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Below is a complete Tyler Perry's House of Payne episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Tyler Perry's House of Payne episodes are listed along with the Tyler Perry's House of Payne episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Tyler Perry's House of Payne episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Driving Me Crazy” and “Payne And Prejudice.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Tyler Perry's House of Payne episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

And....Cut! Jun 11 2008 - Ella makes the family give up the use of all electronic devices; CJ learns a surprising secret; a Hollywood actor does research at the barbershop for his next movie.

My Fair Curtis May 26 2010 - Floyd hopes to win Claretha's heart. Cut to Curtis and Ella, who are enlisted to help him. In addition, CJ's boss bombards him with more lusty advances.

Old School vs. New School Jun 18 2008 - It's Malik's birthday and he's being a brat about the kind of party and gifts he wants. Meanwhile, with Miranda's help, Calvin invests in the barbershop and becomes a partner.

That Sounds Sweet Jul 02 2008 - Selling plenty of cakes and cookies inspires Ella to cook up plans for a new business. Then, Malik tries to get some sax appeal, as he considers taking up the saxophone to impress a girl.

Parental Payne Nov 18 2009 - Calvin confronts Miranda, thinking she had an abortion. Meanwhile, the school casts Malik in its production of Othello but the supposedly bigot father of the white girl cast opposite Malik won't ...more

Til Payne Do Us Part Dec 23 2009 - Curtis and Ella are shocked to learn that their not legally married, so Claretha and Floyd convince them to enjoy single life.

True Lies Jul 02 2008 - Malik and his bud Kevin consider skipping school with two girls. Elsewhere, Calvin's pal Peanut concocts a nutty plan to impress a woman: He professes to own the barbershop and poses as a Payne ...more

Payneful Loss Feb 11 2009 - Ella and Rosie conspire to get themselves and their husbands to lose weight and get healthy. Meanwhile, Malik and Kevin get in over their heads when they throw a house party while house sitting ...more


Blackout X 3 Mar 10 2010 - A blackout ironically sheds light on all three Payne couples when Curtis, CJ and Calvin are taken away from their televised football game and keep company with their wives.

Games People Play Mar 04 2009 - The Payne's love their annual tailgating shindig, but when Miranda finds out about Calvin and Mercedes date, she becomes ill. Meanwhile, Diego becomes agitated and starts fighting with people.

Fire and Disire Jun 18 2008 - Ella is going through menopause and the entire household is suffering with her.

Marriage Paynes Nov 25 2009 - All three of the Payne couples (Curtis and Ella, C.J.and Janine, and Calvin and Miranda) go on an eye-opening marriage retreat. At the end of the retreat, Miranda asks Calvin for a divorce. ...more

Firestorm Mar 31 2010 - During a fire routine a fireman dies under CJ's authority and he blames himself. Meanwhile, Ella studies a book at school and recommends the literary work to Miranda and Claretha.

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Curtis Sings the Blues Mar 31 2010 - Curtis spirals into a depressive funk following successive life-altering events, but he gets support from a very unlikely source. In other developments, Calvin and Miranda compete against CJ and ...more

To Have and to Hold Jul 16 2008 - Calvin's unfruitful quest to propose to Miranda hits another snag when the engagement ring goes missing. In addition, things get hairy at the barbershop when a secret romance blooms there. And ...more

Payneful Reunion Mar 03 2010 - When Ella tries to arrange a family reunion, a chagrined Jazmine opposes the idea of connecting with her extended family. As such, Curtis and Ella set out to teach her a valuable lesson about ...more

I Don't Know This Payne Apr 15 2009 - Ella and Rosie get jobs working at a boutique at the mall, while Curtis and Carlos enjoy their new 'man world.'

Watch the Son Shine Apr 28 2010 - Calvin and Ella work on a school project. Meanwhile, Curtis anticipates his first post-retirement interview and gets pointers from Malik.

Matured Investment Apr 14 2010 - A different side of Calvin opens up when he cares for Calvin Jr. Elsewhere, new neighbors arrive---and they have unique notions about relationships.

Can't Buy Me Love Jul 16 2008 - Calvin gets set to pop the big question to Miranda---but his self-doubts give him cold feet. Adding to the dilemma are his buds Pookie and Peanut, who enter the picture to offer a helping hand.

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Unexpected Results Jul 23 2008 - When Jazmine goes to the top of the class by acing an aptitude test, her teacher recommends she attend a school for the gifted---in North Carolina. Elsewhere, CJ fumbles and stumbles trying to ...more

Back Where We Belong May 27 2009 - Curtis and Calvin move into the barbershop due to their marriage problems, which causes hair raising havoc in the process. Meanwhile, Floyd blows up when he learns of Zach and Olivia's act of

Something Brewing Mar 17 2010 - Janine cares for her dying former dealer, jeopardizing her relationship with C.J.; Floyd and Curtis launch a beer-brewing business. While at the help center C.J. and Janine pray that Blue will ...more

Through the Fire Apr 07 2010 - Janine's mother (Anne-Marie Johnson) arrives, to a downcast CJ's immense annoyance. Elsewhere, Curtis is a flop during his guest-star role on a morning TV show.

