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Below is a complete Viper episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Viper episodes are listed along with the Viper episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Viper episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of different items, including “White Fire” and “Thief of Hearts.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Viper episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Wheels of Fire Feb 25 1994 - Joe falls for the inventor of a highly efficient car battery, but painful memories of his murdered fiancee surface when her life is threatened. Meanwhile, the discovery of a long-lost concept ...more

Past Tense Mar 04 1994 - The Viper team must crack a ring that abducts youths and molds them into specialized criminals. Meanwhile, Joe encounters a special someone from his past.

Safe as Houses Jan 21 1994 - Nate Benedict, a Mob Boss who is about to be tried for various crimes, fakes his own death. He starts over in a small town to lay low and continue his criminal operations. The residents of Mesa ...more

Pilot Jan 02 1994 - The ultimate weapon against crime, the Viper Defender is the city's only hope to stop a crime syndicate, the 'Outfit', from destroying the city. However, the Viper is just too fast and too ...more

Firehawk Jan 28 1994 - As part of a plan to destroy the Viper, the Outfit kidnaps Julian and forces him to upgrade its own urban assault vehicle.

The Face Feb 18 1994 - ""The Face"", a famous hit man, has just been released from prison. His plans to go straight are jeopardized when his former employer kidnaps his wife to force him to do one ...more

Mind Games Feb 11 1994 - After Frankie is injured in a suspicious car crash, the Viper team uncovers a plot to hijack a transport loaded with highly contagious diseases.

Once a Thief ... Jan 07 1994 - Joe faces a terrifying choice when the doctor who performed memory-altering surgery on him offers to restore his criminal identity.

Thief of Hearts Mar 18 1994 - An artificial heart that will save the life of a young girl is stolen.

Crown of Thorns Apr 01 1994 - A foreign dignitary visiting the U.S. becomes the new target of the assassin who previously killed her father.

Scoop Mar 11 1994 - Joe teams with a police detective--a suspected vigilante--to find the culprit behind the murder of Outfit thugs.

Ghosts Jan 14 1994 - Joe's former partner in crime (Jason Carter) is sprung from prison by the Outfit in order to locate the Viper.

Manhunt Jan 18 1997 - A scientist's invention saves his life but turns him into a killer cyborg.

Black Box May 10 1997 - A murdered software designer leaves artificial intelligence to his girlfriend.

White Fire Nov 09 1996 - A string of diamond thefts points to a notorious criminal, but she cooperates with the Viper team to catch whom she claims is the real culprit.

Wheelman Feb 15 1997 - An escaped con looking for revenge happens to be Cole's former mentor.

Standoff Nov 02 1996 - Thieves after a new weapon have the Viper team trapped in an abandoned refinery.

Forget-me-Not Feb 08 1997 - A scientist is brainwashed into stealing nerve gas to be used in an attack on the U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Breakdown on Thunder Road Jan 11 1997 - A scientist fears his runaway son may be behind the theft of an extremely combustible rocket fuel, which the boy is using to power racing cars.

The List May 17 1997 - Westlake witnesses Cole's death, only to learn that he's alive and well---and working as an informant for a powerful crime family.

Whistle Blower May 03 1997 - An autistic man is the only witness to the murder of his brother.

On a Roll Nov 23 1996 - The Viper team and their superior are accused of treason after following a Government command to steal a lethal weapon.

Street Pirates Nov 30 1996 - A band of weapons thieves plans to take the Defender next.

Condor Oct 12 1996 - The massacre of four undercover cops, all of them set to share information regarding the mob, leads the team to seek help from a helicopter squad that's Viper's aerial equivalent.

Talk is Cheap Oct 19 1996 - A talk-show host is targeted by a killer who has a unique way of getting rid of the bodies of his victims.

MIG-89 Oct 05 1996 - Cameron uncovers an illegal arms-smuggling ring---but not before Allie and a visiting scientist are kidnapped and forced to develop a highly advanced fighter jet.

Cold Storage Apr 26 1997 - A charismatic mass-murderer in cryogenic suspension manages to escape to rejoin his followers.

Die Laughing Nov 16 1996 - It's no joke when the Viper team's assigned to protect a comedienne and her son, who's witnessed the murder of an undercover FBI agent.

Shutdown Feb 22 1997 - The city is terrorized by a criminal who is driving around in a clever imitation of the Viper.

Winner Take All Sep 27 1996 - The Viper returns to the streets of Metro City. The new prototype is given to Ex-CIA operative Thomas Cole (Jeff Kaake) and his team: Technician Frankie Waters (Joe Nipote) and systems ...more

Turf Wars Feb 01 1997 - The Viper team is assigned to stop a gang war between two rival factions, and a 13-year-old gets caught in the middle of the fighting.

Echo of Murder Mar 01 1997 - Cole's investigates the death of his friend, an investigative reporter, but his only clue is a holgram of a movie star who committed suicide long ago.

Thieves Like Us Mar 22 1997 - The Viper team is accused of treason after their new boss tells them to steal a weapon that creates spontaneous human combustion.

Diamond in the Rough Oct 26 1996 - A disgruntled former security officer decides to become a jewel thief.

Homecoming Apr 21 1998 - Cole returns to his hometown to help his father solve a mystery when the local police chief dies.

Cold Warriors Nov 04 1997 - Westlake's mother is captivated by a secret agent.

The Getaway Jan 27 1998 - A crime lord's murder threatens to reveal government corruption.

What Makes Sammy Chun Feb 03 1998 - An ex-con turned tabloid news reporter gets mixed up in Cole's investigation of an arms dealer.

Cat and Mouse Sep 30 1997 - Westlake kills the lover of a professional assassin during a prison break, and soon finds herself targeted for revenge.

Double Team Mar 03 1998 - Catlett and Westlake pose as husband-and-wife burglars in order to catch an arms dealer.

Storm Watch Oct 28 1997 - A fully equipped motorcycle and rider threaten the future of the team.

May 12 1998 - Notorious criminal Giles Seton masterminds a plot to create a Cole look-alike to steal the Defender.

First Mob Wives' Club Nov 11 1997 - Cole goes under cover at a health club frequented by the beautiful wives of gangsters in order to solve the murder of one woman's husband.

Trust No One Feb 24 1998 - Catlett and Westlake pose as husband-and-wife burglars in order to catch an arms dealer.

Internal Affair May 05 1998 - After an undercover assignment goes awry, Westlake is abducted by mercenaries bent on detonating a bomb -- with her help.

Out from Oblivion Oct 21 1997 - When Cole discovers an old CIA buddy living on the streets, he's again led into a world of espionage and intrigue.

Regarding Catlett Feb 17 1998 - After an attempt on Catlett's life, Cole and Frankie must find the insider responsible.

Old Acquaintance Apr 28 1998 - Westlake must protect her photojournalist ex-husband from sudden attempts on his life.

Hot Potato Mar 17 1998 - A computer disk becomes the key to catching a corrupt federal marshal.

Getting MADD Nov 18 1997 - Cole's niece must live with the consequences of a fatal drunken driving accident; Frankie, Catlett and Cole uncover a drug ring at a local club.