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Below is a complete To Aru Majutsu no Index episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual To Aru Majutsu no Index episodes are listed along with the To Aru Majutsu no Index episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. To Aru Majutsu no Index episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Misaka Mikoto,” “Deep Blood”, and many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the To Aru Majutsu no Index episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

To Aru Majutsu no Index-tan III Jan 26 2011 -

Toaru Majutsu no Index: Endyumion no Kiseki Feb 23 2013 - On the day Tōma Kamijō and Index see Academy City's space elevator, Endymion in the distance, they meet a Level 0 girl with an amazing singing voice, Arisa Meigo. As the three enjoy their time ...more

To Aru Majutsu no Index-tan Jan 23 2009 -

To Aru Majutsu no Index-tan II May 29 2009 -

To Aru Majutsu no Index-tan IV Jun 22 2011 -

August 31st (The Last Day) Oct 01 2010 - Following the fake boyfriend incident with Mikoto, Tōma still hasn't finished his summer homework and Index isn't helping much. Whilst Tōma takes Index to a restaurant for a change of location, ...more

Amata Kihara (Scientist) Feb 18 2011 - In Russia, Sasha Kruezhev tries to learn the side effects of her body after Archangel Gabriel possessed her but is harass by her superior Vassilisa. As Accelerator walks Last Order back home, ...more

Wreckage (Remnant) Nov 12 2010 - Kuroko's day of shopping with Mikoto is interrupted by reports of robbers stealing an aerospace carrycase. Kuroko subdues the thieves but is then attacked and wounded by their leader, another ...more

Grand Champion Star Festival Nov 26 2010 - Academy City is hosting the Grand Champion Star Festival, a sports competition between the various schools of the city, during which visitors from outside the city are allowed entry. Whilst ...more

Capital of Water Jan 14 2011 - Despite a chain of bad luck with his female companions during the festival, Tōma gets lucky on the last day when he wins a lottery for a one week trip to Chioggia, Italy. After he and Index ...more

Before the Outbreak of War Mar 25 2011 - Thanks to Index, Hyōka returns to normal and, despite blaming herself for the chaos she caused, Tōma ensures her she also protected the city's populace. As Acqua retreats with Vento and the rest ...more

Lotus Wand (Rotasuwando) Nov 05 2010 - As Tōma, Index, Stiyl, Saiji and Orsola barricade themselves from the battle nuns, Tōma and Index come up with an idea that Orsola could help them decipher the Liber AL vel Legis in Index's head ...more

Hound Dog Feb 25 2011 - Accelerator uses Index's presence as a distraction to force a driver to get him and Index away from the Hound Dogs. Before Amata can go after them, Vento appears and takes care of his men as he ...more

Divine Punishment Spell Mar 11 2011 - Accelerator starts to fight Amata, but the battery for his link to the Misaka Network runs out, leaving him paralyzed and defenseless. However, he begins to move again by force of will and ...more

Armed Group (Skill Out) Apr 01 2011 - Despite her abilities, Awaki finds herself at a disadvantage as Ritoku is using stolen military weapons including an exo-suit called 'Hard Taping' which gives him incredible speed and strength. ...more

Shorthand Original (Shorthand) Dec 10 2010 - Whilst Heaven Canceler attends to Seiri, Stiyl manages to lead Tōma and Tsuchimikado to Oriana's location. Oriana inflicts a curse on Tsuchimikado and gives Tōma trouble with her variety of ...more

Piercing Antisword (Stab Sword) Dec 17 2010 - After Tōma has some women trouble with Index, Mikoto and Kuroko following lunch, Tsuchimikado manages to find Oriana's location and instructs him and Stiyl to go there. However, whilst ...more

Penalty Game Feb 04 2011 - Autumn arrives at Academy City and the city's students change into their winter uniforms. Accelerator, Last Order and Kikyō move out of the hospital into Aiho's apartment, while Misaka 10032 and ...more

Specimen Number (Serial Number) Feb 11 2011 - In London, the ladies of Necessarius try to learn to use a new washing machine. Back at Academy City, Mikoto finally claims her phone straps, while Tōma encounters Misaka 10032, who is searching ...more

Move Target (Move Point) Nov 19 2010 - Kuroko finds Awaki at a nearby building and uses the latter's trauma of self-teleportion to make the first strike but during their battle, her injuries make her unable to concentrate on ...more

Amakusa Style Oct 22 2010 - The Agnese Forces face off against the Amakusas as a diversion while Tōma, Stiyl and Index sneak inside the amusement park. While escaping from some Amakusa warriors, Tōma manages to find Orsola ...more

Rosary of the Appointed Time Jan 28 2011 - Lucia and the Amasukas hold off the battle nuns while Tōma, Index and Orsola continue onwards to the flagship. While Tōma distracts an army of ice golems, he soon encounters Biagio, who uses his ...more

Teaching Device (Testament) Mar 04 2011 - As Tsuchimikado battles against the spectral being who is working with Vento to kill the unconscious residents of Academy City, Tōma calls Accelerator from Last Order's cellphone to update him ...more

