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Below is a complete Tour Girls episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Tour Girls episodes are listed along with the Tour Girls episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Tour Girls episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 9” and “Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 12.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Tour Girls episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 1 Apr 29 2004 - In episode 1 of Season 1 the characters are introduced and we take a glimpse of some of the funny, dramatic and violent happenings you can expect from this reality television series. The tour ...more

Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 2 May 06 2004 - In episode 2 the race is on to get to the first venue. One stripper down tour manager Dean is confronted with the urgency of finding an immediate replacement. The venues have been promised five ...more

Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 3 May 13 2004 - Exhausted, the girls are confronted by a problem with their accommodation. They tried to check in to the motel where they stayed last time... but unfortunately motel management remembered ...more

Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 4 May 20 2004 - The new stripper (an old friend of Karen's) is urgently briefed on the routine. She quickly shows her talent on the floor, and also shows she loves a good old bitching session backstage. Killing ...more

Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 5 May 27 2004 - The girls that night are confronted by a rough crowd, and Buffy in particular is frightened. John is starting to get on everyone's nerves making it uneasy for his girlfriend Leigh. The girls are ...more

Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 6 Jun 03 2004 - Dean did so much yelling in the last show, he's lost his voice, and has to shout at the girls through John. Britney talks to her mum but unfortunately reveals she is bisexual! Britney and Leigh ...more

Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 7 Jun 10 2004 - The team are in Christchurch, now suffering colds and flu and totally tired of living out of a suitcase and in each other's pockets. Tonight's show is at a rugby club - with a disappointing ...more

Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 8 Jun 17 2004 - Some of the girls take the opportunity to take in one of New Zealand's tourist attractions - bungee jumping. In the change room that night John takes exception to the way he is treated by ...more

Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 9 Jun 24 2004 - Britney's all excited... she has a new boyfriend! The Tour Girls travel to a small outback pub to be confronted by an angry hotel manager who believes they are late. They face a very rough crowd ...more

Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 10 Jul 01 2004 - The Tour Girls manage to attract the smallest crowd to the busiest night club in New Zealand. Angie starts running down the other girls to customers..... all is fine until the girls find out ! ...more

Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 11 Jul 08 2004 - Many hours of traveling in the cramped conditions of the motor home don't go down well with the girls. Another show...another rough crowd. Britney gets very upset after she is poked twice and ...more

Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 12 Jul 15 2004 - The girls head back to the north island . Angie is upset because her boyfriend and her best friend have been getting together while she's been away. It's the last show of a long tiring, ...more

Tour Girls - Season 1 Episode 13 Things are somewhat tense after the physical dramas of the previous night. Britney leaves for the other side of New Zealand to see her mum, whilst those remaining are treated to a night in a ...more

Tour Girls Season 2 Episode 1 The race is on to get to the first venue. One stripper down tour manager Dean is confronted with the urgency of finding an immediate replacement. The venues have been promised five Australian ...more

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Tour Girls Season 2 Episode 2 With the Group arriving in New Zealand, they begin the weekend training for the first show and take to the streets for a publicity blitz. Although the first show was a huge success, offstage a ...more

Tour Girls Season 2 Episode 3 Lisa's alcohol habits continue to cause confrontations within the group, especially with the hot headed Karen. This brings Terri and Lisa much closer. Back on the road, the tour moves to New ...more

Tour Girls Season 2 Episode 4 Jodie and Lisa Take advantage of the two day break by participating in a sky jump from New Zealand's tallest building while Craig tries desperately to convince Terri to stay to no avail. Lisa ...more

Tour Girls Season 2 Episode 5 Jamiee is extremely upset that the group have learned about her pregnancy and wishes to leave the tour as Lisa receives a call from Terri who decides to return. After a stressful drama with the ...more

Tour Girls Season 2 Episode 6 While preparing to leave for the next leg of the tour, Craig and Jodie have a major argument over money. During the drive, Dean realizes they have left Dave back in Auckland. It is revealed to ...more

