Dec 24 2009 -

Newton Centre Project, Part 15 of 16 Jan 14 2010 - Host Kevin O'Connor arrives at the project house to find a bustling jobsite and the finished countertops arriving. Inside, homeowner Bill Pierce reviews the tight clearances around the kitchen ...more

The Dorchester House - 1 Oct 01 1980 - Our host, a Boston designer and builder, tours the dilapidated turn-of the-century house in Dorchester, Massachusetts, that will completely renovated in the next 13 weeks. Our host talks with a ...more

The Dorchester House - 2 Renovation has begun and the carpenter has find rot in the eaves. The kitchen, one of the hardest remodeling jobs, gets some attention, and we look into the history of the home.

The Dorchester House - 3 Work on the house has uncovered some unforeseen problems from the roof to the plumbing, and at a moment, the dream kitchen is a nightmare. But our host has some solutions.

The Dorchester House - 4 It's time to insulate the house, remove the old furnace, and replace it with a new-energy-efficient heating system.

The Dorchester House - 5 This week the ceilings are leveled and renovated. The bulkhead is repaired and renewed. Our hosts talks about the kitchen lighting and answers some viewer questions.

The Dorchester House - 6 How are we going to heat the house? This week our host talks with a heating specialist about baseboard heating, the heating plant in the basement and the water heater. We take a look at the ...more

The Dorchester House - 7 Plasters, roofers, and carpenters are hard at work. The kitchen walls are plastered, the chimney get some attention, and works starts on the crumbling front porch.

The Dorchester House - 8 The insulation and plasterwork are completed. The new kitchen windows are trimmed and finished. A historic preservation consultant traces the changes made in the past century in the house's ...more

The Dorchester House - 9 Work on the deck and its foundation is underway. Our host offers some hints on paint stripping and introduces an alternative to ceramic wall tile around a bathtub.

The Dorchester House - 10 Our hosts walks through the grounds with a landscape designer and considers the gardening possibilities. The carpenters put on new red cedar clapboards, and the Mayor of Boston, Kevin White, ...more

The Dorchester House - 11 Our host demostrates how to lay a parquet kitchen floor. He speaks to a marble expert about the dining room fireplace. The bathroom tile floor is installed, and we consider home security

The Dorchester House - 12 The house painter demonstrates how to apply primer. Our host talks about installing an oak floor and sanding floors. A stonemason repairs the stone wall around the house, and the yard gets two ...more

The Dorchester House - 13 A look at the nearly finished product, inside and out. And the finishing touches are put on the picket fence, the deck and yard.

