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Below is a complete Tsubasa Chronicle episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Tsubasa Chronicle episodes are listed along with the Tsubasa Chronicle episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Tsubasa Chronicle episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “The Other Side of Nostalgia” to “The Boy's Right Eye” is featured on this list, so cast your votes below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Tsubasa Chronicle episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Imp's True Face Sep 10 2005 - Kurogane tells Syaoran to blindfold himself and walk back to The Cat's Eye and that he can't take the blindfold off until he can recognize presences. While training, Syaoran notices that Oni ...more

The Blade of a Desperate Fight Oct 01 2005 - Syaoran wakes up inside an egg shaped pod. He hears a tapping on the glass and sees Fay there, smiling, and pointing to another pod which contains Sakura. Sakura then awakens too, and she and ...more

The Inevitable Encounter Apr 09 2005 - A mysterious power within Sakura is awaken by the ruins as wings sprout from her back. Sakura beings to fade into the seal but Syaoran saves her. However, the wings break as the feathers scatter ...more

The Power to Fight Apr 16 2005 - Transported to the world of XXXHolic, Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai ask the Dimensional Witch Yûko to grant their wish. Syaoran's wish is to travel to many worlds to restore the ...more

The Bewitching Woman Jun 04 2005 - It is revealed that the Ryanban has a secret weapon which is in the form of a mysterious witch, named Kiishimu. Syaoran is still determined in getting into the castle that has Sakura's feather ...more

The Believing Heart Jul 16 2005 - Sakura tries to escape from the forbidden castle with ghost Princess Emeraude's help. She also brings the children along with her. Meanwhile, Syaoran and all the townspeople want to hear Dr. ...more

Strength and Kindness Jul 23 2005 - The story starts off with a girl being hit with a mysterious beam on her head. Inside the shrine, Keefer goes in a saves her from the Guardian of the shrine. The group enters the world, Storm ...more

The Resolution to Live Aug 27 2005 - This episode starts directly from where the previous episode ended. Kurogane and Fai battle the oni, which they manage to stay alive, though Fai's ankle is injured. New oni slayers show up in ...more

The Afternoon Piano Sep 03 2005 - Syaoran and Kurogane go to a sword shop. Kurogane buys a longsword named Sōhi (Blue Ice) and Syaoran gets a sword called Hien (Scarlet Flame). After they buy the swords, Kurogane tells Syaoran ...more

The Warm Smile Jun 25 2005 - In the next world, the group found no people and no buildings. All that's there is a huge lake in which Mokona senses a powerful force. Syaoran dives in to take a look. When he resurfaces Sakura ...more

Disapearing Life Sep 24 2005 - Seishirō attacks Fay after he asks if Kurogane and Syaoran live there. It is revealed that Seishirō gave his right eye to Yūko to obtain the power to travel between dimensions but unlike Mokona ...more

The Katana that Dispels Demons Apr 23 2005 - Sorata Arisugawa and Arashi Kishu find Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane, and Sakura (still unconscious but better) and take them to their apartment building. After some rest and less suspicious clothes, ...more

The Beloved Daughter of God May 28 2005 -

Broken Memento May 21 2005 - Arriving in the next world, Syaroan and the gang get harassed by the son of the lord there and his thugs. Shortly after, they meet a young girl by the name of Chu'Nyan who chasses the thugs off. ...more

The Innocent Wanderer Apr 30 2005 - Sakura is awake and is checking out the town. However, she wakes up without Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane, and Mokana knowing it until it was too late. Things get worse when the leader of the invading ...more

Tears That Do Not Cry May 14 2005 - Syaoran and Shogo begin their unfinished fight. As the fight continues in Syaoran's favor, Masayoshi and Primera are in danger as a result of their fight. However, Masayoshi's Kudan saves them ...more

The Fairytale of Illusions Jul 02 2005 - The group end up in a new world, Jade Country, where there is an old legend story about a golden haired princess who possessed a feather with magical powers and they are convinced that it ...more

The History of Truth Jul 09 2005 - Sakura wakes up after fainting and thinks she sees the Princess. Syaoran and the gang go check with Mr. Grosum if he has one of Sakura's feathers. They search his home to find clues of Sakura’s ...more

The Battle of Wizards May 07 2005 - Masayoshi and Mokona have been kidnapped by Primera as she leaves a challenge for Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane. Though they run into some communication trouble since Mokona acts as a translator ...more

Unerasable Memories Sep 17 2005 - Syaoran starts remembering about Seishirō and that he was the one who taught Syaoran how to fight. Syaoran and Kurogane go to a tower full of Oni to get information on Seishirō. At the top of ...more

The Last Wish Oct 15 2005 - As Syaoran, Fye, Kurogane, Sakura, and Mokona arrive to the next world Syaoran collapses of fatigue due to the previous battle. An elderly woman offers her home for them to rest and also tells ...more

The Cafe in the Country of Sakura Jul 30 2005 - Our groups of friends end up in a world which is frequently visited by people from other worlds. After they learn they have to register, they are allowed to trade a few items they don't need for ...more

The Mirror of Separation Jun 11 2005 - The villagers of Koryo storm the castle as Chu'nyan follows Sakura; meanwhile, Syaoran continues to battle the Ryanban's son and Fay and Kurogane continue to fight Kiishimu. Kurogane ...more

The Kitties and the Puppies Aug 20 2005 - It seems Syaoran and Kurogane had stolen the prey of two demon slayer partners Yuzuriha Nekoi and Kusanagi Shiyuu as they introduce themselves Kurogane discovers from them that Fay and had given ...more