Tour Girls Season 2 Episode 7 Craig begins the day trying to wake the ill girls after a disastrous show. Leaving for the Car ferry for the third show, they all bitch about the previous night. The growing tension with the ...more

Tour Girls Season 2 Episode 8 The Tour Girls juggernaut has moved to the South Island with the gang enjoying a beach break before the next show. The experience has left everyone a lot happier. The fourth Strip show begins ...more

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Tour Girls Season 2 Episode 9 The crew has now spent three weeks on the road. The constant travelling in a confined space is becoming hard to deal with. Everyone is beginning to miss home. An invitation is offered to the ...more

Tour Girls Season 2 Episode 10 Terri bitches about Jodie, Dave bitches about Dean. Lisa and Terri join to bitch about Karen. Craig bitches about everyone's faults. Above all this, the crew manages to find time to stop by the ...more

Tour Girls Season 2 Episode 11 The hectic pace of the tour winds up in 3 days but they soon become one girl short as Jamiee needs to leave early due to health and family reasons. So the other girls must step up their ...more

Tour Girls Season 2 Episode 12 After arriving at the final stop of their New Zealand destination. Dean has developed an attraction to Terri, making Lisa jealous over the growing relationship. Attempting to cause a rift, she ...more

Tour Girls Season 2 Episode 13 The Tour Girls have now arrived back in Australia, for the final leg of the tour. Terri has arranged for her boyfriend to join the group causing mixed reactions. The girls are warned to tone ...more

Tour Girls Season 3 Episode 5 The girls are forced to promote the second show by handing out flyers in the street, and Craig's temper is tested as the girls begin to disobey his orders. Phoenix opens the second show, but ...more

Tour Girls Season 3 Episode 6 After skulling a whole bottle of wine in one mouthful Joey is completely out of control. In her drunken state she happily goes all the way nude for the first time ever on stage. The girls then ...more

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Tour Girls Season 3 Episode 7 When Dean forgets to book accommodation and then finds he can't get anywhere for them to stay. Five girls crammed into one bed in the camper van does not make for happy strippers and the girls ...more

Tour Girls Season 3 Episode 12 After days of tension Craig finally confronts Jodie about the future of their relationship. Jodie is less than receptive and Craig begins to realize this might really be the end of their 10 year ...more

Tour Girls Season 3 Episode 13 The final performance is now finished and its time to say good bye to local Kiwi girl, Brittany. The rest of the team has one final night together before flying out and the dramas continue to ...more

Tour Girls Season 3 Episode 1 The Tour Girls gang all meet for the first time in New Zealand, and we get know the team. They are all packed into camper vans and head off to their first show together. But the dramas begin ...more

Tour Girls Season 3 Episode 2 After the news that their first show has been cancelled everyone deals with the disappointment in their own way. Phoenix creates a conspiracy theory and some of the girls go and drink their ...more

Tour Girls Season 3 Episode 3 After the first show was cancelled everyone has high hopes for the second show. Despite radio interviews to promote the show the crowd is very small, but the show must go on. Suzie takes to the ...more

Tour Girls Season 3 Episode 4 Natalie takes to the stage for her first ever strip performance and gets raffle girl Joey involved. Professional dancer Phoenix whips the crowd into a frenzy, but backstage she is beginning to ...more

Tour Girls Season 3 Episode 10 Things reach an all time low when Dean and Craig book the girls into a caravan park. The lack of sleep and public toilets put everyone on edge for the fourth Tour Girls show, and Phoenix takes ...more

Tour Girls Season 3 Episode 8 Porn star Jodie Moore has touched down in New Zealand to join the Tour Girls. Feeling insecure about her long term relationship with resident sleaze Craig, Jodie turns to the bottle and gets ...more

Tour Girls Season 3 Episode 9 Things are heating up in Show Three and the crowd loves every second of it. However backstage, no love is being lost. Suzie and Phoenix have their claws out for continually being forced to ...more

Tour Girls Season 3 Episode 11 After Craig has accused Phoenix of stealing, Dean convinces her to not leave the tour. Its time for Show Five and Suzie finally lets loose on Stacee for her unprofessional behavior, after music ...more