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Below is a complete Ultraman episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Ultraman episodes are listed along with the Ultraman episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Ultraman episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “The Brother from Another Planet” and “Passport to Infinity.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Ultraman episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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The Brother from Another Planet Nov 11 1966 - A mysterious radioactive fog settles over Tokyo. An even more mysterious alien arrives to clean it up. But can this good samaritan really be trusted? And what is his connection to the evil ...more

His Monster Majesty (2) Jan 15 1967 - With Gomorrah still on the rampage, both the army and the Science Patrol are no match for this million year old menace from the lost island. To make a bad situation worse, Hayata has lost the ...more

Farewell, Ultraman! Apr 09 1967 - In this final episode of the Ultraman television series, a fiendish alien race, the Z-Ton Aliens, plots to conquer Earth. While plotting to cripple the Science Patrol Headquarters, they dispatch ...more

The Terrifying Cosmic Rays Oct 23 1966 - An unusual form of space radiation turns a child's chalk sketch into a real-life giant monster that's all but impervious to the Science Patrol's attacks. As the creature mutates, only Ultraman ...more

Gift From the Sky Mar 05 1967 - When the Science Patrol investigates a strange meteor fallen to Earth, they realize it's actually a super-heavy giant monster that proves impervious to their attacks. After trying a variety of ...more

Human Specimens 5 & 6 Jan 22 1967 - A mysterious bus crash leaves Ito in the hospital with two broken ankles. Commander Ito decides to follow a mysterious woman who seemed to be unharmed by the crash and unconcerned for the other ...more

The Coast Guard Command Aug 21 1966 - While playing with his friends on the docks of Yokohama Bay, Hoshino witnesses a strange-looking giant monster rise from the sea, the monster Gesula! It originated from Brazil, and is in search ...more

The Science Patrol to Outer Space Oct 30 1966 - When a manned spacecraft bound for Venus is hijacked by aliens, the Science Patrol outfits the Jet VTOL for interstellar travel. When it becomes clear that the incident is a springboard for ...more

A Challenge to the Underground Jan 29 1967 - After a gold creature causes a cave-in which traps a miner, the team must travel deep underground in an experimental Mole device that Ito invented. However, soon the rescuers need rescuing when ...more

Who Has Come? Feb 12 1967 - When an agent visiting Japan from the Science Patrol's South American headquarters begins behaving suspiciously, the Science Patrol discovers that he has been infected by an Amazonian ...more

The Cries of the Mummy Oct 02 1966 - A seven thousand year old mummy is awakened by scientific experiments and it goes on a rampage. When finally cornered, it summons an enormous, four-legged dragon so powerful that only Ultraman ...more

The Ruffian from Outer Space Sep 25 1966 - A con artist discovers a meteorite with the power to make wishes come true. He uses it to conjure up a strange creature and begins terrorizing his neighbors. After creating a giant-sized version ...more

The Demons Once More Nov 20 1966 - A pair of ancient capsules unearthed at a construction site unleash a pair of monsters who are mortal enemies sealed away a long time ago by the ancestors of mankind. Can Ultraman stop them ...more

The Pearl Oyster Protection Directive Oct 16 1966 - A strange creature with the face of a frog and the body of a whale is attacking pearl farms on the Japanese coastline. When napalm bombs and electrical nets fail to stop the rampage, Ultraman ...more

Terror on Route 87 Nov 27 1966 - An enormous bird-monster is attacking motorists on Route 87. The Science Patrol discovers a supernatural link between the monster and a statue located nearby. Once they realize the connection, ...more

My Home is Earth Dec 18 1966 - The Science Patrol is asked to investigate Strange accidents have been haunting the international space exploration agency. They soon learn that all the attacks are linked to Jamila, a Japanese ...more

Sally Forth, Science Patrol! Jul 31 1966 - Beneath a well in Mount Iwami lies a dormant monster called Neronga, which was defeated by the samurai Ichiemon Murai in the Edo Period. Recently reawakened by the construction of a new power ...more

Don't Shoot, Arashi! Mar 19 1967 - A monster with the power to emit blinding flashes of light is terrorizing Japan. The Science Patrol's attempts to subdue it only cause it to mutate into a new form. The orders come to halt the ...more

The Little Hero Mar 26 1967 - When Pigmon, the cute human-sized monster thought to have been killed in Episode 8, inexplicably re-appears in the toy section of a department store, the Science Patrol learns that a giant ...more

