TV Episodes Full List of Van Der Valk Episodes

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Below is a complete Van der Valk episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Van der Valk episodes are listed along with the Van der Valk episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Van der Valk episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “A Dangerous Point of View” to “The Little Rascals [ 2 hrs ].” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Van der Valk episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

One Herring's Not Enough Sep 13 1972 - When a man confesses to the double murder of his wife and her lover it seems an open and shut case; but as one part after another of the man's story doesn't check out, van der Valk realizes he ...more

Destroying Angel Sep 20 1972 - A man is found dead in his room above a sleazy bar and brothel. Van der Valk is called in when the examining doctor suspects poisoning. Immediately sensing there is more to the case than meets ...more

Blue Notes Sep 27 1972 - When Jan Servaas, a world famous Dutch violinist, makes a rare concert appearance in his home country it is an eagerly awaited event. In the weeks leading up to the concert van der Valk receives ...more

Elected Silence Oct 04 1972 - Officers investigating a hearse abandoned near the Royal Palace make a bizarre discovery which appears to be a threat against Paul Harkemer, well known editor of a right wing magazine, and/or ...more

Thicker Than Water Oct 11 1972 - A body dredged up from a canal is tentatively identified as the son of a British MP, but when she views the body she says it is not her son. Van der Valk refuses to believe this and calls on his ...more

The Adventurer Oct 18 1972 - Why would German Wolf Gebhadrt decide, in middle age, to take up an apprenticeship in stonemasonry in Amsterdam? Why would a man killed in a car accident be carrying a newspaper cutting with a ...more

Enemy Sep 05 1977 - Van der Valk and Arlette are subjected to threats on their lives. Who is the hidden enemy?

Accidental Sep 12 1977 - An international scandal over charges of corruption in high places. The Chief Inspector disappears, but has he sold out?

The Runt Sep 19 1977 - A likeable rogue, a small time thief and con-man, for whom Van der Valk develops a grudging affection. But the thief suddenly becomes wealthy and also seems to be connected with an important ...more

Wolf Sep 26 1977 - A young German is murdered in his bed. The apartment is littered with clues. For Van der Valk there is a clue too many.

Man of Iron Oct 03 1977 - An old friend of the detective becomes a victim in a series of seemingly unimportant petty thefts : leading to murder and mistaken identities.

Everybody Does It Oct 10 1977 - Arlette spots a bargain : inadvertently landing her husband in a heap of trouble with a crime syndicate.

Face Value Oct 17 1977 - An artist dies in mysterious circumstances, leading Van der Valk into a world of intrigue and forgery, but curiosity can be dangerous.

Dead on Arrival Oct 24 1977 - A psychic helps in an eight-year-old murder inquiry after experiencing a startling vision.

The Professor Oct 31 1977 - A death occurs at a famous Amsterdam hotel and Van der Valk suspects a distinguished man given to regularly switching identities.

In Hazard Nov 07 1977 - The detective is approached by a beautiful woman with a strange story and events soon take an unexpected turn.

Gold Plated Delinquents Nov 14 1977 - The detective investigates crimes committed by bored latch-key adolescents looking for kicks.

Diane Nov 21 1977 - A series of strange accidents leads the detective into a dangerous investigation.

A Death by the Sea Aug 29 1973 - Van Teeseling, a wealthy and influential banker, is found unconscious in his car on the beach. He tells police that the night before he and his wife went for a drunken midnight swim. His wife ...more

A Man of No Importance Sep 05 1973 - When a dead man turns up on the deck of a canal barge, everyone is ready to dismiss him as a nonentity. The commissaries disagrees. Before Van der Valk can find out what happened to the man, ...more

A Rose for Mr Reinhart Sep 12 1973 - Arlette's intuition proves truer than her husband's after a young woman is threatened in the park. Van der Valk tries to atone for his mistake by hounding the prominent Amsterdam businessman, ...more

A Dangerous Point of View Sep 19 1973 - While working on a case, a private detective is stabbed to death in a seedy apartment.

Season for Love Sep 26 1973 - A rich, middle-aged American flies into Amsterdam to meet her young lover, only to learn that he has disappeared. While she worries about the safety of the missing man, Van der Valk fears that ...more

Rich Man, Poor Man Oct 03 1973 - An explosion almost kills a worker at a tractor factory, and a poor immigrant barber is bludgeoned to death in a luxury apartment that he shouldn't have been able to afford. Van der Valk looks ...more

The Rainbow Ends Here Oct 10 1973 - Van der Valk searches for a teenage girl abducted on her way to a clandestine rendezvous with a married man. The man is ready to help in any way he can, but the commissaries finds her ...more

Doctor Hoffmann's Children [ 2 hrs ] Jan 16 1991 - The Dutch detective struggles to find a pattern in a serial killer's murders.

Dangerous Games [ 2 hrs ] Jan 23 1991 - Someone at headquarters leaks vital information, leading to the mishandling of three cases - and Van der Valk's son Wim is connected to all of them.

A Sudden Silence [ 2 hrs ] Jan 30 1991 - The Dutch detective investigates the shooting of a government minister who was apparently about to flee the country using a false ID.

The Little Rascals [ 2 hrs ] Feb 06 1991 - The maverick Dutch detective probes the murder of an alternative comedian with a cult following, but finds his investigation hampered at every turn.

The Ties That Bind [ 2 hrs ] Feb 05 1992 - A former judge is shot dead and Van der Valk is brought in to solve the case. A suspect is apprehended, but confesses that someone else got to the the woman first.

Proof of Life [ 2 hrs ] Feb 12 1992 - The Dutch detective leads the hunt for a kidnapped businessman and his teenage son, but the case soon takes a chilling turn.

Still Waters [ 2 hrs ] Feb 19 1992 - The maverick detective investigates when a dispute between politicians and radical environmentalists over a proposed new sea barrier takes a murderous turn.