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Full List of Waiting for God Episodes

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Below is a complete Waiting for God episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Waiting for God episodes are listed along with the Waiting for God episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Waiting for God episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “A Double Wedding” and “The Seance” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Waiting for God episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Christmas at Bayview

    Dec 23 1992
    Diana stubbornly refuses to join the Christmas spirit, and wears earplugs to try to block out the sound. Meanwhile Tom plays Christmas tunes on the piano (with odd lyrics), wears a Santa suit and...
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    Another Christmas at Bayview

    Dec 22 1993
    Tom and Diana play pranks during the holiday season, one of which injuries Harvey. Harvey ends up slightly altered with a desire to marry Jane. Jane's grandfather visits and might stay. Meanwhile...
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    Stephanie Cole Funny Women

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    The Helicopter

    Aug 09 1990
    With upcoming by-elections Councillor Ferguson is courting the grey vote and comes to the home. At the same time Diana, once a photo-journalist, takes Tom up in a helicopter to take aerial shots of...
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    The Christening

    Jul 19 1990
    Tom is going to the christening of his nephew and wants Diana to accompany him but she is not keen because her arthritis is playing her up. Because she failed to declare it on her application form,...
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    Welcome to Bayview

    Jun 28 1990
    Tom Ballard is put in Bayview retirement home by drunken daughter Marion and her weak husband Geoffrey. Many of the residents are very passive but not retired journalist Diana Trent, whose mission...
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    A Trip to Brighton

    Jul 05 1990
    Diana rows with chief carer Jane for calling her a senior citizen and Tom does his best to ignore Marion and Geoffrey. Diana's niece Sarah has left her Porsche at the home so Diana drives Tom to...
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    Fraulein Mueller

    Jul 26 1990
    Jane wants to become a nun so Baines sacks her and brings in stern German matron Greta Mueller, who is a tyrant and tells Sarah where Diana hid the Porsche. Tom cons Baines into making him the head...
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    Cheering Up Tom

    Jul 12 1990
    Tom really thinks that he won't have to wait for God much longer when he says he is dying and is rushed to hospital. He is discovered to have had a heart attack but he becomes very depressed and...
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    The Psychiatrist

    Aug 02 1990
    Baines decides that if Diana and Tom are seen to be mentally incompetent it will give him power of attorney over them and end all his troubles, particularly as the home is in financial difficulties....
  • 11

    The Estate Agent

    Oct 08 1992
    After she has been accused of selfishness, Diana goes to work as a volunteer at a charity for elderly people and takes up the cause of an old lady about to be evicted by unscrupulous estate agent...
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    Oct 15 1992
    Resident Dave Cartwright has died and at the wake the drink flows freely amongst the inhabitants of Bayview. Tom and Diana certainly have knocked it back and next morning wake up in bed together....
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    Oct 29 1992
    Diana decides that she would like to enter politics and stands as an independent candidate for the Residents' Party. Baines has been asked to stand for the Tories so Tom decides he will have some fun...
  • 14

    Looking for Work

    Sep 24 1992
    It's April and yet it's still very cold so the residents do not appreciate it when Baines turns off the central heating and suggest the residents go jogging to keep warm. Tom and Diana decide to get...
  • 15

    Harvey's Fiancee

    Oct 01 1992
    Baines meets a girl-friend, Lucy Maitland, at the hunt ball. His mother is coming to visit before going to stay with his sister so Jane poses as Lucy Maitland to put Mother off Harvey's new fiancee...
  • 16

    Great Aunt Diana

    Nov 12 1992
    The residents are getting wet waiting for a bus but when it arrives the driver claims that they cannot get on for free for another four minutes as they are too early, so Diana hauls him off the bus...
  • 17

    The Funeral

    Sep 10 1992
    Depressed vicar Dennis Sparrow is conducting the funeral of ex-Bayview resident Jimmy, but is making heavy weather of the eulogy and later he tells Tom and Diana that he is losing his...
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    Sleeping Pills

    Nov 05 1992
    Diana collapses and is rushed to hospital where Baines tries, unsuccessfully to cop off with the lady doctor. Diana, wrongly, gets it into her head that she is dying of cancer and asks Tom to get...
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    Oct 22 1992
    Whilst Baines is ecstatic about his new car Tom and Diana plan a little holiday and start a vacation fund. Unfortunately, Geoffrey decides to invest the money in the new intensive care wing that...
  • 20

    Two Nasty Children

    Sep 17 1992
    Blaming Tom for introducing Marion to Dennis Sparrow, Geoffrey asks him to baby-sit his two children Skye and Tarquin, but they are little monsters who run rings round them. Fortunately, Diana is...
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    Christmas At Bayview

    Dec 23 1992
    It's Christmas and, unsurprisingly, Diana is not in the Christmassy mood. She's already told off a very young Santa to whom she took her great-niece and she's not bothered that there will be no...
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    The Partition

    Sep 12 1991
    Tom is depressed because he is missing his late wife but Marion and Geoffrey are not keen to have him home on respite. He turns his attentions to Diana and suggests that they shack up together, a...
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    Foreign Workers

    Oct 24 1991
    In order to cut costs Baines decides to employ illegal immigrant workers at Bayview. To Diana one incompetent foreigner, the gardener, is enough and, after the residents have staged a protest,...
  • 24

    Tell the Truth

    Oct 03 1991
    Tom 's belief that one should always tell the truth offends Jane, who has made herself look glamorous to appeal to Baines and Tom says she looks hideous. He also upsets Marion by telling her what he...
  • 25

    Counselling for the Dying

    Sep 05 1991
    Following the death,alone, of a resident, Tom puts himself forward as a counsellor to aid and comfort the terminally ill. A new female resident arrives and has afternoon delight with old Basil....