TV Episodes Full List of Wangan Midnight Episodes

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Below is a complete Wangan Midnight episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Wangan Midnight episodes are listed along with the Wangan Midnight episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Wangan Midnight episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “Blackbird” and “The girl with the GT-R.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Wangan Midnight episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

New machine Aug 17 2007 - Ishida-san gets his Ferrari modified by Kitami; Akio overhauls the Devil Z's engine.

Enchanted people Oct 19 2007 - Eriko Asakura tries to dump the Devil Z into the harbor but is stopped by Shima in the Blackbird. Shortly, Tatsuya drops off Eriko in the airport so she would go to London to study college. ...more

Stand By Me Jun 20 2008 - Kuroki tries to beat Akio's Devil Z but his engine blows due to too much driving causing Akio to buffer his R33 to a stop ending the race. Meanwhile, Kuroki repairs his R33 engine into a new ...more

Reviving the Demon Nov 16 2007 - Harada's Z31 runs into Hiramoto's R32 GT-R and Shima's Blackbird while Akio's scrapped Devil Z is being repaired. Eriko shares a moment with Shima while studying in London.

Illusive Top Speed Racer Dec 12 2007 - Reina discovers a Supra while driving around in C1. Kei drives the Supra and encounters Akio in Shima's Blackbird.

Stall Feb 14 2008 - Kitami tells Kei that "the Supra's life is over", but Kei resists and continues racing until his car's rear tires start heating up. Meanwhile, a group of tuners discuss about their ...more

R-200 Club Mar 20 2008 - A ragtag alliance of tuners who can break the 200 mph speed limit discuss about outrunning the Devil Z, Blackbird, and Reina's GT-R.

In the Evening Heat Jul 18 2008 - Eiji finally arrives in Tokyo and meets up with the RGO staff. Shima's Blackbird now has Shige's muffler.

Metropolitan Expressway at Midnight Jul 18 2008 - Rikako tunes the engine of Eiji's Evo V and the RGO cars. Maki visits Tokyo and compliments about it being "worse than Osaka" before returning home to Osaka.

Spirit of Dogfight Nov 16 2007 - The Devil Z has completed its repairs and races against Shima's Blackbird and the two R32 GT-Rs driven by Reina and Hiramoto respectively. Hiramoto gives up racing and finally reunites with his ...more

Osaka Midnight Jun 20 2008 - Eiji goes to Tokyo with a promise of returning home to Osaka after 3 months. Shortly, Eiji and Maki race a tuned R34 GT-R similar to that of Gen Goto's in the Hanshin Expressway.

Now, This Place... Apr 18 2008 - The Devil Z, Reina's R32 GT-R, and Kuroki's R33 GT-R meet up and start battling.

Professional Dec 12 2007 - Reina borrows and drives a demo R33 GT-R from RGO while Yamamoto drives Reina's R32 GT-R while racing against the Supra. Akio drives Devil Z and races against the same R33 GT-R that Reina

Shot Down Mar 20 2008 - The R200 Club (Motoki, Teizuka, and Sonoda) raced against Akio's Devil Z (with Kuroki as a passenger), Shima's Blackbird, and Reina's GT-R, but failed. Kuroki defects from the R-200 Club and ...more

Monster Machine Feb 14 2008 - After the race against Reina's borrowed R33 and Akio's Devil Z, Kei's Supra is being tuned by Takagi and RGO.

The Chosen One Sep 13 2008 - Kijima's FC, Shima's Blackbird, and's Devil Z split up in formation for the final battle of who would be the fastest. It ends with the Devil Z zooming out of Wangan and into Yokohama.

Blackbird Jun 15 2007 - As the Devil Z makes a spectacular return to Wangan, the background of the Z's previous owner is revealed as his younger sister tries to convince Akio to give up the Z.

The girl with the GT-R Jul 20 2007 - A mysterious R32 GT-R appears on the Wangan, and Akio finally discovers that it is driven by a fearless woman.

Thoughts that won't stop Sep 13 2008 -

Ghost of Wangan Oct 19 2007 - Kouichi Hiramoto buys a silver R32 GT-R leaving his wife Megumi crying back to her hometown of Miyazaki. Hiramoto also vows to make his R32 GT-R "The Authentic Dragon".

Dead end Aug 15 2008 - Eiji, with Rikako as a passenger, challenges the Devil Z and the Blackbird while in Tokyo before finally returning home to Osaka but loses.

Tuner of hell Aug 17 2007 - Akio meets the tuner of the Devil Z and Blackbird's Porsche.

The Devil Z Jun 08 2007 - After a shock loss to the Wangan Emperor, BlackBird, Akio Asakura stumbles across a blue S30Z at a junkyard and becomes aware of the car's infamous history.

The third man Jul 20 2007 - A white Testarossa appears and is driven by an asthmatic photographer. Akio cruises around Hakone due to heavy traffic in Wangan.

Reunion Apr 18 2008 - Kuroki's GT-R races against Shima's Blackbird but was defeated due to the engine mount being at overweight, he then reunites with Mika to share their past memories driving in C1.

Passion of the Distant Aug 14 2008 - After a long time away from the world of racing, Kouichi Kijima longs for his FC. He finally meets up with his FC's tuner, Machida, and asks Akio to accompany his search for the FC.