TV Episodes Full List of Walt Disney's Wonderful World Of Color Episodes

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Below is a complete Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color episodes are listed along with the Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Man in Space,” “Mr. Boogedy”, and many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Alice in Wonderland [1951] Nov 03 1954 - The 1951 Walt Disney animated film is the basis of this episode.

Prairie Seal Island Nov 10 1954 - James Algar explores the lives of animal habitats as captured on film. The next portion is the 1948 True-Life Disney movie, Seal Island with Winston Hibler narrating about the habitat of the fur

The Donald Duck Story Nov 17 1954 - It's all about Donald Duck here as his career is highlighted.

So Dear to My Heart [1948] Nov 24 1954 - The 1949 Disney movie is highlighted in this episode. Jeremiah is a young boy who owns a black lamb named Danny the Ram. Jeremiah wants to enter Danny into the spring fair, not out of pride for ...more

A Story of Dogs Dec 01 1954 - Walt Disney takes us behind the scenes on the making of his new animated feature Lady & the Tramp.

Operation Undersea Dec 08 1954 - Operation Undersea is a 1953 film.

Dec 15 1954 - This is the first of five stories of the legendary Davy Crockett. In it, Davy and his friend Georgie Russel go off to fight the hostile Creek Indians.

A Present for Donald Dec 22 1954 - In this Christmas episode, Donald Duck gets a movie projector and a film reel of a penguin who wants to be free of the frozen climate.

Beaver Valley/Cameras in Africa Dec 29 1954 - In teh first part, Walt Disney presents a famous animal photographer named Alfred G. Milotte, who presents clips of his African trip that has stunning stories about the African elephant and the ...more

Jan 05 1955 - Young Jim Hawkins is caught up with the pirate Long John Silver in search of the buried treasure of the buccaneer Captain Flint, in this adaptation of the classic novel by Robert Louis

Jan 12 1955 - Young Jim Hawkins is caught up with the pirate Long John Silver in search of the buried treasure of the buccaneer Captain Flint, in this adaptation of the classic novel by Robert Louis

Monsters of the Deep Jan 19 1955 - Walt Disney takes us into the world of the sea with its many creatures.

Jan 26 1955 - In the Second episode of the Davy Crockett trilogy, Davy, George and their families settle in Tennessee. Davy goes to town to file his claim, and he gets into it with a bully named Big Foot ...more

The Wind in the Willows Feb 02 1955 - Kenneth Grahame is the subject of this episode as we take a look at the short film of ""The Wind and the Willows"", as seen in the movie The Reluctant Dragon from 1941.

A Progress Report/Nature's Half Acre Feb 09 1955 - The first half of this epsiode is dedicated to the construction of the new Disneyland theme park in Anaheim.

Feb 16 1955 - Walt Disney shows us the importance of music in motion pictures. We also get a behind the scenes peek at the music made for the forthcoming movie Lady and the Tramp

Feb 23 1955 - The final chapter of the Davy Crockett trilogy begins when Davy and George make friends with a cheating gambler named Thimblerig. It is Thimblerig that gets Davy and George to go to Texas to ...more

From Aesop to Hans Christian Andersen Mar 02 1955 - Classic storytelling comes to life with Disney animation.

Mar 09 1955 - "Man in Space" is an episode of Disneyland which originally aired on March 9, 1955. It was directed by Disney animator Ward Kimball. Later, it was edited into a featurette to play in ...more

The Pre-Opening Reoprt from Disneyland Jul 13 1955 - The big day of the grand opening of Disneyland is almost here, and Walt Disney is making plans to ensure that the park will be safe and ready for its first guests on July 17, 1955.

Oct 27 1954 - Walt Disney introduces the show that will be a Sunday-night tradition for over 40 years, Disneyland. In this episode, he introduces upcoming season previews, plus movies that are to be coming ...more

Man and the Moon Dec 28 1955 - "Man and the Moon" is an episode of Disneyland which originally aired on December 28, 1955. It was directed by Disney animator Ward Kimball, and is about the Moon. It begins with a ...more

Dumbo [1941] Sep 14 1955 - This is an airing of the beloved 1941 animated feature, edited to run in the allotted time slot. Mrs. Jumbo, a circus elephant receives a baby with large ears. The other elephants ostracize him, ...more

Behind the True-Life Cameras, Olympic Elk Sep 21 1955 - James Algar takes us behind the scenes of a True-Life adventure in The Everglades and in a desert with Bob Crandall.

Jiminy Cricket Presents Bongo Sep 28 1955 - A little circus bear runs away and finds more of his own kind. Rejected at first, he soon becomes a hero after standing up to a bully named Lumpjaw. This is actually the first half of the ...more

People and Places: Tiburon, Sardinia, Morocco/Icebreakers Oct 05 1955 - This episode is from the People and Places theatrical series filmed by William N. Smith about his adventures in these exotic places.

The Adventures of Mickey Mouse Oct 12 1955 - Walt looks at the career of Mickey Mouse through a collection of his short cartoons.

The Story of the Silly Symphony Oct 19 1955 - This compilation of several of Disney's ""Silly Symphonies,"" a series of short cartoons from the 1930s has Walt telling viewers about the respective origins of many of the

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow [1948] Oct 26 1955 -

The Story of Robin Hood [1952] (1) Nov 02 1955 -

The Story of Robin Hood [1952] (2) Nov 09 1955 -

Nov 16 1955 - It seems the only way Mr. Disney could bring his dead hero, Davy Crockett, back to life was to pass this story off as a ""tall tale"". It involves Davy and his pal Georgie ...more

Nov 30 1955 - The first of three shows based on Disney's ""Art of Animation"" book. Walt Disney explores the history of Animation from primitive cave drawings, to Windsor McKay's ...more

The Goofy Success Story Dec 07 1955 -

Dec 14 1955 - The final Davy Crockett story (the second ""Legend"" tale) has Davy and ex-foe Mike Fink on the same side, fighting some nasty pirates who are passing themselves off as ...more

When Knighthood Was in Flower [1953] (1) Jan 04 1956 -

When Knighthood Was in Flower [1953] (2) Jan 11 1956 -

A Tribute to Joel Chandler Harris Jan 18 1956 -

A Day in the Life of Donald Duck Feb 01 1956 - "A Day in the Life of Donald Duck" is a 1956 episode of the Disneyland TV show. As the name of the episode implies, viewers experience Donald Duck himself as he struggles through a ...more

Survival in Nature Feb 08 1956 -

A Trip Thru Adventureland/Water Birds Feb 29 1956 -

On Vacation Mar 07 1956 -

Stormy, the Thoroughbred [1954] Mar 14 1956 -

The Goofy Sports Show Mar 21 1956 -

Where Do the Stories Come From? Apr 04 1956 -

Behind the Scenes with Fess Parker May 30 1956 -

Our Unsung Villains Feb 15 1956 - "Our Unsung Villains" is a 1956 episode of the television series Disneyland. The program has Walt Disney handing over the hosting duties to the Magic Mirror, who promptly decides to do ...more

Antarctica: Past and Present Sep 12 1956 -

The Great Cat Family Sep 19 1956 -

Searching for Nature's Mysteries Sep 26 1956 - Once again, Disneyland plays host to Winston Hibler, the familiar narrator (and sometimes writer/director) of Disney's ""True-Life Adventures"" short subject series. Hibler ...more