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Below is a complete Wagon Train episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Wagon Train episodes are listed along with the Wagon Train episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Wagon Train episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “The Ben Courtney Story” and “The Bije Wilcox Story.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Wagon Train episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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The Jesse Cowan Story Jan 08 1958
Two brothers return to their home after the civil war to find their home and family wiped out. Their family, the Cowans, had long been feuding with a neighbouring family, the Beals, and so the ...more

The Zeke Thomas Story Nov 27 1957
Flint is out scouting with another member of the train, Zeke Thomas. They are looking for a watering place that the train used the previous year. What they find is that where a bare watering ...more

The Emily Rossiter Story Oct 30 1957
It is still early days on the wagon train trail. So when one morning the body of one of the men is discovered and money and a land deed stolen, and the evidence points to Indians, Flint won't ...more

The Charles Maury Story May 07 1958
A young southern belle with romantic notions about a guerrilla band of Rebel soldiers led by Charles Maury, gets a hard lesson in reality when she leaves the wagon train to join up with them.


The Ruttledge Munroe Story May 21 1958

The John Cameron Story Oct 02 1957
The wagon train is moving west at last. Among the travellers are John Cameron and his wife, Julie. Cameron is a quiet, reserved man; an ex-banker from Philadelphia. Julie is younger and ...more

The Ruth Owens Story Oct 09 1957
Ruth Owens, her little girl and her second husband are journeying west with the train. Her husband is a teacher and they seem like any other average couple on the train.The weather has turned ...more

The Annie MacGregor Story Feb 05 1958
The Clan MacGregor are moving west, complete with bagpipes, kilts and a stubborn streak not to give up their old way of life. The friction this causes with the rest of the train results in the ...more

The Nels Stack Story Oct 23 1957
Like the Major, Nelson Stack is an ex-army office from the Confederate army. Since the war, though, he has become a pacifist. That, together with the fact that he has more wagons and stock than ...more

The Gabe Carswell Story Jan 15 1958
Gabe Carswell is a legendary scout who chooses to live with the Arapaho indians for over twenty years. During that time he marries an Arapaho squaw. They have one son. Sadly, Carswell's wife ...more

The Mary Halstead Story Nov 20 1957
Mary Halstead is an elderly woman stricken with a terminal illness and a guilty conscience. She cannot do anything about the illness but she believes she can salve her conscience if she can find ...more

Feb 12 1958
The Major finds a lone wagon on the trail. Inside is a man he recognises as Bill Tawnee, once Indian Scout to General Sherman during the Civil War and much decorated for bravery. With him is his ...more

The Willy Moran Story Sep 18 1957
Major Adams is keen to get the Wagon Train under way, but one of the wagons is missing a driver. Adams is arguing with the owner to pull his wagon out of line when Willy Moran is thrown out of ...more

The Les Rand Story Oct 16 1957
Charlie Wooster, cook to Major Adams, is badly injured when he becomes trapped under a wagon. The train doesn't have a doctor but Flint thinks there is a town a couple of days ride away which ...more

Jan 22 1958
Major Adams is intrusted with getting socialite Julie Wharton safely to San Francisco. His plans nearly come to naught, however, when ageing Lothario the Honourable Don Charlie (at least that is ...more

The Daniel Barrister Story Apr 16 1958
Daniel Barrister is a God fearing man whose wife is badly injured in an accident on the trail. Daniel puts his faith in the Lord as the one great healer to heal his wife, but her condition ...more

The Mark Hanford Story Feb 26 1958
Flint finds himself in the middle of a family feud that threatens to spill over into a full scale Indian blood war. The trouble starts when Mark Hanford returns home to his father's ranch after ...more

The John Wilbot Story Jun 11 1958

The Cliff Grundy Story Dec 25 1957
When a rifle shot sounds ahead of the train Flint McCullough rides out to investigate. He expects to find trouble - and so he does, of a sort. He finds an old friend from his civil war days, ...more

The Cassie Tanner Story Jun 04 1958

The Julia Gage Story Dec 18 1957
Julia Gage is travelling west with her father. Early on in the trip it is obvious that she is an independent woman, who, although single, won't become any man's doormat. Along the way her father ...more

The Luke O'Malley Story Jan 01 1958
Flint is in town at a saloon. He is standing by the bar when a man seated at a nearby table with a deck of cards in his hand, asks Flint if he wants to play a hand. Flint declines. The bartender ...more

The Clara Beauchamp Story Dec 11 1957
A small group of cavalry men are on their way to their new post at a remote fort. At a small distance from the fort they tangle with two Indian Braves out hunting, unaware that their new ...more

The Riley Gratton Story Dec 04 1957
The train is halted. Flint McCullough is away, scouting. Then in rides a rangy young man with the gift of the gab who fought alongside the Major during the war. The Major takes a shine to him ...more