Treasure of the Miloganda Aug 14 1966 - A group of scientists and reporters have went on an expedition to Oilis Island, and find a rare Miloganda plant, but were almost attacked by a huge green plantlike monster (known as Greenmons), ...more

The Undersea Science Base Dec 25 1966 - The opening of the Science Patrol's new undersea science base is marred by tragedy, as a mutant Narwhal damages the base and air is now on short supply. Hayata and the others must make a daring ...more

Passport to Infinity Nov 06 1966 - A pair of unusual meteors discovered by an American explorer fuse together after being exposed to a special beam. They mutate into a bizarre fourth-dimensional monster capable of warping reality ...more

The Lawless Monster Zone Sep 04 1966 - Contact has been lost with a meteorological station on a distant Pacific island. When the Science Patrol investigates, they encounter a lone survivor, carnivorous plants, giant monsters, and a ...more

The Spaceship Rescue Command Apr 02 1967 - The Science Patrol takes to the stars and learns that a missing piece of equipment could cause Space Station V2 to explode. After determining that the closest replacement is on a nearby planet, ...more

The Endless Counterattack Feb 19 1967 - The Science Patrol discovers that the culprit behind a baffling series of volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters is actually a giant monster. When it heads towards Tokyo, only ...more

His Monster Majesty (1) Jan 08 1967 - The discovery of a new kind of dinosaur leads the Science Patrol to capture the beast. However, when it awakens sooner then expected a crash causes the creature to act violent. Furthermore, a ...more

The Mysterious Dinosaur Base Sep 18 1966 - A dinosaur-like monster emerges from the depths of Lake Kitayama. The Science Patrol uncovers a mysterious connection between it and the legend of Loch Ness. When they find the creature too ...more

The Snowy Mountain of Illusions Feb 05 1967 - A hunter claims to have been attacked by a towering, Yeti-like creature in the mountains. When the Science Patrol's investigation is impeded by a mysterious local girl named Uki, they begin ...more

Defeat the Invaders! Jul 24 1966 - The Science Patrol goes back into action when an invisible UFO anchors itself over the Scientific Technical Center in Tokyo. The UFO's inhabitants are the clawed insect-like aliens from the ...more

Break Through the Smoke! Dec 04 1966 - Strange things are happening around a dead volcano including reports of dead birds and a giant smoking bellowing monster. The Science Patrol is asked to investigate. Seeing no danger, Mura sends ...more

The Forbidden Words Feb 26 1967 - Hayata and the other Science Patrol members are trapped by the malevolent alien invader Mefilas, who proceeds to briefly turn Fuji into a giant monster herself before resurrecting doppelgangers ...more

The Blue Stone of Baradhi Aug 28 1966 - The Science Patrol investigates a series of plane crashes in the Middle East, where they encounter a vicious insect-monster that brings Ultraman to his knees. This time, it's up to the Science ...more

Ultra Operation No. 1 Jul 17 1966 - The episode that started it all! This episode shows how Ultraman came to Earth, and during his chase with the fugitive monster Bemular, a tragic accident that befell Science Patrol member Hayata ...more

Mystery Comet Tsuifon Jan 01 1967 - When a comet comes dangerously close to the Earth, the heat may have caused an unexploded nuclear warhead to detonate. When they come up empty in the search they assume a monster has swallowed ...more

Oil S.O.S. Oct 09 1966 - An enormous starfish monster that feeds on petroleum products is preying upon oil tankers in Tokyo Bay. Before long, it sets its sights on bigger game: a massive oil storage facility in the ...more

The Underground Destruction Work Dec 11 1966 - The Science Patrol expects a visitor from the Paris branch of the Science Patrol. Ido begins to suspect that there is something strange about her. Things get worse when Ido's theory becomes fact ...more

The Monster Graveyard Mar 12 1967 - When a moon rocket accidentally penetrates a "monster graveyard" in space, it returns to earth with an unexpected visitor: a glum skeletal monster who wants nothing more than returning ...more

Operation: Lightning Speed Sep 11 1966 - When a uranium-eating monster disrupts efforts to rebuild a village after a tropical storm, the Science Patrol intervenes. However, the only succeed in diverting the angry creature's path of ...more

5 Seconds Before The Big Explosion! Aug 07 1966 - When a rocket with six nuclear bombs was sent into outer space for development of the planet Jupiter, the rocket malfunctions and lands into the sea, with only one of the bombs exploding, ...more