Voice Of Destruction Of Evil (Sheol Fear) Oct 29 2010 - Stiyl explains that the Catholics won't kill Orsola until they can prove her to be a heretic. As Saiji leaves to free his comrades, Stiyl tells Tōma and Index to go home, since they have no ...more

Tracking Seal (Route Disturb) Dec 03 2010 - As Oriana realizes she's being followed and runs away, Tōma, Stiyl and Tsuchimikado chase her through a bus station filled with booby traps, but she manages to escape and uses a counter magic ...more

The Queen's Fleet Jan 21 2011 - Agnese explains the ship she is on is known as the Queen of the Adriatic Sea where she and her former group are being punished. She agrees to let Tōma and Orsola escape in exchange for the ...more

Astronomical Observatory (Beautiful View) Dec 24 2010 - Tōma hears more from Tsuchimikado about the Croce di Pietro, which uses a similar type of magic to what Misha used, and have Orsola look further into it. Meanwhile, Stiyl manages to successfully ...more

Disciple's Cross (Peter's Cross) Jan 07 2011 - As Oriana and Tōma continue to battle, Stiyl recovers and summons Innocentius to help him. Refusing to give up, Oriana uses her full powers to defeat Stiyl and all of her spells on Tōma. As he ...more

The Book of the Law Oct 15 2010 - Archbishop Laura informs Stiyl that the Liber AL vel Legis has been stolen by the Amakusa Catholics and sends him to Japan along with a group of Catholic battle nuns known as the Agnese Forces, ...more

Academy City Oct 04 2008 - Tōma Kamijō is chased by hooligans after he stops one of them from disturbing a girl. In reality he was trying save him as the girl is Level 5 Psychic Mikoto Misaka, who can control and generate ...more

Innocentius: The Witch Hunting Pope Oct 11 2008 - The magician reveal himself as Stiyl Magnus and explain that his partner Kaori unintentionally hurt Index as her Magical garb was suppose to stop the blow and his mission to 'protect' Index or ...more

Necessarius Oct 18 2008 - While Komoe helps Index in healing her wounds using magic, Toma meets Stiyl's partner, Kaori Kanzaki and learns from her why they are hunting Index and the organization, Necessarius, The Church ...more

Perfect Memorization Ability Oct 25 2008 - Touma learns the truth about Index's perfect memorization and her loss of memories.

Imagine Breaker Nov 08 2008 - Following the events of last episode and the activation of Index's defense mechanism Touma struggles to hide his amnesia from Index.

Cult of Science Nov 15 2008 - Stiyl and Touma join forces to investigate the mysterious Misawa Cram School.

Ars Manga. The Alchemy of Gold Nov 22 2008 - Touma encounters Ars Magna the leader of Misawa Cram School and a man with his own connection to Index.

Deep Blood Nov 29 2008 - Touma confronts Ars Magna in a dangerous battle to rescue both Index and Deep Blood.

Misaka Mikoto Dec 06 2008 - Touma spends some time with Misaka Mikoto and makes a strange discovery.

Sisters Dec 13 2008 - Touma goes in search of Misaka to investigate the clone experiment.

Level 6 Dec 20 2008 - Touma discovers the reason behind the experiment and appears to grow closer to Misaka.

Accelerator Dec 27 2008 - Misaka and Touma hatch a plan to defeat Accelerator and end the experiment.

Weakest vs. Strongest Jan 08 2009 - Touma faces off against Accelerator for the sake of Misaka and her 'sisters'.

Angel Fall Jan 15 2009 - Touma and Index head to the beach to avoid the fallout from Touma's fight with Accelerator. They also plan to meet Touma's Family but when they arrive they aren't quite what Touma was

Father(Kamijou Touya) Jan 22 2009 - The Angel Fall spell remains in effect with only Toma, Kanzaki, Misha and Tsuchimikado relatively unaffected. However, the person responsible for casting the spell remains a mystery. Misha ...more

Archangels Jan 29 2009 - Tōma confronts his father about casting Angel Fall but discovers him as knowing absolutely nothing about it. When Misha appears to them, Kaori reveals that Misha is an imposter taking advantage ...more

Impostor (Replica) Feb 05 2009 - Mikoto's trying to enjoy her last day of summer vacation, but she is being stalked by Mitsuki Unabara, the Tokiwadai Middle School principal's grandson who's been chasing her since last week. In ...more

The End (Last Order) Feb 12 2009 - Since his defeat, Accelerator is no longer feared by others, though he remains powerful enough to get rid of troublemakers. During the last day of summer vacation, he is approached by a younger ...more

Last Signal (Virus Code) Feb 19 2009 - Accelerator returns to the diner only to find that Last Order has been kidnapped by Ao Amai. Accelerator manages to track down Ao Amai and knocks him out before he can escape with Last Order. ...more

Unidentifiable (Counter Stop) Feb 26 2009 - Tōma returns to school after summer break, but is followed by Index, who thinks she won't have anything to eat for lunch while he's away at school. When Index arrives in class, Komoe sends her ...more

Stone Statue (Golem) Mar 05 2009 - Sherry Cromwell begins her assault on Academy City to start a war between Necessarius and Academy City. As a result, Tōma, Index, and Hyoka are locked in an underground shopping complex before ...more