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Full List of Tyler Perry's House of Payne Episodes

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Below is a complete Tyler Perry's House of Payne episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Tyler Perry's House of Payne episodes are listed along with the Tyler Perry's House of Payne episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Tyler Perry's House of Payne episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Driving Me Crazy” and “Payne And Prejudice.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Tyler Perry's House of Payne episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Jun 11 2008
    Ella makes the family give up the use of all electronic devices; CJ learns a surprising...
  • 2

    My Fair Curtis

    May 26 2010
    Floyd hopes to win Claretha's heart. Cut to Curtis and Ella, who are enlisted to help him. In...
  • 3

    Old School vs. New School

    Jun 18 2008
    It's Malik's birthday and he's being a brat about the kind of party and gifts he wants....
  • 4

    That Sounds Sweet

    Jul 02 2008
    Selling plenty of cakes and cookies inspires Ella to cook up plans for a new business. Then,...
  • 5

    Parental Payne

    Nov 18 2009
    Calvin confronts Miranda, thinking she had an abortion. Meanwhile, the school casts Malik in...
  • 6

    Til Payne Do Us Part

    Dec 23 2009
    Curtis and Ella are shocked to learn that their not legally married, so Claretha and Floyd...
  • 7

    True Lies

    Jul 02 2008
    Malik and his bud Kevin consider skipping school with two girls. Elsewhere, Calvin's pal...
  • 8

    Payneful Loss

    Feb 11 2009
    Ella and Rosie conspire to get themselves and their husbands to lose weight and get healthy....
  • 9

    We've Come This Far by Faith (2)

    Aug 06 2008
  • 10

    Blackout X 3

    Mar 10 2010
    A blackout ironically sheds light on all three Payne couples when Curtis, CJ and Calvin are...
  • 11

    Games People Play

    Mar 04 2009
    The Payne's love their annual tailgating shindig, but when Miranda finds out about Calvin and...
  • 12

    Fire and Disire

    Jun 18 2008
    Ella is going through menopause and the entire household is suffering with her.
  • 13

    Marriage Paynes

    Nov 25 2009
    All three of the Payne couples (Curtis and Ella, C.J.and Janine, and Calvin and Miranda) go on...
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    Mar 31 2010
    During a fire routine a fireman dies under CJ's authority and he blames himself. Meanwhile,...
  • 15

    Curtis Sings the Blues

    Mar 31 2010
    Curtis spirals into a depressive funk following successive life-altering events, but he gets...
  • 16

    To Have and to Hold

    Jul 16 2008
    Calvin's unfruitful quest to propose to Miranda hits another snag when the engagement ring...
  • 17

    Payneful Reunion

    Mar 03 2010
    When Ella tries to arrange a family reunion, a chagrined Jazmine opposes the idea of...
  • 18

    I Don't Know This Payne

    Apr 15 2009
    Ella and Rosie get jobs working at a boutique at the mall, while Curtis and Carlos enjoy their...
  • 19

    Watch the Son Shine

    Apr 28 2010
    Calvin and Ella work on a school project. Meanwhile, Curtis anticipates his first...
  • 20

    Matured Investment

    Apr 14 2010
    A different side of Calvin opens up when he cares for Calvin Jr. Elsewhere, new neighbors...
  • 21

    Can't Buy Me Love

    Jul 16 2008
    Calvin gets set to pop the big question to Miranda---but his self-doubts give him cold feet....
  • 22

    Unexpected Results

    Jul 23 2008
    When Jazmine goes to the top of the class by acing an aptitude test, her teacher recommends...
  • 23

    Back Where We Belong

    May 27 2009
    Curtis and Calvin move into the barbershop due to their marriage problems, which causes hair...
  • 24

    Something Brewing

    Mar 17 2010
    Janine cares for her dying former dealer, jeopardizing her relationship with C.J.; Floyd and...
  • 25

    Through the Fire

    Apr 07 2010
    Janine's mother (Anne-Marie Johnson) arrives, to a downcast CJ's immense annoyance. Elsewhere,...