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Below is a complete Vandread episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Vandread episodes are listed along with the Vandread episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Vandread episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “Impossible!” to “Easy Life.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Vandread episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Boy Meets Girl Oct 03 2001 - Hibiki Tokai is a third-class citizen who is a parts mechanic. When he boasts to his co-workers that he can and would steal a Vanguard, which is one of the Empire's elite combat vehicles used ...more

What a Wonderful World Nov 07 2001 - Meia is in trouble! Seriously injured in a battle, and having some 'personal issues' as a result, she is facing quite a struggle for her life. The other pilots do not handle the idea that they ...more

Easy Life Nov 14 2001 - Now that things have calmed down relatively, Hibiki now discovers that he still has a major problem - Dita, who still is very interested in him, and whose highly curious actions are starting to ...more

White Love Dec 05 2001 - It's Christmas time on the Nirvana, which results in confusion for the guys and excitement for the women - even Magno. BC is the only one to stay at her station, and she just might find ...more

Together Dec 12 2001 - If there's one thing Hibiki is good at, it's playing pack mule for Dita's hairbrained schemes. This time, the two are stealing around the ship, gathering food for some unspecified purpose. Are ...more

They Don't Care About Us Dec 19 2001 - Things are getting even more hostile on board the Nirvana, as the women vow never to depend on the men again for help. Rabat helpfully returns Hibiki after his ordeal battling against the ...more

To Feel the Fire Dec 20 2001 - The crew of the Nirvana, minus the men, find themselves at an absolutely crucial moment. They're facing off with an alien flagship, and at the same time, learn some very disturbing details about ...more

This is the Path I Choose to Live Oct 17 2001 - The threat is past, but the new ship is unstable, leaving the crew baffled at how to operate it. One by one, the men are taken from their cells in order to try to help out with the repairs of ...more

And... I've Lost My Way Oct 10 2001 - Hibiki finds himself captured by a ship full of women after being abandoned by his fellow citizens, with the exception of two other unlucky men - Bart Garsus, a cowardly, self-proclaimed ...more

Sweet Temptation Oct 31 2001 - The ship has a new name thanks to Parfet… Nirvana, a name that symbolizes Harmony, Stability, and Joy. Dita still has an interest in the ""alien"" Hibiki, who ...more

I Want to Know More About You Oct 24 2001 - Parfait begins holding a contest to rename the ship, because she feels that the Ikazuchi is a ridiculous and unfashionable name. Meanwhile, Hibiki proves to be a skilled fighter, however he ...more

Impossible! Nov 21 2001 - The crew on the journey towards home comes across a spacebound colony, where they find a monkey who they would later learn is named Utan. They also come across Utan's owner Rabat, who is more ...more

More Barbaric Than Heaven Nov 28 2001 - The crew of the Nirvana come across a planet that is almost completely covered in water. There is one island on the planet, but before they have time to investigate they must face cubed shaped ...more

Oct 05 2001 - A very vivid and horrifying nightmare plagues not only Hibiki, but also Dita, Meia, and Jura as well. While they struggle to figure out the meaning of this strange dream, a mysterious pod ...more

Be My Baby Oct 12 2001 - The message inside the pod that Misty was frozen in contain something that may be of use to the crew of the Nirvana, but the password proves to be a brick wall that BC can't seem to pass. Even ...more

Everything Oct 26 2001 - The Nirvana comes upon another Mission, though the inhabitants are decidedly hostile and use a law of ""take what you want by force"" in order to survive. Hand to hand combat ...more

Somedays Nov 02 2001 - Another Harvest fleet mother ship has come to attempt to attack the Nirvana, and the crew, this time, sets out confidently to destroy it using the same methods as before. However, a new form of ...more

Reality Nov 30 2001 - Every single year, Meia dreads one day - her birthday, when the crew attempts to surprise her with a party. Meia has managed to run away every single year, but this year, Hibiki is here, and he ...more

Easy Come, Easy Go Dec 14 2001 - The Nirvana has finally reached its home solar system, but the Harvest fleet's remaining mother ships are not far behind. Despite this, the crew decides to hold a party to celebrate their coming ...more

Trust Jan 18 2002 - Combined, the fleet of ships continues to destroy ship after ship of the harvest fleet. But the Main Mothership is another story, and even the combined Super Vandread is no match for it. With ...more

Embrace Everything Dec 07 2001 - The Nirvana nears home, and only has to pass through an incredibly large electromagnetic storm in order to be in their home solar system. However, during yet another battle with the Harvest ...more

Paradise Dec 21 2001 - Having come through the minefield, the entire crew of the Nirvana is promptly captured by both Tarak and Mejale fleets. The men are to be forcefully ""re-educated"" for their ...more

Original Smile Nov 09 2001 - The second attack on the Harvest mother ship has failed, although now Hibiki and the others have a ray of hope in the form of a way to penetrate the mother ship's defenses. Forming a plan around ...more

Please Kiss My Cheek Nov 16 2001 - Things have once again lulled, and the crew now can turn to more important things - such as using cameras to observe the continuing soap opera between Misty, Dita, and Hibiki - a battle the ...more

Secret Jan 11 2002 - With the Nirvana back on track, all that is left now is to defend Tarak and Mejale from harvesting. But the Nirvana and the veteran pirate ship with it might not even be close to being able to ...more

Flowered Journey Oct 19 2001 - The Nirvana arrives at yet another planet tampered with by the Harvest fleet, as its inhabitants are unable to survive the air and have all caught a disease that is fatal, with no cure. On a ...more

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