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Below is a complete VR Troopers episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual VR Troopers episodes are listed along with the VR Troopers episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. VR Troopers episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “The Rise of the Red Python (1)” and “Forward into the Past.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the VR Troopers episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Oh Brother Sep 19 1994 - RYAN and J.B. are training two young brothers who argue with each other all the time. ZIKTOR/GRIMLORD decides to unleash two monster robot brothers of his own, the SWORDBOTS. KAITLIN and the ...more

The Battle Begins (1) Sep 03 1994 - Ryan Steele gets a strange message on his computer from someone or something named Proffesor Hart saying that he has a message from his father. Ryan is confused by all this because he knows his ...more

The Battle Begins (2) Sep 10 1994 - As Ryan lays unconscience his he rembers how his farther taught him never to give up he is rescue by JB and Katlin. Ryan's dog is accidently shocked in the lab causing him to speak. Ryan Katlin ...more

Error in the System Sep 14 1994 - A mysterious virus enters the comptuer system causing everything to malfucion including the hardware surounding inside professor Hart the troopers realize that grimlord is behind it.

Lost Memories Sep 15 1994 - When a homeless lady wanders into the dojo with amnesia, the kids try to help. TAO cooks herbal food, students pass out flyers, J.B. uses his computer and KAITLIN runs her photo on the front ...more

Battle for the Books Sep 16 1994 - ZIKTOR wants to destroy all books that teach about solar energy. He starts with MR. REESE'S bookmobile, as a way of getting at J.B. The boys are getting ready for a doubles Karate tournament ...more

Grimlord's Challenge Sep 20 1994 - A neighborhood policewoman offers TAO and the kids a challenge: turn BECKY into a karate contender in two weeks and win $1000 from the Police Association to help other street kids. RYAN accepts ...more

Computer Captive Sep 21 1994 - Grimlord invents a device that traps anyone inside virtually reality when JB becomes a hostage Ryan must go in to rescue his Friend who is being trained of his VR Trooper powers

Katlin's Little Helper Sep 22 1994 - KAITLIN'S cousin, BETSY, comes for a visit. She aspires to be a reporter like Kaitlin and, while on a story, discovers green slime oozing from the grass in the park. Kaitlin and the guys analyze ...more

Sep 23 1994 - Grimlord decides that he wants to place a spy on the Troopers so he sends one disguised as a teenager named Jeremy.

The Virtual V-6 Sep 26 1994 - KAITLIN is paid a visit by an eccentric young inventor who has plans for a pollution-free motorcycle engine. After showing the guys the plans, they decided to build a motorcycle version in V.R. ...more

No One's Friend Sep 27 1994 - Grimlord puts a spell on JB and Katlin causing them to turn against Ryan. Meanwhile Katlin's boss hires the Mayor's nephew as Katlin's co-worker.

Dogmatic Change Sep 28 1994 - GRIMLORD comes up with the idea of turning dog pound pets (and more) into rabid mutant monsters for his own army. ZIKTOR disguises his voice and pretends to hire Kaitlin to shoot a dog food ...more

Searching for Tyler Steele Sep 30 1994 - While walking through Crossworld woods they notice someone inside an abanoned cabin Ryan suspects that this person could be his long lost farther.

Save the Trees Oct 02 1994 - GRIMLORD (a.k.a. Ziktor) needs an old growth forest clear for a massive break-through from Virtual Reality. The Troopers confront Ziktor, who lies and says he'll stop. Discovering that the ...more

A Dirty Trick Oct 04 1994 - A celebration is held on the tenth Anniversary of Tao Dojo and GRIMLORD sends his EVIL MAGICIAN to abduct the real magician and catch the TROOPERS with their guard down. Using KAITLIN and JB to ...more

Kaitlin's Front Page Oct 05 1994 - KAITLIN receives a tip on a big story: a top secret weapons plant and testing site has been set up outside Cross World City. The lead proves to be a trap, set up by GRIMLORD. SKUGS hold Kaitlin ...more

