Full List of Triumph Motor Company Models

Welcome to a list of all Triumph Motor Company cars & models. This Triumph Motor Company vehicle model list includes photos of Triumph Motor Company vehicles along with release dates, body types, and other manufacturing information. Make sure to also check out Holden cars and Vauxhall Motors models. This list of Triumph automobiles includes many auto types, from Triumph sports cars to roadsters to compact cars, all of which are made by Triumph.

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Triumph has been in business since the 19th century, and has produced many excellent cars. This list includes good examples like the Triumph Stag and Triumph TR6. This list of car models made by Triumph Motor Company is a great way to see how Triumph Motor Company's aesthetics have evolved over the decade. Click on specific automobiles to see more details about these Triumph Motor Company types.

  • The Triumph Stag is a British car sold between 1970 and 1978 by the Triumph Motor Company, styled by Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti.
  • Triumph TR6
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    The Triumph TR6 is a British six-cylinder sports car and the best-seller of the TR range built by Triumph when production ended in July 1976. This record was then surpassed by the TR7. Of the 94,619 TR6s produced, 86,249 were exported; only 8,370 were sold in the UK. The bodywork closely resembled that of the previous model, the Triumph TR5, but the front and back ends were squared off, reportedly based on a consultancy contract involving Karmann. This is referred to as a Kamm tail, which was very common during 1970s era of cars and a feature on most Triumphs. The body shape was similar to the TR4/TR5 except for the rear and front. All TR6 sports cars featured inline six-cylinder engines. ...more
    • Class: Roadster
  • The Triumph TR7 is a sports car manufactured from September 1974 to October 1981 by the Triumph Motor Company in the United Kingdom. It was initially produced at the Speke, Liverpool factory, moving to Canley, Coventry in 1978 and then finally to the Rover Solihull plant in 1980. The car was launched in the United States in January 1975, with its UK home market debut in May 1976. The UK launch was delayed at least twice because of high demand for the vehicle in the US.
    • Class: Coupé, Roadster, Sports car
  • Triumph Dolomite
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    The Triumph Dolomite was a popular small saloon car produced by the Triumph Motor Company division of the British Leyland Corporation in Canley, Coventry between October 1972 and August 1980.
  • The Triumph Toledo was a compact car introduced in August 1970 as a cheaper version of the Triumph 1300, which was at the same time replaced by the Triumph 1500. The Toledo shared the 1500's new front with a split grille, but instead of the 1500's twin round headlamps, it had single rectangular units set in a grey plastic grille. The rear end was like the 1300 except for the tail lights, which were of a simpler, flat-faced design. The biggest change from the 1300 was the retrograde step to rear-wheel drive and live rear axle, in the interest of simplicity and low production costs. The interior was also cheaper, with wood confined to a dashboard consisting of a simple plank with holes ...more
  • The Triumph TR2 is a sports car produced by the Standard Motor Company in the United Kingdom between 1953 and 1955, during which time 8,636 cars were produced. The car used a twin SU carburettor version of the 121 cid four-cylinder Standard Vanguard engine tuned to increase its output to 90 bhp. The body was mounted on a substantial separate chassis with coil-sprung independent suspension at the front and a leaf spring live axle at the rear. Either wire or disc wheels could be supplied. The standard transmission was a four-speed manual unit, with overdrive available on top gear as an option. Lockheed drum brakes were fitted all round. As of Q1 2011 there were approximately 377 licensed and ...more
    • Class: Sports car