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 1 Our host tours Lexington real estate with agent June Goodwin, looking at older homes as well as newer construction. We tour a new condo development, and then meet our new project's homeowners, ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 2 Mary-Van and Jim Sinek discuss expanding their side-by-side, two-family Lexington home with a new addition, which will double the existing square-footage of one unit and include a new master ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 3 Our host shows us how to use a laser level, which excavators use to achieve uniform depth for foundation footings. He, our master carpneter and excavator Herb Brockett discuss excavation plans ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 4 Our host and master carpenter meet with Gene Romanelli to discuss foundation footings and begin pouring the concrete garage slab. Our host then discusses a revised floorplan with the architect. ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 5 Jim Sinek and the guys remove the interior wall in the living room. Our host meets with concrete specialist Rich Toohey, and then watches the installation of the bulkhead. Richard Trethewey pays ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 6 Our host watches demolition in the kitchen, including the removal of the sink and cabinets. Then he and Mary-Van discuss options for the new kitchen. We meet up with Tom Silva to learn the finer ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 7 After getting a progress report from our host, our master carpenter confers with Tom Silva. Our host then meets with Tom Wirth to discuss a wheelchair accessible-entry for the new house. Then he ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 8 The garage is nearly complete and fitted with trim that has been primed before construction. Our host and Mary-Van discuss insulation in the garage ceiling and the wall that meets the kitchen. ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 9 Cedar siding arrives and the crew begins to install it. Lighting consultant Dick Metchears meets with our host to discuss fixtures. Audio consultant Dr. Amar Bose discusses the home audio ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 10 Our host meets with landscape artist Roger Hopkins to check his progress on the granite wall and terrace. Then we visit the Blue Mountain Quarry in South Ryegate, Vermont, where the stone ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 11 Our host and Tom Wirth look at the new plantings that have arrived at the jobsite. We then check Roger Hopkins' progress on the granite steps, terrace and garden pool. Inside, our host finds Tom ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 12 The crew is busy installing the new decking at the back of the house. Our host meets with zero-clearance fireplace specialist Lou DeMaria to discuss the living room's new fireplace. He then ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 13 Our host meets with Tom Wirth to discuss progress on lanscaping. Then we watch as Ken Dickenson puts in the exposed aggregate concrete wheelchair walkway. Later, he'll wash the concrete off to ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 14 The new plantings are in and a vegetable garden fence is put in place. The crew installs wallboard while our host and our master carpenter see a butane heater that will be use to keep the house ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 15 Our host and master carpenter discusses how the rain gutters can best divert water away from the fir deck, wooden doors, and kitchen windows. Then the crew installs plywood panelling in the ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 16 Our host and Jim Sinek discuss the budget. Meanwhile, plastering contractors have begun their work. Our host tries out plastering stilts. Then we visit a bed and breakfast in Williamstown, ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 17 The guys erect a lamppost in the frontyard. Carpet underlayment is installed in the home office, while the crew also hangs burlap coverings on the walls. Bob Reed hangs suspended, acoustical ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 18 The crew installs a metal railing on the granite patio using hydrolic cement. We then visit a single-family home development in Aurora, Illinois, featuring houses so energy-efficient the builder ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 19 At the front of the house, our host watches Charlie McGongagle put up a permanent drain pipe, while John Silva installs a new storm door. In the master bedroom, our master carpenter is busy ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 20 Our host and electrical contractor Buddy Bisnaw discuss outlets in the kitchen. Richard Trethewey accepts delivery of a new one-piece toilet and a pedestal sink. Then we visit the American ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 21 When we arrive at the jobsite, we find homeowners Jim and Mary-Van outside painting clapboards. Inside, our host meets the Sinek children who are painting the ceilings. The tiling contractors ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 22 The crew installs a new newel post on the main staircase. Then we tour the Morgan Door company, manufacturers of a true divided-light french doors. Back at the jobsite, our host and John Silva ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 23 At the bed and breakfast's enterance, our host and flooring contractor Jeff Hosking discuss refinishing and patching the 80-year-old fir floor. In the new part of the house, the crew is ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 24 Our host and Tom Silva are hard at work on the fireplace, mounting an new mantel and facing the surround with half-brick. We see construction of a man-made marble shower stall. The same material ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 25 The Corian countertops are installed in the kitchen. Our host discusses appliances with General Electric appliance designer Bob Mundt. Our host test the stain-resistant carpet that's gone ...more

The Lexington Bed and Breakfast - 26 Our host and Joe Ruggiero, editor of Home magazine and an interior decorator, tour the finished house. Richard Trethewey shows us the air conditioner, garbage disposal and shower door as they ...more

The Concord House - 1 This Old House returns for its eleventh season with our master carpenter, who introduces the series' new host. The guys survey the project: an 1835 barn in Concord, Massachusetts, and talk to ...more

The Concord House - 2 The guys send homeowners Lynn and Barbara to Nantucket, while they visit a bar that has been remodeled into a home, and take a look at a timber-frame house designed by Jock Gifford. In Concord, ...more

The Concord House - 3 Timber-frame expert Tedd Benson and the crew dismantle the barn. Homeowners Barbara and Lynn meet with designer Jock Gifford to plan their new home, and visit a nearby carriage house that had ...more

The Concord House - 4 Down the hill from the building site in Concord, well-driller Dave Haynes prepares to fill a well. The guys work on the foundation, and a septic tank is installed.

The Concord House - 5 We travel to Brattleboro, Vermont to take a look at a factory where stress-skin panels are made. After openings for doors and windows are cut, these panels will be applied to the barn's ...more

The Concord House - 6 At the Concord site, Tedd Benson and other members of the Timber Framers Guild of North America lead a workshop where students learn how to measure, cut and join timbers for the barn's ...more

The Concord House - 7 The barn's massive frame is put up by hand at an old-fashioned barn-raising, and topped off with a tree for good fortune.

The Concord House - 8 Stress-skin panels are installed over the barn's finished frame, and work on the well is completed.