Full List of Trading Spaces Episodes

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Below is a complete Trading Spaces episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Trading Spaces episodes are listed along with the Trading Spaces episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Trading Spaces episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Santa Clara: Lafayette Street” and “Texas: Sherwood Street.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Trading Spaces episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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Best of Reveals Episode: 1, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 0
Best of Homeowners Episode: 3, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 0
Seattle/Boston Extras Episode: 6, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 0
Oregon/Chicago Extras Episode: 7, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 0
Best of Reveals 2 Episode: 2, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 0
Best of Season 1&2 Bloopers Episode: 4, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 0
Best of Extras Episode: 5, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 0
Lawrenceville: Pine Lane Episode: 20, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Trading Spaces brings new meaning to the phrase ""getting your ducks in a row"" in this delightful episode. Two sisters trade spaces in an attempt to make both their living ...more
San Diego: Elm Ridge Episode: 34, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Tune in to find out what happens when a Naval officer and his son team up against their new neighbors to redecorate each other's bedrooms in this sunny episode of Trading Spaces. Genevieve ...more
Winner's Circle- LIVE REVEAL Episode: 10, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
With 70% of a nationwide vote, the Light Blue Team of Jon and Stacy Laymon of Ocoee, Florida, have won the eight-week competition that was Trading Spaces: Home Free over Angel and Vilma Rivera ...more
New Jersey: Lincroft Road Episode: 56, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Laurie Smith brings order and style to a very cramped kitchen. Her changes include a new floor, new storage options, and of course new color. Meanwhile, Douglas Wilson takes a very large, very ...more
Coconut Creek: 59th Street Episode: 39, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Designer Frank Bielec is bringing a taste of Tuscany to a living room while designer Hilda Santo-Tomas enlists carpenter Ty Pennington to build a showcase for a collection of Fiestaware in an ...more
Albuquerque: Gloria Place Episode: 47, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Trading Spaces heads to the desert with designers Hilda Santo-Tomas and Douglas Wilson and carpenter Ty Pennington. Douglas uses a nautical theme in a living room, and Hilda adds color to the ...more
Annapolis: Fox Hollow Episode: 24, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Designers Genevieve Gorder and Laurie Smith keep carpenter Ty Pennington busy in this episode, which takes place in Annapolis, Maryland. Genevieve is ripping out carpeting and devising ...more
Ocoee Episode: 17, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Before meeting this week's teams, Paige tells us last week's results. With 80% of the votes, the yellow team will be moving on to the semi-finals. Homeowner Chats Jay & Melanie's room is ...more
Cincinnati: Madison and Forest Episode: 33, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Historic homes are in for a hilarious redo in this episode featuring an industrial loft by Douglas Wilson and a retro, yet romantic master bedroom by Laurie Smith. Tune in to see Douglas use ...more
New Orleans: D'evereaux Drive Episode: 51, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Heads up! Trading Spaces is in the bayou, where Vern Yip gives brothers a soccer-fan's dream room and Genevieve Gorder creates seamless duality in a guest room/home office. Amy Wynn Pastor ...more
Knoxville: Fourth and Gill Episode: 29, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Trading Spaces takes its design crew to the historic Fourth and Gill district of Knoxville, Tenn., for the premiere episode, featuring designers Frank Bielec and Laurie Smith. The teams are not ...more
Winter Garden Episode: 6, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Christi is going to be working with the dark blue team, Scott & Tammy, while Laurie will be working with the red team, Bishop (aka Smitty) & Angela. Homeowner Chats The Blue team wants ...more
Semi Finals 1 Episode: 14, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
For the semi-finals, the teams will be working on living rooms. Due to the distance between the houses, each team will have their own designer, so both Trading Spaces trailers will be used for ...more
New Jersey: Lafayette Street Episode: 57, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Small spaces are in for big changes in this final episode for the first season. Frank Bielec tries to incorporate a large collection of miniature houses into a living room and Vern Yip provides ...more
Knoxville: Forest Glen Episode: 30, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Things don't always go smoothly on Trading Spaces and this week, designer Douglas Wilson encounters two headstrong team members that aren't thrilled with his design plan for a bedroom. Down the ...more
Cincinnati: Sturbridge Road Episode: 32, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
What 13-year-old doesn't dream of a new space for her friends to hang out and hide away from parents? In this episode, designer Genevieve Gorder gives a young teen a dream room as surprise! ...more
Austin: Wing Road Episode: 42, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
We try not to break things on Trading Spaces, but in this episode dishes are sacrificed to create a mosaic backsplash in a kitchen and across the street a bright yellow room is toned down using ...more
Philadelphia: Valley Road Episode: 26, Season: Trading Spaces - Season 1
Returning to Philadelphia, Trading Spaces finds two more sets of neighbors eager to transform rooms in the other's house. This episode features Laurie Smith and Douglas Wilson, with carpenter ...more