TV Episodes Full List of Wanted: Dead Or Alive Episodes

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Below is a complete Wanted: Dead or Alive episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Wanted: Dead or Alive episodes are listed along with the Wanted: Dead or Alive episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Wanted: Dead or Alive episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of different items, including “The Cure” and “The Voice of Silence.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Wanted: Dead or Alive episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Legend Mar 07 1959 - Josh is hired by Sam McGarrett to lead him with his son and daughter into the Mesa desert to find a hundred year old treasure.

Fatal Memory Sep 13 1958 - While on the trail of an Army deserter, Josh is surprised to find fake wanted posters for Colonel Sykes; the Army Commander that he served under.

Bounty for a Bride Apr 04 1959 - A man hires Josh Randall to persuade his daughter to come back home. The girl, who was kidnapped by Indians years before, refuses to return because she feels that the Indians are now her

The Fourth Headstone Nov 01 1958 - Josh is hired on the help transport a female prisoner who has murdered three men to another jail.

Til Death Do Us Part Nov 08 1958 - Beautiful Stacy Torrance is wanted for the murder of her husband, but when Josh finds her husband still alive he tries to have the charges cleared.

Amos Carter May 09 1959 - Josh tries to reconcil two families whose feud has reached dangerous proportions.

The Bounty Sep 20 1958 - A vicious Bounty Hunter named Daimler is sought by Josh after Daimler gunned down an elderly fugitive.

Crossroads Apr 11 1959 - Josh is on the track of a suspected murderer, when the father tries to avert his sons capture.

Sheriff of Red Rock Nov 29 1958 - The Sheriff of Red Rock allows his prisoners to escape, so two bounty hunters can collect the reward and split it three ways.

The Martin Poster Sep 06 1958 - Josh takes matters into his own hands after Marshall Jeff Wilcox is killed by the Martin brothers.

Six-Up to Bannach Jan 10 1959 - Josh is on his way to Bannach to prevent the execution of an innocent man and he must travel by stagecoach one that is carrying boxes of dynamite.

Railroaded Mar 14 1959 - Josh comes to the defense of a boy accused of murdering an Undercover Pinkerton detective aboard the train.

Ricochet Nov 22 1958 - Josh is hired to look for a missing husband and ends up in a murder conspiracy.

Shawnee Bill Oct 04 1958 - After a crooked poker game, Josh is led to believe that his opponent is Shawnee Bill.

The Spur Jan 17 1959 - Josh is hunting for wanted murderer Vic Warsaw when he finds out that his bounty was gunned down.

Drop to Drink Dec 27 1958 - After a Pony Express carrier is held up and the courier with a $20,000 diamond ring go missing. Josh is hired to find him.

The Conquerers May 02 1959 - A Banker hires Josh to find his runaway son. The boy has joined a mercenary army that preys on small Mexican villages.

Dead End Sep 27 1958 - After being hired to apprehend a ranch worker who stole money and disappeared, Josh undercovers more than he bargained for.

Rope Law Jan 03 1959 - Josh returns with his prisoner Brace Logan and a lynch mob overtakes him. A little too late the townspeople realize that Logan was innocent and that the guilty party is some well respected.

The Giveaway Gun Oct 11 1958 - Josh is looking for an unknown gunman which can only be identified by the peculiar way he draws his gun.

The Kovack Affair Mar 28 1959 - Josh is called by his old friend Jesse to help Meaghan keep her hotel from the hands of corrupt Kovack.

Eight Cent Reward Dec 20 1958 - A poor family with not much and hopes destroyed by storms and rustlers who want their land. Josh tries to help and right at Christmas a small miracle does occur.

Die by the Gun Dec 06 1958 - Aboard a stagecoach with prisoner in hand, Josh and the Coach driver are attacked by escapees heading for the Mexican border.

Angels of Vengeance Apr 18 1959 - Josh kills a young man in self-defense, the victim's father, the head of a religious cult, then orders Josh's death.

