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Below is a complete Unscrewed with Martin Sargent episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Unscrewed with Martin Sargent episodes are listed along with the Unscrewed with Martin Sargent episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Unscrewed with Martin Sargent episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items, including “The Orgasmatron, the World Champion of Rock, Paper, Scissors & Girls Gone Wired,” “Microsoft Attacks, The Smoking Gun, and a Farting Preacher” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Unscrewed with Martin Sargent episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Martin vs. the RIAA, Rubik's Cube Whiz, Love for the 40-ouncers. Aug 28 2003 - The RIAA has made itself clear. Stop the downloading, or else. Well, if the RIAA was forced to make a living on the peanuts we earn a week, maybe it'd understand why we do it. After shelling out ...more

Girls Gone Wired, Hollow Earth, Gary Coleman May 27 2003 - It's only the second episode and ""Unscrewed"" is already bringing out the barely dressed beach babes. Wait till you see week eight! Also scheduled on tonight's show is a ...more

Voices From the Dead, Life of an International Assassin, Choppy the Chimp Jun 30 2003 - You may want to rewind that garbled message that's on your answering machine. It's possible that it's more than just a bad recording. It could very well be a message from someone beyond the ...more

Martin Gets Sloshed, Paranormal Investigator Loyd Auerbach, Get Laid Online Sep 16 2003 - Tonight's show is destined to get a little out of control. In fact, we'll be surprised if Martin can make it through the entire episode. On the show, we'll be testing those personal ...more

Crack Passwords Fast, Extreme Elvis Gets Naked, ABBA Clones Jun 23 2003 - Never before has so much evil been packed into one television program. On Monday's show the ""Dark Tipper,"" Kevin Rose, will unveil his most dangerous tip to date: a free ...more

Carmen Electra, Sign Up to Sue People Online, Viking Kittens Nov 11 2003 - Tonight on ""Unscrewed"" we show you how to make it big using that glorious American tradition, the frivolous lawsuit. The best part is, you don't even have to file the ...more

How to Be a Camwhore, Megaphone Messaging, Movie Poster Trivia Jun 11 2003 - Maddox fans, prepare to soil yourselves. The creator of The Best Page in the Universe will be on tonight's show to teach us the ins and outs of being a successful camwhore. Also on the program, ...more

Dark Tip: Block the RIAA, Proof Planet X Exists, Camwhore Face-Off Oct 01 2003 - Ever since the RIAA decided to fine people for taking what ""doesn't belong to them,"" downloading music has become a potentially dangerous thing to do. If only there were a ...more

Get Tan in 60 Seconds, Laura Busted for Sexual Harassment, Radio Hut Guy Oct 07 2003 - What is it about a tan that makes people look better? Tans give even ugly people a certain sexual attractiveness. It's definitely true that fat looks better tan. While not everyone lives in ...more

Mind of Banachek, World of Dren, Moments in NASA History Jul 15 2003 - In order for a late-night show to be deemed ""legitimate,"" it must delve into the strange and inexplicable. Tonight, ""Unscrewed"" earns its wings. ...more

Bitter Waitresses, Secret Societies, Kids Playing Possum Nov 18 2003 - From exposing secret societies to casting light on the plight of the modern-day waitress, ""Unscrewed"" is the Upton Sinclair of the late-night world. It's a hard burden to ...more

Live Forever, Torment Your Co-workers, Search Sperts Nov 12 2003 - Tonight we take a walk down ""Unscrewed"" memory lane when we invite back the very first guest ever to appear on the program, Alex Chiu. Maybe a second visit will allow us to ...more

Choosing Good Porn, Search Sperts and a Fiery Wedding Dec 30 2003 -

Martin's Biggest Fan, Ultimate Beer Chiller, Girls Gone Wired Jul 14 2003 - Be afraid. Be very afraid. Tonight, Martin meets his biggest fan, Dave Rich. (We're still trying to verify if this is his only fan.) This guy not only openly stalks Martin but also has a website ...more

Alien Mind Control, Natural Porn, Stalking Sasquatch Jul 16 2003 - It's a weird, weird world out there. Why, even as I type these lines, aliens are infiltrating the minds of innocent people all around me, immobilizing them, controlling them, even persuading ...more

