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Below is a complete Timewatch episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Timewatch episodes are listed along with the Timewatch episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Timewatch episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this poll include “The Princess Spy” and “Double Agent: The Eddie Chapman Story.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Timewatch episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

A Homecoming Jul 01 1990 - A TIMEWATCH special in which Count Adolf Heinrich von Arnim visits his former castle, lands and estates in East Germany, which he and his family were driven from by the Russians in 1945. It ...more

Dunkirk 1940: The Great Escape May 27 1990 - A special edition of Timewatch looks back at the events at Dunkirk in 1940 through the personal accounts of survivors and using eye-witness accounts and archive film, the programme recalls the ...more

The Victorian Way of Death: From Body Snatching to Burning Jan 04 2001 - Dan Cruickshank investigates the circumstances and rituals surrounding death in Victorian Britain by piecing together the fate of five apparently unrelated corpses. The story he uncovers is one ...more

Atlantis: The Evidence Jun 02 2010 - In this Timewatch special, historian Bettany Hughes unravels one of the most intriguing mysteries of all time. She presents a series of geological, archaeological and historical clues to show ...more

Sinking The Graf Spee

Timewatch Sep 29 1982 -

Episode 1 Jan 26 1983 - - How do You Democratize a Nazi?: On the Fiftieth anniversary of Hitler becoming German Chancellor, Winchester reports from Washington and Nuremberg on the process of de-nazification that began ...more

Episode 2 Apr 27 1983 - - The Loved and Hated King: On the 500th anniversary of the coronation of Richard III, historians reassess the monarch. - The Silent Years of Television; As the 1983 general election approaches, ...more

Timewatch Jan 31 1984 - - The Last Führer: Profile of new evidence about Admiral Doenitz's involvement with Third Reich atrocities. Doenitz was Hitler's successor as Fuhrer, and received the lightest sentence at ...more

The Age of Charles II Feb 06 1985 -

Magic Circles Dec 05 1985 - Peter France interviews Aubrey Burl, authority on stone circles, about the history of the Stonehenge site before construction of the existing circle. Peter France looks back to ealier this year ...more

The Master Builders Mar 06 1986 - Peter France introduces the programme from the British Museum after outlining the story of the Museum. An item about the origins of the British Prison Service, and an early and unsuccessful - ...more

Most Dangerous Women Apr 03 1986 - Three items: Lady Jane Grey was used by men of power when she was alive and male propagandists when she was dead. A film about her will be released next month. What interpretation do its makers ...more

Judgement in Jerusalem Dec 09 1987 - Exploration of the trial of the Nazi officer, Adolph Eichmann, in Jerusalem 26 y ears ago, following the publication of the book "Eichmann in Jerusalem" by Hannah Arendt.

Dishonour and Death Jun 01 1988 - Two films on the darker side of British history over the past 150 years. "The Diary of an English Spy", looks at the training of secret agents at a Spy School before WW1. "and One ...more

Shreds of Evidence Jul 27 1988 - Report on recent radiocarbon dating tests on the Turin Shroud, believed by millions to be the burial cloth of Jesus. Programme follows the preparation of the Shroud, and film of the tests ...more

Evidence of Neglect Jan 06 1988 - Three reports which examine the ways our historical record in films and in books and maps, is under threat from neglect, damage and mistreatment.

Wars of the Word Feb 03 1988 - Two reports on the control and effect of mass communications in the past.

The Man in the Iron Mask Mar 02 1988 - Report on the mystery surrounding the identity of a prisoner who died at the Bastille in Paris in November 1703. He had been imprisoned for 34 years and had be forced to wear a mask.

The Hunger Winter Mar 30 1988 - Report on events in Holland in 1944, when the Nazis cut off all food supplies in retaliation for Dutch support of the Arnhem landings.

Shadow of the Ripper Sep 07 1988 - Report on the legend of Jack the Ripper, revealing for the first time the true contents of the police and Home Office files on the case, and drawing on the expertise of historians and of those ...more

A Woman's Story Oct 05 1988 - Dramatised documentary about Annie Besant, the 19th century social reformer and campaigner for the use of contraception, who led the matchgirls strike from the Bryant and May factory.

Vision of a Conqueror Nov 09 1988 - Story of the Glorious Revolution of 5th November 1688, when William of Orange landed at Brixham to take the English crown.

