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Below is a complete Trapper John, M.D. episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Trapper John, M.D. episodes are listed along with the Trapper John, M.D. episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Trapper John, M.D. episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “The Surrogate” to “This Gland is Your Gland.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Trapper John, M.D. episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Oct 07 1979 - When an employee from a local nuclear power plant is admitted to SFM with signs of radiation poisoning, Gonzo cannot understand why it appears that nothing is being done to protect other workers ...more

If You Can't Stand the Heat Feb 17 1980 - At first Trapper is not concerned when an old friend starts to behave erratically, but Gonzo suspects that something is wrong, especially when the doctor freezes during an emergency.

Licensed to Kill Dec 09 1979 - A group of radicals kidnaps Melanie, and gives Trapper an ultimatum: either he kills a policeman who has survived two earlier murder attempts, or they will kill his ex-wife.

Whose Little Hero Are You? Dec 30 1979 - A brilliant improvisation saves a life but causes problems for Trapper and Riverside.

It's a Wise Surgeon Mar 02 1980 - A young half-white Korean man comes to the hospital claiming to be Trapper's son, but when John accepts and tries to help him, he runs.

Have You Hugged Your Nurse Today? Jan 13 1980 - Gloria falls for a man in a wheelchair - who happens to already have a wife. Trapper resents Starch labelling him ""predictable"", and decides to do something about it.

Hot Line Mar 30 1980 - The only hope for a girl going blind from a brain tumour is an alcoholic retired surgeon. Gonzo starts a telephone help line service at SFM.

Boom Jan 06 1980 - There is a bomb somewhere in the hospital set to go off at midnight. The bomb squad can't find it, and the man who planted it is dying from bullet wounds. Can Trapper and Gonzo save his life in ...more

Trapper John, M.D. Sep 23 1979 - Twenty-eight years after the Korean War, former M*A*S*H surgeon ""Trapper"" John McIntyre, now Chief of Surgery at San Francisco Memorial Hospital, is faced with a younger ...more

Strike Feb 24 1980 - A strike by the nurses at San Francisco Memorial is a threat to patient care and Gonzo's sex life.

The Surrogate Dec 23 1979 - An injured boy is torn between the mother he ran away from and the man he considers to be his father. A grateful sheik gives Gonzo a present he can't refuse - his daughter.

Quarantine Mar 23 1980 - When Melanie finds an abandoned baby in the department store she works for, she is ready to adopt him. However, she runs into a couple of problems - the baby has pneumonic plague, and a mother ...more

Love is a Three-Way Street Oct 21 1979 - A persistent swain of his ex-wife, Melanie, causes both professional and romantic turmoil for Trapper. Stanley is determined to get rid of the ""Titanic"".

Jan 27 1980 - A former patient who recovered from terminal cancer using a holistic approach he devised has written a book and is looking for converts. He convinces a lupus patient to stop all medical ...more

Short Odds Mar 09 1980 - A new female surgeon at SFM suffers a crisis of confidence after she loses a young patient and has to deal with a cowboy who believes all women belong in the kitchen.

Flashback Sep 30 1979 - Trapper and Gonzo deal with a deranged Vietnam vet, while Stanley tries to save on taxes by incorporating himself.

'Till Life Us Do Part Feb 10 1980 - A man diagnosed with terminal cancer tries to come to terms with the fact that he only has months to live, then must deal with something almost equally disturbing: he has gone into remission ...more

One For My Baby Nov 18 1979 - A young widow with a stomach tumor leans heavily on her 14-year-old son, who has dealt with the pressure by becoming a closet alcoholic.

What Are Friends For? Nov 11 1979 - A medic who once saved Gonzo's life in Vietnam now wants his friend's help in a fraudulent medical claim.

Dec 02 1979 - A local street person known as ""Harry the Hinge"" is admitted to SFM with kidney failure, and manages to convince to convince a wealthy hospital patron to keep the free

The Shattered Image Oct 28 1979 - A wealthy socialite injured in a car accident tries to cover up the fact that she has no real friends by sending herself flowers and gifts.

Warning: I May Be Hazardous to Your Health Feb 03 1980 - Stanley thinks he has finally found the love of his life in the hospital's excellent new neurosurgeon, until he learns how she made the money to get through medical school. A sleazy reporter ...more

Girl Under Glass (a.k.a.) The Sex Act (2) Nov 30 1980 - The mother of a little girl who needs heart surgery refuses to let Gonzo operate because of sexual misconduct charges pending against him. Ernie agrees to take the job as Trapper's scrub nurse.

Feb 22 1981 - Trapper's busy hospital schedule becomes even more hectic when family problems crowd in. Melanie arrives to inform him the their daughter Kim is planning to drop out of school.

Call Me Irresponsible Dec 21 1980 - Stan is accused of malpractice after a woman has a severe allergic reaction, apparently to medication administered by him.

