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Below is a complete Voltes V episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Voltes V episodes are listed along with the Voltes V episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Voltes V episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of different items, including “The Mystery of Numbers Written in Blood” and “The Tactic of Creating A Secret Base.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Voltes V episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
Voltes Revived from the Dead Jan 01 1977
Dr. Hamaguchi and Commander Oka visited a secret lab under a waterfall. They collected Voltes data to find solution to volt-in safely. Suddenly the Boazanians led by Heinell broke into the ...more
The Present from the Emperor Jan 01 1977
Emperor Zanbajir sent Dr. Gou to Heinell. Dr. Gou then went to Big Falcon and persuaded his sons to go with him to Boazan. The trio thought that her father must have been brainwashed, so they ...more
The Trap of Father and Child Jan 01 1977
Voltes rescued an airplane piloted by a man which turned out to be a runaway slave. But after the man was brought to Big Falcon and treated, he sneaked into Voltes hangar and sabotaged ...more
Forsake Both Love and Tears!! Jan 01 1977
Voltes team trained for spinning technique. Dr. Sakunji was hard to the team, especially Hiyoshi. The team couldn't accept Dr. Sakunji's hard attitude and wanted to leave Big Falcon. Suddenly, ...more
One Combat that is Risking the Earth
Prince Heinell conducted a Boazanian ritual of drinking a golden eagle's blood and taking an oath to fight until death. Kazarin wanted to protect Prince Heinell by taking initiative to trap and ...more
Neigh! Beloved Horse Eiffel Jan 01 1977
When it comes to horse then Ippei is the man. When he was in America, his only friend after her mother and father died was his horse, Eiffel. Ippei told story about his friendship with his ...more
Cry in Father's Bosom!! Jan 01 1977
Zuuru held Gou in an island and tortured him to pry secrets of Voltes. Daijirou found a huge cave in the island and decided to investigate. He got caught and was thrown into a jail and met his ...more
A Hero from Planet Boazan
A Boazanian fighter Giron was ordered by Prince Heinell to catch the traitor, General Dange. Dange was actually an aristocrat but he cut his own horns and willfully become slave. Giron then took ...more
The Attack of Devil Germ Jan 01 1978
Jangal's mind was occupied with Kenichi's saying that he's Boazanian too. To test Kenichi's claim, Jangal made a robot that could spray Voltes team with Boazanian germ that can cause sickness to ...more
The Devilish Shadow Sword Killing Technique Jan 01 1977
Daijirou was sure that Voltes cannot win against the sword expert beast fighter Gardo. They decided to run away from the battle and hide in a cave. Kenichi had to learn ...more
Voltes Combining Impossible Jan 01 1977
Zuuru used the beast fighter Bombos's X-ray eye to analyze Voltes as they were volting-in, then after he found out how the electromagnetic energy flows inside Voltes, he sent robot Namazungo to ...more
Suicide Attack!! Super Electromagnetic Ball Jan 01 1977
After collecting some Maxingal fragments from the destroyed beast fighter and doing some tests, Dr. Sakunji found out that super electromagnetic beam can weaken Maxingal strength. To get enough ...more
Our Father, Gou Kentarou's Secret Jan 01 1977
The injured General Dange told stories about Dr. GOU Kentarou's past when he lived in Planet Boazan. Gou was known as La Gour in Boazan and he was the son of Emperor's brother. Unfortunately, La ...more
The Trick of Father Aiming at the Earth Jan 01 1977
Zuuru used voice machine to immitate Dr. Gou's voice and deceived Kenichi. When Kenichi was about to be kidnapped using tractor beam, Dr. Hamaguchi knocked him to the ground so it was Dr. ...more
Enemy. The New General's Written Challenge Jan 01 1977
General Bergan came from Planet Boazan along with some meteorites which contains Maxingal metal. The metal was so hard, the Tenkuu-ken wouldn't cut through it. Kazarin and Jangal were irritated ...more
Jan 01 1977
Duke Zaki came from Boazan to visit Prince Heinell. He harassed Heinell of his failure so far to conquer the Earth and also of his background of being a son of the traitor named La Gour. The ...more
Chief Defense Oka Falls into the Sky!!
Jangal sent a robot that can transform itself to become a ring that can control the mind of whoever wears it to Big Falcon. Megumi found and wore the ring and soon the ring took over her mind ...more
The Crumbling Tower of Evil!! Mar 25 1978
An attemp to murder Prince Heinell was disrupted by Kazarin, but she was shot and died in Heinell's arms. The trio Gou brothers finally met their father. The Boazanian legend said that The ...more
The Strategy Told from the Grave Jan 01 1977
When fighting the Boazanian, Ippei accidently damaged Dr. Mitsuyo's grave post. There's surely a clash between Ippei and Kenichi over that incident. Ippei's past was then revealed. Ippei thought ...more
The Mystery of Numbers Written in Blood Jan 01 1977
Voltes team tried to figure out what the numbers written on the cloth mean. The figure turned out to be a pulsating wave frequency. Dr. Gou transmitted this wave by using a mini transmitter and ...more
The Traitor's Scheme Jan 01 1977
Zuuru tried to kill Heinell as he was sleeping but he failed and got caught. He was given one chance to save his life by pretending to runaway from Heinell and seeking refuge to Big Falcon and ...more
Commence Sortie into the Universe!! Jan 01 1978
General Doir piloted Solar Bird to save the Earth from Magmait bomb. The secret of Big Falcon was then revealed. Solar Bird docked with Big Falcon to become the flying fortress Solar Falcon. ...more
Planet Boazan's Big Battle Jan 01 1978
Voltes arrived in Boazan after successfully escaping Sodom and Gomorrah and the double-ring storm. Rebel slaves began the revolution causing civil war in Boazan. A fight with Zantan Commando ...more
A Dream-Invited, Big Crisis Jan 01 1977
Megumi dreamt that she won when doing a duel practice with her father. Meanwhile, the Boazanians led by Jangal stormed the Defense Headquarters, took over the office and started to bombard Big ...more
Puppy, Walk into Tomorrow! Jan 01 1977
Kazarin killed a mother dog when testing her soon-to-be-beast-fighter wolf, Garus. The puppy who lost his mother was then kept by Daijirou. Kenichi didn't like his brother keeping a pet dog. ...more