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Below is a complete Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls episodes are listed along with the Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Mike vs. Alex” and “Matt vs. Haley.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Eli vs. Kali Jul 19 2003 - Brother and sister Eli & Kali both want to makeover each other's boring bedrooms. But will they be able to keep their decorating plans under wraps while they work in the same house? It'll ...more

Garrett vs. Danielle Jun 16 2003 - Okay, a new pair of kids is up for some big changes. This week the boy is Garrett, a 10-year-old who can't get enough basketball but is really tired of his room, which he says hasn't been ...more

Alex vs. Dani Dec 27 2003 - Alex wants a playroom in Roman gladiator style, while Dani is looking for an homage to her mother's roots in India.

Akhil vs. Jennifer Jan 10 2004 - Akhil gets a galactic getaway, while Jennifer gets a boardwalk vacation.

Mark vs. Taylor Jun 30 2003 - Mark dreams of a Hawaiian Tiki room, while Hippie-at-heart Taylor dreams of retro 60's peace, love and waterbed.

Evan vs. Rachael Oct 06 2003 - Evan wants a room to practice for the band...and so does Rachael! Who will like their new room better?

Matt vs. Haley Sep 20 2003 - Matt's love of baseball inspires a stadium-like room, while Haley's passion for horses comes through in an indoor stable.

Michael vs. Erin Dec 20 2003 - Michael and his brother Kevin share a bedroom; they want a ""boys only clubhouse"". Erin, who lived in Japan for three years, wants a sophisticated Japanese-themed bedroom.

Burnsey vs. Shannon Oct 13 2003 - Burnsey gets a hockey lover's rink room, and Shannon gets...a swimming pool?!

Jeremiah vs. Alex May 17 2003 - Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls hits the air with an awesome premiere on May 17! Alex, a 13-year-old aspiring actress, says her room needs more pizzazz. She doesn't want it to be so ...more

Nat vs. Nicki Jun 23 2003 - Nicki likes to travel and wanted her room to feel more exotic. She also wanted to lose the flowers all over her walls. Nat, meanwhile, is an adventurer with a passion for pirates. His bedroom ...more

Jason vs. Kimmie Jun 09 2003 - This week's rooms belong to Kimmie and Jason, who've known each other for years. Kimmie is seriously into sports, especially soccer, and has a room full of trophies to show for it. Jason, ...more

Justin vs. Megan Sep 27 2003 - Justin's room goes from blah to cowabunga, while Megan's room changes from girly pastel to Miami bright!

Casey vs. Laurel Feb 21 2004 - Casey's loves his new science lab, while Laurel's creativity comes to life in her new art studio.

Austin vs. Kimmie May 01 2004 - Austin feels the need for speed, while Kimmie's dreams come true, putting her on cloud nine!

Tyler vs. Megan Feb 14 2004 - Tyler's love of art comes to life, and Megan's love of the desert brings her a Southwest adobe room.

Ray vs. Taylor Jan 12 2004 - Ray and Taylor are good friends. They THINK they know each other well...but do they know each other well enough? Ray thinks that Taylor would want a coffee shop room. Taylor thinks Ray would ...more

Chip vs. Courtney May 08 2004 - Chip gets a garage band haven, while Courtney gets her very own house of fashion!

Luis vs. Amara Jul 26 2004 - Luis' love of science fiction lands him in outer space, while Amara gets back to nature and starts living in the trees!

Connor vs. Lindsey Jan 19 2004 - Connor's love of football turns his room into a stadium. Lindsey's sweet tooth goes wild in her new candy factory!

Robbie vs. Janine Feb 07 2004 - Robbie's love of the ocean becomes an undersea adventure, and Janine's love of animals sends her on safari!

John vs. Clara May 22 2004 - John's room goes back to nature with a mountain lodge theme, while Clara's love of travel sends her on a tour of Europe!

Conor vs. Kelsey Mar 06 2004 - Conor needs a playroom that's fit for an Irish king, while Kelsey needs a luxurious space with a Chinese flair.

James vs. Erin May 15 2004 - James wants a room with both traditional and modern Japanese flair, while Erin craves the royal Mardi Gras treatment.

Andrew vs. Caitlin Jul 31 2004 - Andrew goes digging for an Egyptian pyramid room, while Caitlin digs her new English garden.

Mike vs. Alex Feb 28 2004 - Mike's love of the outdoors land him in a winder wonderland, while Alex's love of makeup and styling land her in her very own salon!

Alain vs. Racine Feb 19 2005 - Alain is a hopeful future anchorman who wants a newsdesk room, and Racine would love to have a castle for her princess personality - but no pink!

Christopher vs. Maddie Oct 09 2004 - Christopher is into maps, constellations, and exploring and Maddie loves the outdoors, camping, and whitewater rafting.

Danny vs. Jordyn Dec 11 2004 - Danny loves all sorts of games and his snow globe collection, and Jordyn is looking for a reminder of her recent trip to Mexico.

Andrew vs. Melonie Sep 11 2004 - Andrew loves jazz, and Melonie loves all types of dancing. What kind of rooms will they end up with?

Brandon vs. Ashanti Oct 02 2004 - Brandon wants to get out of the suburbs and into the city, while Ashanti is looking to get back to her African American / Puerto Rican cultural roots.

Garrett vs. Jessie Nov 13 2004 - Garrett wants a patriotic bedroom to reflect his love of American history, while Jessie wants her room to reflect her love of tennis.

Cole vs. Amanda Jan 10 2005 - Cole wants an amusing change to his room, but it's all Greek to Amanda.

Nick vs. Ashley Sep 04 2004 - Nick loves everything about wizards and dragons, while Ashley is looking for a sophisticated room with an animal theme.

Marty vs. Kimberly Sep 25 2004 - Marty's room reflects his love of landscaping, while Kimberly wants something more scholarly.

Anthony vs. Siobhan Jan 08 2005 - Anthony is a big fan of fishing, and Siobhan loves Early American times.

Shawn vs. Sharonda Oct 30 2004 - Shawn loves music and dreams of his own recording studio. Sharonda loves fashion, and dreams of becoming a designer.

Dylan vs. Alex Nov 27 2004 - Brothers Dylan and Hayden love spy movies and DJ music-making, while sisters Alex and Rachel are into fitness.

Sam vs. Hannah Jan 15 2005 - Twin brothers Sam and Jake are looking for a break from their unfinished room, while Hannah wants to get back to the old west.