The Albatross May 10 1981 - Gonzo accidentally runs down a homeless deaf girl. Trapper has to contend with Dr. Wang from Red China. Both share a history in North and South Korea.

Finders Keepers Mar 08 1981 - A young girl who has been in the care of a street gang is admitted after being hit by a car, but appears to have had pre-existing problems. Gloria hides some kittens in the office of Dr. ...more

Brain Child May 17 1981 - Seventeen year old Dr Schweitzer, is a new Intern at SFMH. He takes his work very seriously, pushing himself to the limit. Trapper tries to help him remember hat there is more to medicine than ...more

Second Sight Apr 05 1981 - Jackpot convinces his friend, Sheila, to undergo radical surgery to return her eyesight. When things go wrong he becomes riddled with guilt almost costing him his Medical Board Exam. Meanwhile ...more

Slim Chance Dec 07 1980 - When an old friend of Gonzo's is checked into the hospital forty pounds slimmer but suffering from an overuse of amphetamines and diuretics, he looks for evidence that a famous ""diet ...more

Creepy Time Gal Jan 04 1981 - Gonzo tries to heal a student who appears to be the victim of a curse. The staff at the hospital prepare for a costume ball.

Have I Got a Girl For You Feb 01 1981 - A young student nurse, who is the daughter of a friend of Trapper's, is making a serious play for the Chief of Surgery.

Earthquake Jan 18 1981 - Following an earthquake the hospital has to be evacuated, Trapper is pinned in a basement with an injured woman and Gonzo is picked up for looting.

Straight and Narrow Jan 11 1981 - The near-fatal shooting of a gay cop at a gay demonstration leaves an important question - was the gunman a demonstrator, or a police officer?

Girl Under Glass (a.k.a.) The Sex Act (1) Nov 23 1980 - Gonzo takes a leave from the hospital to supervise a very rich young woman with a rare medical condition, and is charged with sexual misconduct when he rejects her advances. Trapper looks for a ...more

A Case of the Crazies Mar 29 1981 - Gonzo talks Wendy from Personnel into taking the teaching job at the new Day Care Centre at San Francisco Memorial Hospital. She is unsure about her new role. An accident in the class room ...more

Days of Wine and Leo Mar 15 1981 - Leo, Trapper's good friend from his days in Korea, comes to visit. Trapper offers him a job as Diagnostician. The fact that he is a double amputee could be a problem for the board of San ...more

May 03 1981 - Hub Wendover arrives at San Francisco Memorial Hospital for treatment for his leg and to be close to his son, Gonzo. Trapper operates on Hub finding his body riddled with cancer. Gonzo and Hub ...more

Who's the Lucky Father? Feb 15 1981 - A professional con artist is admitted to SFM, where he is outconned by Trapper and Gonzo, with help from his romantic interest.

The Pagoda Cure Jan 25 1981 - When a Vietnamese woman is operated on, very skillfully, without a consent form, the staff tries to find out the identity of the mystery surgeon.

Cause for Concern Apr 18 1982 - A rumour that Trapper may be leaving SFM for a hospital in Boston has several other staff considering new positions. After 72 hours on duty and the loss of a patient, Stanley is displaying ...more

C.O.D. Oct 11 1981 - A couple desperate for a child adopts a black-market baby, only to discover that the infant is addicted to heroin and has a heart condition. Stanley recruits Trapper and Gonzo to join him in a ...more

Is There a Doctor in the Big House? Nov 29 1981 - A woman prisoner gives birth to a premature baby, who is rushed to SFM for care. The mother, upset at not being allowed to be with her child, beats the prison warden who refused to arrange for ...more

Angel of Mercy Jan 17 1982 - Someone is killing terminally ill patients at San Francisco Memorial, and it appears to be an inside job. A young woman with chronic pain is learning how to deal with it, but maybe not soon

Candy Doctor Mar 21 1982 - A 74-year-old woman who is admitted with a blocked artery in her leg has another problem - she is hooked on prescription medications. When Trapper and Gonzo discover that her doctor is ...more

Mother's Day (a.k.a.) Mother Dearest Dec 06 1981 -

Cooperative Care Nov 15 1981 - San Francisco Memorial Hospital is endeavouring to put into place a co-operative care programme. Due to Arnold Slocomb and the Board of Directors, budget cuts. Mrs Fitch and her Neice, Liza are ...more

Give 'Till It Hurts Oct 18 1981 - Gloria's Brother Brian flies in from Texas for a visit. He manages to turn Gloria's Life upside down. As a result of his drinking problem, her work at the Hospital suffers and she is given an ...more

A Piece of the Action Apr 11 1982 - Jackpot convinces several of the staff to invest in a promising young boxer he is managing, but after the fighter kills his opponent in his first professional match he begins to suffer ...more

Danny Jan 24 1982 - A mentally disabled man who works at the hospital is able to make friends with a crotchety old hermit who is dying of cancer, but gets embarrassed and quits his job when he misinterprets ...more