Crop Circles, Skipping Chicks, Teen Lingo Jun 10 2003 - Last summer's blockbuster thriller ""Signs"" made crop circles a household name, though it did little to ease the difficulty pronouncing M. Night Shyamalan. In the movie, the ...more

Find Nookie, Crack Passwords, and Search Sperts Dec 08 2003 - ""Unscrewed"" basks in the panoply of the Internet like a booze hound who won't drink the same thing twice. Tonight we'll discuss the bargain basement of Internet dating, ...more

Topless Bartenders, Sexperts, and Philanderers Jan 14 2004 -

Realdoll Surgeon Slade Fiero, Search Sperts, Fancy Fetish Aug 26 2003 - Have you ever tried something different -- something kinky -- in bed with your special lady without asking her first, only to have her blow up at you? Did you have to enlist the help of her ...more

Turn Your Amateur Porn Into Cash, Tattoo and Piercing Webcam, Catfish Fetish Jul 28 2003 - Go to your closet and start digging through your home videos. No, not the ones of your family vacation to see Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. I mean the ones you made with your partner and ...more

Future of Porn, Creepy Dolls, Search Sperts Jul 30 2003 - Remember the scene from ""Poltergeist"" where the clown disappeared from the chair only to end up under the bed? If that clown scared the crap out of you, get ready for the ...more

'Unscrewed' Holiday Extravaganza Dec 22 2003 - Oh, the yuletide glee. It's the holiday season again, and we're getting damn festive around here. Marty got so hopped up on eggnog, he even headed out into the woods to chop down a tree. That ...more

Toynbee Mystery, 'Short Circuit' Obsession, Crop Circles Revisited Aug 06 2003 - If the phrase ""Number Five is Alive"" sends chills down your spine, then tonight's episode is going to make your year. Granted, the cuddly robot star of the 1986 box office ...more

Witches, Cabbies, and Britney -- Oh My! Dec 02 2003 - The Internet is an amazing place. Not only does it let you view tons of free pornography with the assumption of complete privacy, but it also unites a whole bunch of people who normally wouldn't ...more

Seaching for Semen, Debunking Astronomy Myths, Dancing Dog Aug 21 2003 - Hasn't technology done wonderful things for relationships? Now, instead of heading out to your local watering hole and hoping to meet your dream date over a round of boilmakers and a game of ...more

From the Moon to Atlantis Dec 16 2003 - Man is a funky beast. The intricacies of our species are like a toboggan ride that's missing the driver, careening down the track of life. Well, look at me, I'm rambling again, but cannibalism ...more

Kidnapped Drummers, Latex, and Rocket Powered Hard Drive Dec 15 2003 - Well, it's come to this. We're kidnapping people. I thought that extortion would be the first real law we broke, but I was wrong, it's kidnapping. Every late night show needs a band, and we're ...more

House Gymnastics, Dirt From The Smoking Gun, Girls Gone Wired Jul 22 2003 - A lot of you ask what Laura does to maintain her terrific body. Besides her normal meal of cigarettes and ice cubes, she exercises. Specifically, in addition to her daily walks from bar to bar, ...more

Poison's Bret Michaels, Stalk the Bush Twins, Fetish of the Week Jun 16 2003 - ""Unscrewed"" has a kung-fu death grip on the pulse of the American music scene. Our industry insiders tell us that washed-up '80s hair bands are hotter than ever, so we ...more

Traci Lords, Scary Gary, Psychic Attacks Aug 19 2003 - Usually this space would contain a paragraph or two heralding the highlights of tonight's show and encouraging you to tune in. Not today. See, we don't need to convince you to watch tonight. ...more

Martin Learns How to Eat Fire, Martin and Morgan Make Out at Comic-Con Aug 18 2003 - On tonight's show we're showing you our very own version of extreme dating. First, we take the socially challenged host of an obscure late-night cable show and drop him off at a comic-book ...more

'Star Trek' Convention, Cat Schwartz Exposed, Drinking for Prosperity Aug 27 2003 - Television is a demanding business. You're pretty much told what to do and when to do it. Take our resident Ghost Hunter, Scott Herriott. He was busy working on personal projects, and the next ...more

Disney Tattoo Guy, Susie Bright, Girls Gone Wired Aug 07 2003 - It isn't often that one feels sorry for Martin, but this is one of those rare times. Just last week, he made a sequin-encrusted sash with ""Mr. #1 Disny (sic) Fan!!"" printed ...more

