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Below is a complete Unwrapped episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Unwrapped episodes are listed along with the Unwrapped episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Unwrapped episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Fun & Games” and “Cozy Cuisine” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Unwrapped episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Spuds Unwrapped Featuring Potato of the Month Club; flakes to sticks, ice cream to vodka & even spud fudge; what makes Mr. Potato Head so collectible; meet a potato artist; the mysteries behind Bonzai ...more

Spooky Treats Unwrapped Marc Summers creeps behind the scenes of spooky but sweet snacks. From gruesome gummis to scary suckers, to was fangs and traditional treats. Plus, watch as marshmallow Peeps transform into bats ...more

Valentine's Unwrapped (re-cut) Join host Marc Summers as he explores treats for the most romantic day of the year. See how chocolate is molded into hearts, mixed with champagne, slathered over strawberries and boxed up into ...more

Deep Fried Treats Unwrapped Host Marc Summers digs into Deep Fried Treats. Find out the secrets behind frozen French fries, corn dogs, fritos, and funnel cakes. Then get the history behind Kentucky Fried Chicken and Krispy ...more

Cookies Unwrapped Join host Marc Summers for a full hour of cookies. Find out how animal crackers, sugar cookies and ginger snaps are made. Get a bite out of a spicy cookie called sparks, a jelly filled ...more

Food Network Unwrapped 2 Mar 19 2007 - What surprise can bring Paula Deen's kitchen to a standstill? How do Bobby Flay, Mario Batali and Alton Brown prepare for the crazy days on Iron Chef America? What unusual items inspire Sandra ...more

Record Breakers Unwrapped The biggest cookie factory? America's first drive-thru joint? The top selling candy bar? The world's largest potato chip? If you want to see the biggest, oldest, or the first -- tune it to this ...more

Childhood Memories Unwrapped Take a trip back in time and pig out on all those fun foods your mother told you not to eat too much of. And for an extra treat, some play time with your favorite food toys -- EZ Bake Ovens, the ...more

Memorabilia Unwrapped Marc Summers takes an insidelook at the business of creating, buying and selling Food Memorabilia. From Aunt Jemima to Campbell's, to how Coke collectibles and kids' value-meal toys are ...more

Candy Unwrapped Go inside the world of America's great love-candy. From mom & pop shops to the giants known as Hershey and M&M/Mars, find out how our favorites are made. This edition of the special will ...more

Icons Unwrapped From the Pillsbury Doughboy, Toucan Sam, the Hamburglar and the Jolly Green Giant, we'll unwrap the colorful characters used to sell some of our favorite treats. We'll watch how these ideas are ...more

Sweet Stuff Unwrapped Sep 19 2005 - Its a sweet tooth alert on this full hour of Sweet Stuff Unwrapped. Visit Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC, then hit the factory to see how Candy Buttons, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and the Sky Bar are ...more

Food Network Unwrapped Mar 12 2006 - The network famous for "unwrapping" the secrets of America?s favorite snack foods turns the cameras on itself! In this one-hour special Marc Summers does what he does best, and ...more

Easter Basket Apr 16 2011 - We're hoppin' down the bunny trail celebrating the sweet and savory favorites from the Easter holiday! We start with Palmer's Chocolate Bunnies-did you know that three-quarters of us start by ...more

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Summer Unwrapped Marc Summers explores America's favorite summertime treats. Go behind-the-scenes of the frozen treats that cool us down, and the wacky grills and hot sauces that heat us up. Plus, discover how ...more

Holiday Helpings When there are stockings on the mantel and eggnog in your cup, it must be the holiday season. Marc Summers hosts Holiday Helpings, an Unwrapped special, celebrating the best treats from this ...more

Candy Unwrapped:Valentines Day Candy Unwrapped: Valentine's Day has all the sweet secrets. The newest installment in our Candy Unwrapped series, this fills us in on the most delicious traditions of Valentine's day.

Champagne Uncorked Our special will take us from the Champagne region of France, to a bar in Chicago that boasts the largest selection of champagne anywhere, to vineyards in California that produce their own ...more

Ice Cream Unwrapped

Snacks Unwrapped Unwrap the secrets of the world of snacking. From Hostess Twinkies to Krispy Kreme doughnuts, with stops at Wise Cheez Doodles, Moon Pies, beef jerky, fruit pies, and a visit to the headquarters ...more

Holidays Unwrapped Join host Marc Summers to find out why candy canes are crooked; how to make a picture-perfect whipped cream "dollop"; what food company created the image of Santa Claus, and what it's ...more

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Thanksgiving Unwrapped From cranberry sauce to Jell-O mold and stuffing mix, the trip these thanksgiving favorites take to get to your table is a fascinating one. We'll uncover the secrets behind these holiday staples ...more

Desserts Unwrapped Explore the sweet ending to every meal in this one-hour special presentation on desserts. Find out why chocolate chip cookies are so irresistible and how to indulge your sweet tooth without ...more

Unwrapped Walt Disney World Resorts Ever wonder how those Mickey Mouse ice creams are made? What it takes to cater a fairy tale wedding at Cinderella's castle? Come along as Marc Summers takes you behind-the-scenes to one of the ...more

Ice Cream Unwrapped (re-cut) Join host Marc Summers as he looks at the sweet and creamy facts about ice cream. From inventing a flavor at Ben and Jerry's Headquarters in Burlington, Vermont, to the exotic flavors of India ...more

