Entertainment Full List of WCW Saturday Night Episodes

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Below is a complete WCW Saturday Night episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual WCW Saturday Night episodes are listed along with the WCW Saturday Night episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. WCW Saturday Night episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “The King of Cable Tournament” and “December 21, 1996” are included on this list, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the WCW Saturday Night episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
November 16, 1996 Nov 16 1996
Match Results:Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated The GamblerHugh Morrus defeated Jim PowersChris Benoit defeated Hector GuerreroHigh Voltage vs. Hardbody Henderson and Jack Boot - No ContestWCW ...more
January 15, 2000 Jan 15 2000
Match Results:The Wall defeated Frankie LancasterElix Skipper defeated Mark JindrakSilver King defeated Barry HorowitzAllan Funk defeated Sonny Siaki3-Count defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. and ...more
November 2, 1996 Nov 02 1996
Match Results:Eddie Guerrero defeated Jimmy GrafittiFaces of Fear defeated Rock n' Roll ExpressJoe Gomez defeated The Cheetah KidBig Bubba Rogers and Kevin Sullivan defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. ...more
November 23, 1996 Nov 23 1996
Match Results:Faces of Fear defeated Cyclope and GalaxyKevin Sullivan defeated Scotty RiggsChris Jericho defeated Craig PittmanArn Anderson defeated Bunkhouse BuckAmazing French-Canadians ...more
December 28, 1996 Dec 28 1996
1996 Year in Review
November 30, 1996 Nov 30 1996
Match Results:Chris Jericho defeated La ParkaWCW Television Championship - Lord Steven Regal defeated Bobby EatonKaoru pinned Sonoko KatoKonnan defeated Eddie Guerrero by disqualificationHarlem ...more
December 21, 1996 Dec 21 1996
Match Results:Jeff Jarrett defeated Rex KingDiamond Dallas Page defeated Bunkhouse BuckDavid Taylor pinned The GamblerDean Malenko defeated Mark StarrScott Norton pinned Sgt. Buddy Lee ...more
The King of Cable Tournament Nov 07 1992
October 19, 1996 Oct 19 1996
Match Results:Diamond Dallas Page defeated Scotty RiggsDean Malenko defeated Alex WrightJeff Jarrett defeated Steve ArmstrongThe Faces of Fear defeated Mike Enos and Buckhouse BuckLex Luger ...more
October 26, 1996 Oct 26 1996
Match Results:Rough & Ready defeated Harlem Heat by disqualificationJeff Jarrett defeated The RoadblockEddie Guerrero defeated Mr. J.L.Dean Malenko defeated Alex WrightJimmy Grafitti ...more
December 14, 1996 Dec 14 1996
Match Results:Dean Malenko defeated Billy KidmanThe Renegade & Joe Gomez defeated High VoltageJeff Jarrett defeated Larry SantoDiamond Dallas Page pinned Rex KingIce Train defeated Luther ...more
November 9, 1996 Nov 09 1996
Match Results:Psicosis & Juventud Guerrera defeated American MalesWCW Television Championship - Lord Steven Regal defeated Hacksaw Jim DugganDiamond Dallas Page defeated Ice TrainAmazing ...more
December 7, 1996 Dec 07 1996
Match Results:Chris Jericho defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee ParkerAmazing-French Canadians defeated Steve and Scott ArmstrongRick Steiner defeated Bunkhouse BuckKevin Sullivan pinned Prince IaukeaJeff ...more
Janurary 13, 1996
Alex Wright vs. Steve Armstrong Eddie Guerrero vs. Scott Armstrong Clash of the Champions Update Kevin Sullivan vs. Butch Long American Males vs. Men at Work INT- Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage V.K. ...more
January 6, 1996 Jan 06 1996
Eddie Guerrero vs. Gambler Disco Inferno vs. Big Train Bart Clash of the Champions Update Meng vs. Mike Davis INT- Mike Ditka/Eric Bischoff Johnny B. Badd vs. Dave Taylor Chris Kanyon vs. Alex ...more
Season 4, Episode 25 Jun 22 1996
Season 4, Episode 26 Jun 29 1996
Season 4, Episode 27 Jul 06 1996
Season 4, Episode 28 Jul 13 1996
Season 4, Episode 29 Jul 20 1996
Season 4, Episode 30 Jul 27 1996
Season 4, Episode 41 Oct 12 1996
October 19, 1996 Oct 19 1996
October 26, 1996 Oct 26 1996
November 2, 1996 Nov 02 1996