The Dognapping Oct 07 1994 - SKUGS dognap JEB when he steps outside for a nature call. They take him to GRIMLORD, who is angered by the dog's wise-cracking mouth. Although some robots want to terminate Jeb, Grimlord has a ...more

My Dog's Girlfriend Oct 10 1994 - JEB the dog is depressed because he's fallen for PRINCESS THE DOG and her puppies, but Princess's owner, MRS. BURNS, calls Jeb a pound mutt and blocks their romance -- even though Mrs. Bums' ...more

Digging for Fire Oct 11 1994 - Crossworld is baffled by a number of Unexplained earthquakes the troopers are suspious because their have never been any earthquakes in the town before they soon discover that Grimlord is ...more

The Great Brain Robbery Oct 12 1994 - The military has been robbed of the preserved brain of the greatest military mind in history. GRIMLORD will try to use the brain in his scheme to take over the planet. However, GENERAL IVAR ...more

The Dojo Plot Oct 14 1994 - When TAO is informed that the Dojo is on the verge of shutting down due to financial problems, RYAN, KAITLIN and J.B. organize a fund-raiser to bail it out of jeopardy. Meanwhile, ...more

Grimlord's Greatest Hits Oct 19 1994 - The teens are going to put on a dance-a-thon so that a student of theirs, BRANDON, can afford to go to a special music academy. GRIMLORD decides to hypnotize everyone so that he can defeat the ...more

The Disappearance Oct 25 1994 - GRIMLORD plots to overtake reality by making his mutants invisible. At the same time, TAO tries to teach the TROOPERS the importance of stealth in combat. In a comic sequence, they try to attack ...more

Nightmares Oct 31 1994 - KAITLIN starts having dreams about the power and invincibility of GRIMLORD'S forces. The nightmares are so vivid she can't sleep and her work starts to suffer. Grimlord is using his ...more

Secret Admirer Nov 03 1994 - KAITLIN receives flowers from a secret admirer -- GRIMLORD! COLONEL ICE-BOT is developing evil flowers to capture and destroy the TROOPERS. The flowers keep coming and PERCY tries to claim ...more

Grimlord's House of Fear Nov 04 1994 - Inside a house in a quiet neighborhood, COLONEL ICE-BOT has penetrated the reality barrier with an ionic cyber beam. GRIMLORD wants him to build a robot to open the reality barrier from the ...more

Three Strikes Nov 07 1994 - J.B. coaches one of two rival baseball teams for a benefit game to raise money to upgrade the field and to secure the lease. ZIKTOR wants to end the lease and take the land. After SKUGS fail to ...more

Danger in the Deep Nov 08 1994 - While playing near the lake, Katlin notices some people loading TNT on the dam. The troopers realize that Grimlord is planning on turning Croosworld city into Crossworld lake by blowing up the

Small But Mighty Nov 09 1994 - Strickland, Ziktor's assistant shows him his new invention that can reverse the aging process. He decides to use on the troopers so that they will be too young to stop his warriors.

Defending Dark Heart (1) Nov 14 1994 - The troopers discover an army of mutants, as they scan them, they discover that one the mutants is a human being. Ryan suspects that one of them could be his missing father.

Defending Dark Heart (2) Nov 15 1994 - Katlin and JB are trapped between a rock and hardplace. When they realize that if Percy discovers who they are, they are in hot water. Meanwhile, Ryan tries to reason with dark heart to discover ...more

Defending Dark Heart (3) Nov 16 1994 - A SKUG learns of the V.R. TROOPERS plans to de-virtualize RYAN'S father, TYLER STEEL/DARK HEART and warns GRIMLORD. who decides to use Dark Heart as bait to lure Ryan to his destruction. ...more