Mod Your Xbox, Interview With the Vampire, Search Sperts Oct 13 2003 - If you're a Bill-Gates-hating, Xbox-playing, Tolkien-reading, big-government-fearing creature of the night, you're going to love tonight's show. Because here on ...more

Alien Chaser, Portable Lie Detector, Martin Explores Crop Circles Jul 24 2003 - You've seen the poster in Mulder's office, right? The one of the UFO and the caption ""I Want to Believe""? Well, if you're already a believer in aliens, you're going to love ...more

Fake Nude Celebs, Supersonic Bong, Porn Prose Jun 04 2003 - No, Gillian Anderson has never starred in an adult film alongside a goat. Those images you downloaded from KaZaA are something we in the industry call ""fake."" On tonight's ...more

Virtual Sex Machine, Eternal Life, Fat Jedi May 26 2003 - You'll understand Martin's disturbed look once you find out what staff scientist Perry did with Marty's precious Virtual Sex Machine. Also on tonight's episode, Martin will learn the secret of ...more

Heavy Metal Makeover, The Creepy Talents of Mr. Elastic, President of Molossia Aug 11 2003 - In tonight's show we've got hot news stories and an interview with a foreign dignitary. We've got a makeover for Martin. We've got a website for all you plaster-obsessed perverts, and a man who ...more

Alien Hunter, Sno-Cone Maker Mod, Singularity Jul 29 2003 - Remember the good old days of the Internet? When just logging on via your 14.4 modem promised a plethora of crappy animation, urban legends, and chain email messages? When a man named Mahir ...more

Ex-Hosts and Anti-AOL-CD Activists Dec 17 2003 - As the old saying goes, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Well, if tonight's guests are any indicator, it looks like the past might be coming back to roost. And to root through ...more

High-Priced Gigolo, Search Sperts, Top 10 Asses Online Aug 13 2003 - Tonight on ""Unscrewed"" we're talking about dream jobs. No, not Playboy photographer or Jack Daniels taste tester. We're talking fantasy job, the kind you can't believe ...more

Proof NASA Knows of UFOs, Wired Girl In the Flesh, Behind the Scenes at Burning Sep 29 2003 - We know. It's hard to believe the American government would withhold information from its citizens. But when it comes to UFOs (among other things) the government tends to give us the proverbial ...more

Guide to Sex Scenes, Dancing Man, Dear Blog Nov 06 2003 - Tonight's show is all about exhibitionists and voyeurs. If you like to watch, if you like to be watched, if you like to watch while being watched or be while watching or watch while being, then ...more

Fanime Convention, Twisted Haiku, Musical Sex Toy Jul 17 2003 - Smoke 'em if you got 'em. But that's not as easy as it sounds. With the laws ever-changing, it's getting harder to light up whenever you damn well please. How is one expected to go bowling or ...more

Spy on Your Spouse, Hairogenics, Computer Programmer or Serial Killer? Sep 01 2003 - Don't you hate it when you come home from a hard day of panhandling only to find your spouse has packed up her things and moved to another country to be with someone she met in an Internet chat ...more

Hollywood Is Calling, Psychic Spying, Matrix Pingpong Dec 01 2003 - Let's say you've achieved some moderate degree of success in your life. You have a career you enjoy, a solid group of quality friends, even a satisfying romantic relationship. Your finances are ...more

Midget Wrestling, Girls Gone Wired, Free Internet Access Jul 21 2003 - What do you get when you combine two tough and tiny midget wrestlers, one sneaky tip for scoring free Internet access, one red-hot co-host, one singing squirrel, and the always unpredictable ...more

Jeff Goldblum Is Watching You Poop, New Dirt From 'The Smoking Gun' Sep 15 2003 - Don't you hate it when you're sitting on the can trying to ""take care of business,"" but you can't, 'cause someone is watching you and making you nervous? It's time you put ...more

Extreme Pumpkin Carving, Church of Satan, Mystery Spot Oct 29 2003 - It's our very first Halloween here on ""Unscrewed,"" and we're determined to make it ghoulishly good for the whole family! So gather your friends and loved ones around the ...more

Larry Flynt, Spy on AIM, Search Sperts Nov 05 2003 - Tonight, ""Unscrewed"" brings together the undisputed King of Smut with the unproven Lackey of Late-Night Television. Tune in to see Marty talk with Hustler's head honcho ...more