The Ultimate Game Oct 08 2005 - The fight between the group and the Oni continues, while Seishirō is told the real truth behind everlasting life in the game. Syaoran climbs to the top of the rollercoaster and tells Seishirō ...more

The Chosen Tomorrow Jun 18 2005 - The villagers tried to attack the Ryanban's castle and are now under his control. To make matters worse, Syaoran sees that Chu'nyan and Sakura are trapped in a bubble and learns that if he ...more

The Boy's Resolution May 27 2006 - The group arrives in the next world landing in the middle of the ocean. They are picked up by a ship and when introduced to the captain recognize him as a villain they encountered on a previous ...more

The Two Memories Jun 24 2006 - Sakura has a dream that seems to have told the past story between Ashura and Yasha. It seems the two are tragic lovers. Anyway Syaoran returns, but with many wounds and his eye begins to hurt. ...more

The Dangerous Race Apr 29 2006 - After a strange dream, Syaoran wakes up in a futuristic world called Piffle and joins the others. After a chat with Yuuko, the group sets out to take part in the Dragonfly Race; the grand prize ...more

The Second Trial Sep 16 2006 - Mokona takes Sakura and the others to country where they met Chun Hyang. When they reach the city, they soon find out that they have been attacked by demons from Kishimu's world and they have ...more

The Essence of Hijutsu Sep 23 2006 - Kishimu has taken Syaoran and Kurogane to her world. Where they find out that Ryanban's son is behind the attacks. He has found one of Sakura's feathers and is using them to control the minds of ...more

Freezing Ghost Oct 28 2006 - Chaos had challeged Syaoran for Sakura. The winning gets to travel with her, but Syaoran's sword breaks during his previous battle. Kurogane trains Syaoran to master his sword. Will he be able ...more

Draw Mokona Jul 08 2006 - Our heroes land in the next world, but what's this? Oh no our lovable gang has been chibified! Yes everyone is in chibi form in this next world, but Mokona is no where to be found. Everyone ...more

Kero-chan and Mokona Sep 09 2006 - The next world appears to be uninhabited, but evidence suggests otherwise. While camping out, Mokona has trouble deciding who to sleep with. Mokona is lonely and converses with Yūko.Syaoran, ...more

The Library of Secrets Aug 05 2006 - The book of memories - it registers the memories of the first person to open it, and delivers the memories to the next person who touches it.

Feelings that Surpass Time Jul 01 2006 - With a final embrace from King Ashura a gian light emerse living Sakura's feather in King Yasha's place. King Ashura explains that King Yasha was never there to begin, that King Yasha has been ...more

Companion's Determination Oct 21 2006 - Chaos shows his true nature, he wants to travel with Sakura and find all her feathers instead of Syaoran, Fay, Kurogane and even Mokona. He shows Sakura how much power he really has and beat ...more

Distorted Wish Oct 14 2006 - Chaos tell Syaoran about how there are more of Sakura's feather where they found the ones he had. Syaoran decides to go find them and Fay and Kurogane join him leaving Sakura and Mokona alone at ...more

The Three Badges May 06 2006 - While Syaoran, Fay and Kurogane ponder which of the contestants interferred with the qualifying race, Sakura is chosen for the pole position in the final race. Afterwards, at a party thrown by ...more

Feather King Chaos Oct 07 2006 - Sakura and the others arrive in the next world, and find out that the king of the city (Chaos) has her feather. Chaos agrees to give Sakura the feathers (he have several) if they told him the ...more

Wings of Tomorrow (?) Nov 04 2006 - Chaos has trapped Sakura in a crystal then reveals his true form (A bird with millions of feathers that look like Sakura's). However, Sakura while imprisoned learns that Chaos can't control his ...more

The History of Ashura Jun 10 2006 - The group arrives in a new world, but it seems that Kurogane and Fay landed somewhere else. Syaoran, Sakura and Mokona end up with a group of female circus travelers who worship Ashura, a ...more

A Date with the Sorcerer Jun 03 2006 - The group lands in a world that they have yet to see a ray of light. It seems in this world everyone has the power to use magic. This world chooses their king by a dream that everyone has and ...more

The Beginning of Separation Jul 22 2006 - The episodes starts off with Syaoran and Kurogane deciding to take on the whole biker gang and hopely steal one of their bikes to ctahc up to the feather. They beat some guys but after the gang ...more

Working Sakura Sep 30 2006 - The group lands in the next world and finds the feather almost right away for sale in a jewllery shop. how will the gang pay it! Sakura gets a job!

The Endless War Jun 17 2006 - The statues of Ashura and Yasha continue to glow as the sky appears to crack, so Mokona transports Sakura and Syaoran to a different world, where they meet Ashura who appears to be in a war with ...more

The Dangerous Road Jul 15 2006 - The gang end up in a world that looks like a desert. But when Mokona takes out the feather from the previous world, it got swiped by a truck! Syaoran and others board a bus to catch up with the ...more

The Sad Miracle May 20 2006 - Our heroes land in the next world and spot a new feather right away embedded in a protruding stone. But what's this the feather's not within a stone, but within the horn of dragon. The townsfolk ...more

The Other Side of Nostalgia Aug 26 2006 - Sakura and Syaoran along with the other find themselves in what seems to be the Clow Country. However, they later find out that there are no people here. Fye believes this to be part of Sakura's ...more

Black Steel Jul 29 2006 - Syaoran comes across "the book of memories," well a copy of it. Kurogane opens it and finds that nothign is written inside of it. He hands the book to Syaoran who opens the book and ...more