Defending Dark Heart (4) Nov 17 1994 - GRIMLORD, knowing DARK HEART/TYLER is gravely injured, launches a full aerial assault on PROFESSOR HART'S lab, as this is the first place RYAN will take his father. Ryan, warned that the lab is ...more

Ghost Biker Nov 18 1994 - Local legend has it that anyone who looks at the GHOST BIKER face to face vanishes forever. Meanwhile, ZIKTOR receives two pieces of good news: GENERAL IVAR has found a weakened area of the ...more

Endangered Species Nov 21 1994 - KAITLIN'S friend, DANIELLE, beseeches her to write a story about the Animal Sanctuary, where Danielle's father is head scientist. Developers are trying to buy the land and use it for industrial ...more

Field Goal Nov 22 1994 - When the Jr. High FOOTBALL COACH stumbles onto GRIMLORD'S secret base, SKUGS shrink him and imprison him in a sports trading card. When the team is turned away from their field, the Troopers go ...more

The Littlest Trooper Nov 23 1994 - SKUGS kidnap BABY BOO from his parents in the park and leave the baby on the dojo doorstep. JEB alerts the kids, who alert the authorities and care for the baby. At the lab, the V.R. Scanner ...more

The Reality Virus Nov 29 1994 - GENERAL IVAR and COLONEL ICEBOT stage a battle with the V.R. TROOPERS in virtual reality in order to infect them with a Reality Virus. The Troopers cross back to reality, unwittingly carrying a ...more

Friends in Need Nov 30 1994 - Two circus performers who are scientists in disguise (MIKAIL and LEAH) are taken to PROFESSOR HART for help in completing their research on a fuel-increasing formula hidden on a micro-dot on a ...more

Good Trooper, Bad Trooper Feb 06 1995 - KAITLIN is doing an article on biologically dissimilar twins. She maintains that every living being has a mirror image. Meanwhile, ZIKTOR has developed a cloning device from plans originally ...more

The Transmutant Feb 07 1995 - J.B. spars with RYAN in an effort to relax before taking a test to qualify for a scholarship. When sparring fails to work, J.B. tries to relax in the park. SKUGS attack him and draw him into the ...more

Who's King of the Mountain? Feb 08 1995 - J.B. agrees to help his South American ""E-Mail"" pal, JOSE, with some research on volcano data. Mount Kronos, an extinct volcano near-by, has been vibrating strangely and ...more

The Couch Potato Kid Feb 09 1995 - RICKY, TAO'S visiting nephew, is a couch potato who spends most of his time watching TV and playing video games. The kids are planning an obstacle course for Cross World City and they get Ricky ...more

The Old Switcharoo Feb 10 1995 - GRIMLORD steals DR. UNGER's transforming device, hoping to take the powers of the V.R. TROOPERS for his army. RYAN interrupts the theft and the device's beam is turned on him. JEB jumps into the ...more

Race to the Rescue Feb 13 1995 - RYAN, KAITI IN and J.B. are having a blast at a go-cart racetrack. They notice a kid who is being teased by a bully about having trouble with his go-cart. J.B. and Ryan volunteer to help get the ...more

Fiddler on the Loose Feb 14 1995 - KAITLIN'S cousin from Ireland, KEITH, and his band are in town to perform a benefit concert to help raise awareness concerning the environment. KARL ZIKTOR/GRIMLORD, not wanting the city to ...more

Virtually Powerless Feb 15 1995 - While at an arcade, J.B., RYAN and KAITLIN are visited by a mysterious man who suggests they play the newest game in the store -- ""Dark Odyssey."" As they play, they are ...more

New Kids on the Planet Feb 20 1995 - While camping out the gang gets their visit of a life time. Two alien kids asks them for help. They bring them to Professor Hart, where he fixs their piece they needed. While waiting, they ...more

Message from Space Feb 22 1995 - PROFESSOR HART contacts RYAN, KAITLIN and J.B. at The Underground to relay a message to Ryan from DR. MONROE, an old friend of the Professor's who happens to head up the National Space ...more