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Below is a complete V.I.P. episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual V.I.P. episodes are listed along with the V.I.P. episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. V.I.P. episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Val Who Cried Wolf” to “South By Southwest” is featured on this list, so cast your votes below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the V.I.P. episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Val The Hard Way May 22 1999 - A man named Prophet hires a group called The Double D Girls for a Las Vegas job. The only problem is The Double D Girls get busted before they can get to Las Vegas. Prophet doesn't know what The ...more

ThunderVal Feb 27 1999 - When we last saw Dr. Tina Stokes (""Scents And Sensibility"") she apparently died in a car crash. But she's back and very alive. This time she hires V.I.P. and they head off ...more

Val Got Game Nov 14 1998 - V.I.P. must protect a promising future NBA star from a psychotic agent who's trying to keep him out of the NBA draft.

Beats Working at a Hot Dog Stand Sep 26 1998 - Vallery Irons is thrown into the role of bodyguard to the stars when while on her date with a celebrity at a film premiere he cowers behind her when a gunman appears, she saves him. Her date ...more

Scents and Sensibility Oct 24 1998 - V.I.P. must protect a scientist who's creating an aphrodisiac. He tests it on himself at first and it seems to attract every woman he meets except Val and Julie, a co-worker that he's in love ...more

One Wedding and Val's Funeral Oct 17 1998 - Vallery is hired by King Soltan of Ardina to be the royal matchmaker for his son the prince. But when the prince orders some pizzas and the pizza girl just happens to speak Ardineese Tasha ...more

Bloody Val-entine Oct 10 1998 - Tasha's ex-husband, an ex-assassin for the KGB and master of disguise known only as ""The Owl"" is hired by Frank Scarnavako, a mobster with a green thumb to kill Val's

Midnight in the Garden of Ronnie Beeman Jan 16 1999 - Ronnie Beeman, a controversial talk show host hires V.I.P. as security on his self titled talk show. On their first day on the job they stop an audience member from attempting to assassinate ...more

K-Val Mar 12 1999 - When Val hears a caller threatening a radio psychologist and her family she sets up an appointment for her with V.I.P. When Dr. Lonnie thinks the stalker might be a co-worker Val accompanies her ...more

Escape From Val-catraz Jan 30 1999 - V.I.P. is hired for the wedding of Cynthia Murdock, her mother is very rich and her father is behind bars at Cyrus Rand Federal Penitentiary in Los Angeles, California for having stolen 17 ...more

Mudslide Val May 01 1999 - Val gets a call from Dr. Richard D. Gold saying that he needs protection. It seems that a certain car has been following him all week. The next thing we know, just as V.I.P. arrives, he's dead ...more

Val Under Siege With a Vengeance Feb 13 1999 - Val and her ""staff"" are invited to a charity event. The ""staff"" are to be used as models and parade down the runway. During the fashion show ...more

The Last Temptation of Val Feb 06 1999 - While trying to get her credit limit raised Val foils a bank robbery with the help of an unknown man. Kay hacks into the bank's video surveillance and Nikki recognizes the unknown man as ...more

Diamonds are a Val's Best Friend Oct 31 1998 - Val is hired to guard the star of Neptune, a 50-carat diamond. But it gets stolen while under her watch. The thief turns out to be Nikki's cousin Gino. When Mr. Parcigian, the guy who paid them ...more

What To Do With Vallery When You're Dead Oct 03 1998 - Victor Balick, a media mogul, is targeting Arnie Feign. Arnie is an Internet author who plans to release a tell all expose exposing Victor Balick who's real name is Ileat Petrovski. Petrovski is ...more

Good Val Hunting Jan 23 1999 - Eric Collier, America's answer to Richard Branson, hires V.I.P. to protect him when he puts a bounty on his head. After a few people try to kill him they decide it would be better to hide out in ...more

Deconstructing Peri Nov 07 1998 - Her boyfriend's father is targeting Peri Woodman, the star of Fox Star One. He's a senator and she's releasing her memoirs, which will expose him and ruin his political future.

Three Days to a Kill May 15 1999 - Kay's boyfriend from college escapes a mob hit and comes to L.A. Once in L.A. Val and Kay go to pick him at the airport. At the airport though Kay is mistaken to be Romona Flynn, a professional ...more

Raging Val May 08 1999 - Quick's past as a professional boxer is explored as the Russian mob try to control boxing and do to a current boxer what they had done to Quick.

The Quiet Brawler Mar 06 1999 - When Val's favorite actor opens up his own gym she gets V.I.P. a corporate membership. This doesn't sit well with a local drug dealer who's business isn't going so well now that the gym has ...more

Val on the Run Feb 20 1999 - A key witness in a video piracy case is being followed so he calls Val. She sends V.I.P. and they arrive just in time but the assailants manage to escape from V.I.P. Steve Wizner, the key ...more

Vallery of the Dolls Nov 21 1998 - Rogue magazine centerfolds are being kidnapped so V.I.P. is hired to guard the remaining centerfolds at the mansion and find the missing ones. Val feels it's her fault when the first one is ...more

Quick and the Dead Oct 23 1999 - Someone has stolen Quick's identity and is ruining his reputation. Quick, tired of spending time in jail for crimes he didn't commit goes out to find the man ruining his good name.