Snacks Unwrapped (re-cut) Join Marc Summers as he unwraps the secrets of the world of snacking, American style. From Hostess Twinkies to Krispy Kreme doughnuts, with stops at Wise Cheez Doodles, popcorn, Moon Pies, Beef ...more

Easter Unwrapped Marc Summers is checking out marshmallow bunnies and the laying of malted eggs. Find out the secrets behind dying Easter eggs both by hand and by machine. Plus, check out the making of a ...more

Munchies Unwrapped Host Marc Summers takes a bite out of Munchies. Find out the history of 7-11 and learn how Cheez-its get cooked up. Get a taste of Pork Rinds, Cheese Straws, tortilla chips, Pace Salsa, Buffalo ...more

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Weddings Unwrapped Visit one of the oldest wedding cake creators in the country, learn the history behind the cake toppers and discover a chocolatier who specializes in sweet decorations. Check out some sweets ...more

Summery Sweets Unwrapped Jul 02 2005 - Join Marc Summers for a search for the Sweets of Summer Go behind the scenes at the Amusement Park Convention, take a dip with Candied Apples, and see how they make the swirl in giant lollipops. ...more

Kiddie Cravings Unwrapped Aug 27 2005 - Host Marc Summers digs into Deep Fried Treats. Find out the secrets behind frozen French fries, corn dogs, fritos, and funnel cakes. Then get the history behind Kentucky Fried Chicken and Krispy ...more

Wintertime Treats Unwrapped Visit Harry and David, Swiss Colony and Martinelli's sparkling cider for a look at how they prepare for the holidays. See how Candy Cane trees, ribbon candy, and Yule logs are made. Join in a ...more

On The Road Unwrapped Get your map out and join host Marc Summers for a full hour of "On the Road" treats. Head east for the birth of the buffalo wing, the rivalry of the cheese steak and the taste of key ...more

Summer Snacks Unwrapped Summer?s the perfect time to kick back, relax and eat! From frozen custard to picnics with panache, we?re gobbling up all of summer?s best snacks.

Holiday Treats Unwrapped Nov 27 2006 - Tis the season as we join host Marc Summers for a full hour of Holiday Treats Unwrapped. Visit the Swiss Colony as they prep for their busiest time, see how a snow globe becomes an edible sweet, ...more

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Halloween Sweets Unwrapped Oct 20 2007 - Don't be scared, because host Marc Summers is going door to door searching for frighteningly fun Halloween sweets.

Holiday Favorites Dec 04 2009 - Happy Holidays - It's the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you like to indulge in delicious holiday treats. Host Marc Summers will discover once and for all what is in Grandma's ...more

Fried Favorites May 15 2010 - From french fries to corn dogs, potato skins to appetizers, Unwrapped celebrates America's deep feelings for all things deep-fried! We'll see how McDonalds creates their famous french fries, ...more

Turkey and Trimmings Nov 13 2010 - A cornucopia of Thanksgiving favorites, all stuffed into one special Unwrapped! What's on our holiday table? The secrets to sides like Pepperidge Farm's stuffing and Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. ...more

Game Day Goodies Jan 22 2011 - Whether you're in the stands, tailgating from the parking lot, or cheering from the couch, these are the snacks that sports fans love! We're scoring with big league treats like Frito's ...more

Comfy Cozy Feb 26 2011 - If there's a chill in air or you just need that comforting pick-me-up, we have the feel-good foods for you. We'll warm your insides with mashed potatoes, southern biscuits, and the best potpies. ...more

All-American Eats May 28 2011 - Coca Cola. Girl Scout Cookies. Twinkies. There are some foods that are just part of the American experience-on a special one-hour Unwrapped, we explore these "All-American Eats." For ...more

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Super Summer Snacks When the summer sun heats up the beach or the pool, Super Summer Snacks are there to refresh. From ice cream to Kool-Aid, host Marc Summers cools us off with warm weather favorites. What would ...more

BBQ Unwrapped Join us as Unwrapped explores gourmet goods and gadgets to make your BBQ season sizzle. From sauces to smoke rings, this one-hour special travels the country to uncover some of the secrets of ...more

Bubble Gum May 04 2002 - Marc Summers chews on the secrets behind bubble gum, from the traditional pink favorite to gumballs. Visits to Dubble Bubble, Concord Confections, Ice Cream World and Global Gumball.

Beer Unwrapped Jun 25 2002 - Tap into the secrets behind beer with host Marc Summers. Get an inside look at the Great American Beer Fest and discover microbrews and homebrews. Plus, the ultimate can collection at the Museum ...more

Candy Bars May 11 2002 - Unwrap secrets behind candy bars as Marc Summers goes behind the scenes at some of America's old favorites like Hershey, Milky Way, Snickers and Three Musketeers. Plus, trips to Hershey, PA, and ...more

Cereal Jul 16 2001 - Wake up! It's time for Marc Summers to serve up secrets behind cereal. Find out what goes into making some of America's favorites and what goes into selling them.

Soda Pop Unwrapped Jul 09 2002 - Marc Summers is opening the bottle on Soda Pop with an inside look at Dr. Pepper and A&W Root Beer. Plus, an LA grocer who carries over 300 different types of soda and the Museum of Beverage ...more

Retro Candy May 18 2002 - Take a trip back in time as Marc Summers eats up the sweet world of Retro Candy. Explore the ultimate candy-land store, Hometown Favorites, and visit factories that still make Wax Lips, Sugar ...more