Eager Man Feb 28 1959 - Fugitive Ted Nelson will surrender to his friend Josh Randall, if his wife shares the reward. Gar Foley also a bounty hunter has other ideas.

Call Your Shot Feb 07 1959 - Josh is hired by Gabe Henshaw to find his son Will.

Double Fee Mar 21 1959 - An Opera Singer hires Josh to find her sister who has been kidnapped and is being held ransom.

Miracle at Pot Hole Oct 25 1958 - Josh hands over a criminal to Sheriff Wilson and finds out the sheriff is a crook. He begins to doubt the guilt of his so-called criminal.

Littlest Client Apr 25 1959 - Josh is hired by a 10 year old girl to find her father, she refuses to believe that he is dead.

The Favor Nov 15 1958 - Josh searches for a robbery suspect in a town called Bent Horn run by outlaws.

Secret Ballot Feb 14 1959 - Randall's old war buddy Ned Easter is running for mayor in a town governed by corrupt mayor Barney Pax and his brother Steve, whom he has made sheriff. The Pax brothers avoid honest competition ...more

The Corner Feb 21 1959 - Accused of killing a friend, bounty hunter Josh Randall tries to prove himself innocent.

Reunion for Revenge Jan 24 1959 - Intent on revenge several escaped convicts confront Josh's prisoner who is responsible for them going to jail.

Competition Jan 31 1959 - Josh is confronted by two bounty hunters who think he is onto a big paying job.

Ransom for a Nun Oct 18 1958 - Mother Superior asks Josh to find Sister Grace who is being held by outlaws.

Rawhide Breed Dec 13 1958 - The Kreager brothers are on the trail of Josh and his prisoner, when a sudden attack by Apaches leaves his prisoner dead.

Pay-Off at Pinto May 21 1960 - Bank of Pinto having been robbed hires Josh to go to Santa Fe to replenish the funds.

The Monster Jan 16 1960 - Josh goes after an elephant trainer who is using the animal to scare away the whole town so he can rob the town blind.

Tolliver Bender Feb 13 1960 - Josh needs Tolliver's testimony in a nearby town unfortunately Amos McKenna wants to hang Tolliver and will only allow him to go if one of the two Josh or Jason stays in his place.

Twelve Hours to Crazy Horse Nov 21 1959 - Josh delivers Dan Murdock, wanted for multiple murders, in Mesa City. Josh learns that the local sheriff is the brother of Crazy Horse's deputy, one of the victims, and it's unlikely that ...more

The Most Beautiful Woman Jan 23 1960 - John Garth comes to town looking for his darling Lil, he feels something terrible has happened. There was a fire in the saloon and he thinks she died.

The Hostage Oct 10 1959 - Josh delivers Jumbo Kane, a highly dangerous and already sentenced to death man. Soon after he has handed him over to the sheriff, Kane takes the sheriff by surprise and kills him.

Prison Trail May 14 1960 - Josh and Jason are delivering four criminals unaware that a stranger is following them to seek revenge on those criminals.

The Empty Cell Oct 17 1959 - Josh delivers a prisoner to the sheriff, in the morning Josh realizes that there was an impostor and that the prisoner has successfully escaped with his cohort.

Jason Jan 30 1960 - Josh caught 'Doc' Phillips, the partner of Clell Fennon, and now wants to use him as a bait to get Fennon - worth $5.000 - himself.

The Inheritance Apr 30 1960 - Clint Davis a blind and dying rancher hires Josh to find his renegade son.

Bad Gun Oct 24 1959 - After selling a customer a defective gun, Josh is hired to retrieve the dangerous weapon.

Triple Vice Feb 27 1960 - Josh and Jason go to Mexico Al Hemp's brother Billy. Al took the blame for Billy's crime and ends up waiting for his brother a no show.

The Partners Feb 06 1960 - Josh gets arrested - for horse theft. Then he finds out it was Jason who wants him behind bars because Jason wants to go after Billy Joe Henry alone.

Black Belt Mar 19 1960 - Josh goes after a Korean named Sammy Wong wanted for murder. His hands are his deadly weapon, being the karate expert that he is.