Bukharin and the Terror Dec 07 1988 - Report on the case of Nikolai Bukharin, Lenin's advisor and editor of Pravda and Izvestia in the 1920s and 1930s. Bukharin was executed in 1938 after the last of Stalin's show trials. Gorbachev ...more

The Land of Lost Content Sep 06 1989 - Documentary exploring how poverty in the English countryside in the years before the First World War, has been hidden behind an image of a rural paradise created by artists, writers and poets of ...more

Trotsky Oct 04 1989 - Documentary on the life and ideas of Leon Trotsky

Light in the Dark Jan 11 1989 - During the Nazi occupation of eastern Poland, a small group of Jews tried to save themselves by hiding in the sewers under the city. Four survivors talk about their fourteen-month ordeal of ...more

An Age of Empire Feb 08 1989 - Leading historian Eric Hobsbawn offers Peter France some insights into his personal understanding of the 19th century and, in the process a world that was about to disappear for ever.

Sacrifice at Pearl Harbour Apr 05 1989 - It has always been believed that the attack on Pearl Harbour was a total surprise, but witnesses from around the world are now coming forward with stories of Washington being repeatedly warned ...more

Playing With History May 03 1989 -

Witnesses May 31 1989 -

The Night of the Long Knives Jul 27 1989 - Documentary revealing new evidence about the so-called "Night of the Long Knives" - Harold MacMillan's Cabinet re-shuffle of July 1962, in which he sacked the Chancellor of the ...more

Summer of the Bomb Aug 09 1989 -

Fascist Legacy: A Promise Fulfilled Nov 01 1989 - Traces the story of the implementation of Mussolini's policy of Italianisation in the Balkans.

Fascist Legacy: A Pledge Betrayed Nov 08 1989 - Second and concluding programme in Timewatch's investigation into some of Italy's war crimes and those responsible, in this programme concentrating in particular on Allied blocking of ...more

A War Far From Home Nov 14 1990 - Documentary looking at the Indian troops that fought in the First World War and their experiences and treatment in the trenches, gleaned from letters written by the soldiers themselves and ...more

An Edge of Conspiracy Jan 17 1990 - There is growing support for the theory that the man buried in the grave marked with Hess's name was an imposter switched for the real Hess by the Nazis in 1941. Christopher Andrew talks to ...more

Napoleon's Last Battle Feb 21 1990 - Looks at Napoleon's attempts to rewrite history and portray himself in a favourable light, and at accounts of his life from the writings of his self-appointed biographer, Count Emmanuel Las ...more

Hungary: The End of Silence Mar 21 1990 - Examines how Hungarians are slowly and painfully reassessing their experiences under Stalinism and adapting to the forthcoming first free election in Hungary for over 40 years. The film ends ...more

Accounts of a Forgotten Army Sep 05 1990 - Examines recent allegations of the ill-treatment and policies of starvation of German prisoners in Allied POW camps in 1945. The programmes examines whether the American authorities, with images ...more

Helping the Police with Their Enquiries Sep 19 1990 - Looks at the co-operation in America between the police and archaeologists in homicide cases where a body is found, the skills of the archaeologist being particularly relevant for digging up ...more

The Sipán Affair Oct 03 1990 - Shows the extent to which archaeology is losing out to an underworld of looters, smugglers and dealers, and reveals the clandestine face of the art market and the forces which are destroying ...more

I Don't Want to Be Remembered as a Chair Oct 17 1990 - Documentary looking at the day-to-day life and beliefs of the last remaining group of nine Shakers who live in the village of Sabbathday Lake, Maine. It looks at the history of the sect and its ...more

All the King's Jews Oct 31 1990 - Investigates the roots of anti-Semitism in England and the story of England's Medieval Jews, and their treatment, culminating in massacres and their expulsion from England on 1st November 1290.

One of the Reasons Why Nov 28 1990 - Explores the beginnings of the Vietnam War and uncovers some remarkable facts about the role of the US and Britain at the end of World War II, with the US originally supporting Ho Chi Minh and ...more

White Man's Grave, Black Man's Grave Dec 12 1990 - Tells the story of the African hero John Chilembwe and his raising of a group of black insurgents who broke into the planter's William Livingstone's house and cut off his head. it considers the ...more

The Cold War Apr 10 1991 - Looks at the history of the Cold War, and how it began even whilst the USSR and Britain and America were allies in the last stages of World War II. The origins of mutual distrust are examined, ...more

The Reluctant Comrade Feb 27 1991 - Looks at the story of Robert Robinson, a black American, who inadvertently ended up living and working in the Soviet Union for over 40 years, until his escape in 1974. Born in Cuba and brought ...more

Savagery and the American Indian - Wilderness Jan 23 1991 - Two-part documentary looking at the history of the native American Indians, and particularly the effects of white colonisation of the continent, and the near extinction of their peoples and ...more

Savagery and the American Indian - Civilisation Jan 30 1991 - Second part of a documentary film looking at the history of the native American Indians and particularly the effects of white colonisation of the continent and the near extinction of their ...more