Full List of Walker, Texas Ranger Episodes

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Below is a complete Walker, Texas Ranger episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Walker, Texas Ranger episodes are listed along with the Walker, Texas Ranger episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Walker, Texas Ranger episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “Sons of Thunder (1)” to “Sons of Thunder (2).” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Walker, Texas Ranger episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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Trial by fire Episode: 1, Season: Walker
One Riot, One Ranger Episode: 1, Season: Walker
During a bank robbery in Dallas, Walker's partner is killed. Trying to solve this case, Walker finds out that this raid could have been only a test for a much bigger goal: simultaneously robbing ...more
Borderline Episode: 2, Season: Walker
Walker must help Alex when she is stalked by an ex-convict whom she convicted back in the day.
A Shadow in the Night Episode: 3, Season: Walker
When a powerful Japanese Yazuka is killed by Congressman Cabe's assistant, the Yazuka come to America, seeking revenge, and Walker and Trivette are assigned to protect the congressman.
In the Name of God Episode: 3, Season: Walker
A desperate man named Hank Berigan asks Alex for help in persuading his daughter, Amy, to leave the cult that she has joined. When Alex goes to the cult, she is imprisoned within, realizing that ...more
Stolen Lullaby Episode: 24, Season: Walker
A young mother's baby girl is stolen from her and illegally adopted by a rich couple who need a child to secure their political ambitions. It is up to Walker to return the girl to the rightful ...more
Storm Warning Episode: 2, Season: Walker
Trivette goes undercover into jail to infiltrate and destroy a drug ring. During a hurricane the transport crashes; the prisoners can escape and are hiding with hostages in a remote hotel. Among ...more
Episode: 1, Season: Walker
After he robbed a bank Roy accidentally gets arrested because of a minor offense, but has to be freed after a short time. Walker and Trivette stay close on his heels but they are not the only ...more
Episode: 11, Season: Walker
Walker's cousin, David Little Eagle Jackson, returns to the reservation following studying medicine to find many do not like him, including his girlfriend's father, whose murder he soon
On Deadly Ground Episode: 14, Season: Walker
Though they've no jurisdiction there, Walker and Trivette go to Mexico to help Walker's former partner escape from Mexican criminals.
The Long Haul Episode: 20, Season: Walker
Walker and Trivette go undercover to find out what happened to Walker's friend, a victim of a hijacking.
Rampage Episode: 21, Season: Walker
C.D. must rescue Walker and Trivette after they get trapped in Texas' backlands while tracking brothers.
Skyjacked Episode: 19, Season: Walker
While transporting a condemned man from Ohio to Texas, his friends skyjack the plane and subdue Walker and Trivette, who must find a way to prevent his escape.
Something in the Shadows (1) Episode: 12, Season: Walker
Walker and Trivette come close to apprehending the leader of a drug ring they've put out of business. Alex gets involved in the case of a student's rape.
Deadly Reunion (2) Episode: 23, Season: Walker
Walker and Trivette get help from a legendary Texas Ranger, back to seek justice for his murdered son, to help track down an assassin with a senator in his sights.
Right Man, Wrong Time Episode: 15, Season: Walker
Country-singer Merrilee needs Walker's protection from her estranged ex husband who's threatening her.
The Prodigal Son Episode: 16, Season: Walker
Walker soul searches after he nearly causes a young boy's death during a hostage situation.
Family Matters Episode: 6, Season: Walker
Walker is not able to arrest Mick Flanders because his sister is in the Witness Protection Program. Mick, proving that he's invincible, kidnaps a boy named Archie who was staying at Walker's
End Run Episode: 5, Season: Walker
Walker and Trivette are assigned to escort Cat, a woman who is to testify against a gang leader, Trigger James, safely to her destination. However, the group is seperated, and by the time ...more
Unfinished Business Episode: 8, Season: Walker
A Texas Ranger wannabe tries to upstage Walker by capturing prison escapees, buts gets innocent civilians in harm's way as well.
Deadly Vision Episode: 18, Season: Walker
Using a psychic to help locate a kidnapped 8-year-old earns Trivette ridicule from his fellow rangers.
She'll Do to Ride the River With Episode: 7, Season: Walker
Walker investigates the murder of a veterinarian who was trying the find the cause of death of several unusual animal deaths.
Something in the Shadows (2) Episode: 13, Season: Walker
Walker and Trivette come close to apprehending the leader of a drug ring they've put out of business. Alex gets involved in the case of a student's rape.
The Committee Episode: 17, Season: Walker
Walker goes undercover to foil a small town's local officials, who've been taking the law into their own hands by killing the town's criminals.
Crime Wave Dave Episode: 4, Season: Walker
Walker receives a plea for help when a woman named Frances tells him how her husband, Billy, never returned home last night. Upon meeting Billy's probation officer, a man by the name of David ...more