Thug Life Jun 02 2010 - Big Jesse reappears and inches closer to Ella, triggering jealousy in Curtis. Elsewhere, Malik faces the consequences of hanging out with some bad folks.



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(Pilot) Big Baller, Shot Caller Jul 19 2006 - While C.J. is less than inclined to meet Janine's new boyfriend, Curtis studies painting.

(Pilot) Ella's War Jul 12 2006 - While Curtis is away, Ella gets a visit from C.J.'s ex-wife Janine who asks Ella to help her get her life together. Things get serious between C.J. and Malik and Jazmine's vice-principal.

(Pilot) The Roof is On Fire Jun 21 2006 - C.J. Payne and his wife, Janine, are happily married with two children and live in a nice home. When their house catches on fire, they are forced to move in under the roof of C.J.'s aunt and ...more

(Pilot) I Got the Hook Up - Home Alone Part 2 Jul 05 2006 - C.J. tries to get back in the dating scene, but his efforts are thwarted as Pops and Claretha follow him during his date with Claretha's daughter, Hugeretha. Meanwhile, Curtis tries to have his ...more

(Pilot) When the Smoke Clears Out Jun 21 2006 - C.J. and Janine's relationship starts to get worse when C.J. finds out that Janine hasn't been paying the bills for their house. Meanwhile, Curtis and Malik start bonding after the television ...more

(Pilot) Take It or Leave It - The Invasion Part 2 Jun 28 2006 - C.J. is attracted to Malik's math teacher. Meanwhile, Ella has to tell Claretha some bad news about her involvement with the church.

(Pilot) Home Alone Jul 05 2006 - C.J. is left home in the house with his kids and Claretha while Curtis and Ella go out of town for the weekend.

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(Pilot) No Place Like Home Jul 12 2006 - After finishing her stay in rehab, C.J.'s ex-wife asks Ella if she could move back in.

(Pilot) The Invasion Part 1 Jun 28 2006 - Curtis has problems with Malik's new outfit and C.J.'s current living condition puts him in a bad mood.

(Pilot) Divided We Fall Jul 19 2006 - When Ella gets sick, Curtis takes on more responsibilities. C.J. struggles to adapt to living with Janine.

Just Say No Jun 27 2007 - Jazmine comes home extremely upset after a graphic and intense anti-drug presentation at school. CJ tries to talk to her without revealing the truth about Janine, but in the end, he spells out ...more

Down and Outted Jun 20 2007 - CJ is down in the dumps over finding Janine in a crack house, and it’s starting to affect his work and his relationship with his children. Curtis is especially concerned because he believes, ...more

The Buck Stops Here Jul 11 2007 - While expecting the impending arrival of a new female firefighter, who simply may stir up their male-dominated world, the firehouse guys fire up fund-raising concepts for charity. Jazmine who is ...more

Teacher's Pet Aug 22 2007 - After Jazmine “rescues” a hamster from her school, assistant principal Nicole Jamieson comes to the Payne household to investigate, sparking a schoolboy crush from Malik. When Malik finds out ...more

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The Roof Is On Fire Jun 06 2007 - Curtis is bothered by the constant stream of visitors coming through his house, including his own college-age son, Calvin, and his nephew, CJ, and his nephew’s entire family. When CJ’s son, ...more

More Than Meets the Eye Jun 13 2007 - Not having a home is weighing on CJ’s mind, and nobody has been able to cheer him up. To make matters worse, the electric company calls him and tells him the electric bill hasn’t been paid. And ...more

Cracking Under Pressure Aug 01 2007 - Janine and her “friends” steal from the Payne household. And Calvin trains for a marathon.

I Got the Hook Up Aug 15 2007 - Newly divorced CJ finds that everyone in his life wants to “hook him up” with a date, and they all have the perfect woman for him. Growing tension between Angel and Calvin lead everyone to ...more

Absolutely Positive Aug 15 2007 - Curtis has to undergo a colonoscopy, but he’s nervous about it. He finally agrees, but after the doctor finds a polyp, Curtis becomes convinced he’s going to die. Meanwhile, Calvin begins dating ...more

Sad, Sad Leroy Brown Part 1 Aug 29 2007 - After a fire yields a neighbors' house unlivable, he moves in with the Paynes, but he soon emerges as an pestering houseguest. Somewhere else, Calvin discovers romance with a con artist.

Lost and Found Jun 20 2007 - Janine is still missing, and the family is starting to get worried. Meanwhile, Curtis is getting more and more frustrated over the fact that he has no quiet time in his house. His anger ...more

Busted Jun 13 2007 - Calvin is trying to fix his money problems by selling knock-off purses while Janine’s money problems get increasingly worse. She manages to convince CJ to give her some money, but she then uses ...more