Ride of the Valkyries May 20 2000 - Val's father returns and he's being targeted by a group of high tech terrorists. Val discovers that he's her father and she brings him to her penthouse where they discover that the terrorists ...more

Mao Better Blues Nov 20 1999 - V.I.P. must protect a Chinese artifact from the Cho Dynasty while at the same time try and save a Chinese freedom fighter.

Why Too Kay? Nov 27 1999 - The Millennium Militia is planning to destroy the city on the millennium with the help of a teenage computer genius they get V.I.P. to kidnap posing as the boy's parents.

Return of The Owl Sep 25 1999 - Tasha goes to meet a man but he shows up dead. She checks his pockets and finds a microchip in a little plastic bag. Kay cracks it open to discover that it's in Russian. According to Tasha it's ...more

Vallery's Secret Feb 19 2000 - Cleo Robbins, owner of Cleo's Passions, hires Val to model her new Vallery Irons Undercover line of lingerie but soon needs V.I.P. on a more professional basis when she receives a death threat. ...more

Analyse Val Jan 29 2000 - V.I.P. must protect the vice-president's analyst the Squires Of Liberty, a militia group that is trying to kidnap him, while at the same time trying to keep the peace within the group.

Valma and Louise Oct 30 1999 - Jay Leno hires Val and Tasha to drive a car his dead aunt left him in her will to an auction in Sacramento. Along the way they pick up a hitchhiker who ends up being a wanted felon, the car gets ...more

Ransom of Red Val Oct 09 1999 - Val is kidnapped when she is mistaken for a temperamental diva V.I.P. is protecting. When the kidnappers discover their mistake they try to kill her.

Dr. StrangeVal Oct 16 1999 - Maxine's new invention is mistakenly believed to be a nuclear weapon by Ukrainian spies.

Third Eye Blond Apr 01 2000 - V.I.P. must protect a psychic to the stars when he finds a dead body and the killer puts a hit on him.

Val's On First Apr 08 2000 - V.I.P. must protect an oversexed baseball player from a gangster who lost a bet he made in the past on him.

Val Point Blank Apr 29 2000 - Val's high school reunion is taken over by terrorists and the only who can help is Johnny since Val took him as her date because Quick, Tasha and Nikki are off on Navy Seals training. Luckily ...more

Lights, Camera, Val May 13 2000 - V.I.P. must protect a director from investors when they send an assassin to kill him for not paying them the 3 million dollars he owes them.

Big Top Val Oct 02 1999 - V.I.P. are hired to baby-sit a millionaire's daughter. They take her to the circus where they run into trouble when they run into two guys from Nikki's past. Tommy Wipp and Tino Scarlatti had ...more

Stop or Val's Mom Will Shoot Nov 06 1999 - Val's mom comes to L.A. on business and is threatened and chased by two men after the computer program she is scheduled to deliver to the L.A. branch of her firm.

Dangerous Beauty Jan 22 2000 - Art thieves are using a young artist to smuggle paintings. What they did was take pieces of art, put something on the canvas to make it look blank and have Bobby Xero, the artist, paint it. Then ...more

All You Need is Val Feb 05 2000 - V.I.P. split up into two teams when Tasha is tired of doing charity events. She gets V.I.P. a job body guarding Cora DeFarge of DeFarge Industries but Val and Kay have already signed on to ...more

Franco In Love May 06 2000 - Don Franco is shot so he puts Nikki in charge of the family while he recuperates. Nikki thinks that Mrs. Scarnavaco is out to kill the Don when she poses as a doctor to gain access to his room ...more

Val Goes To Town Nov 13 1999 - V.I.P.'s arch nemesis The Prophet is back and this time he's working with a terrorist organization and a crooked politician trying to extort millions from the city. In hopes of accomplishing ...more

Hard Val's Night Feb 26 2000 - The rock band Lit hires V.I.P. to protect them from a gang of thieves after a lucky belt buckle, which contains a secret code encrypted in it.

New Val'd Order Feb 12 2000 - V.I.P. go undercover as models in a Hawaiian Tropic contest to discover why some models go missing. What they discover is that the best models are being trained to being fighters like seen in ...more

Val's Big Bang May 19 2001 - Val, Nikki and Johnny help an archeologist recover an ancient relic but they discover that she may be working with an evil Ukrainian general. Kay accidently locks herself, Tasha, Quick and ...more

Amazon Val Apr 14 2001 - V.I.P. must protect a man whose blood can cure anything due to the fact that he's lived the last 23 years of his life in the rain forests.

Run, Val, Run Nov 11 2000 - V.I.P. are hired to protect a dot com nerd and Tasha thinks that Val might screw things up so she sends her to protect another dot com nerd. It was just a ploy however so Michael Ellins, V.I.P's ...more

Throw Val From the Train Nov 04 2000 - Val is aboard a train with a reporter because she's going to give her the story on what she talked about with serial killer Thomas Binford Shaklee moments before his execution but she stumbles ...more

V.I.P., R.I.P. Oct 28 2000 - Val tags along with Tasha on a kamikazi mission to find out who's killing off CIA double agents while the rest of V.I.P. discover that a man faked his own death to escape huge gambling debts.

Val in Space Jan 27 2001 - V.I.P. are hired to protect a former astronaut hero when his life is threatened because of some missing footage he has that will prove that a mission he was on was sabotaged and he and six ...more