TV Episodes Full List of WCW WorldWide Episodes

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Below is a complete WCW WorldWide episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual WCW WorldWide episodes are listed along with the WCW WorldWide episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. WCW WorldWide episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “July 27, 1991” and “October 26, 1991.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the WCW WorldWide episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

September 7, 1990 Sep 07 1990
Match ResultsBarry Windham defeated Jeff StoneBrian Pillman defeated Tim HughesMark Callous d. Dave JohnsonMike Rotunda & Tim Horner defeated Death Row & Mike ThorJunk Yard Dog defeated ...more

September 14, 1990 Sep 14 1990
Match Results:Junk Yard Dog defeated Crusher KnopfBrad Armstrong defeated Doug VinesBambi defeated Peggy Lee LeatherDoom defeated Lou Perez & Dave JohnsonLex Luger defeated Scotty ...more

September 21, 1990 Sep 21 1990
Match ResultsBlade Hunter defeated Dave DiamondBrian Pillman defeated BasherFabulous Freebirds defeated Alex Porteau & Joe CazanaBuddy Landel defeated Allan Iron EagleMike Rotunda & Tim ...more

September 28, 1990 Sep 28 1990
Match ResultsArn Anderson defeated Greg SawyerSid Vicious defeated Steve StackBrian Pillman defeated Barry HorowitzJ.W. Storm defeated Keith HartNasty Boys defeated Brian Carr & Dave ...more

October 6, 1990 Oct 06 1990
Match Results:The Southern Boys defeated State PatrolDutch Mantell defeated Joe BarrettTerry Taylor defeated Brain CarrZ-Man & Tim Horner defeated Moondog Rex & Barry HorowitzMichael ...more

October 13, 1990 Oct 13 1990
Match Results:The Juicer defeated Chuck CoatsScott Steiner defeated Bill FordDoom defeated Tommy Angel & Brett HolidayRenegade Warriors defeated Barry Horowitz & Tom BurtonSid Vicious ...more

October 20, 1990 Oct 20 1990
Match Results:Lex Luger defeated Bob EmorySteiner Brothers defeated unnamed jobbersFabulous Freebirds defeated Joe DeFuria & Dave BerrySid Vicious defeated Mike WilliamsNasty Boys defeated ...more

October 27, 1990 Oct 27 1990
Match Results:Brian Pillman & Z-Man defeated Hassin Farouk & Gil CannatellaJ.W. Storm defeated John PetersonMike Rotunda defeated Chuck CoatsThe Juicer defeated Todd BrewerMidnight ...more

November 3, 1990 Nov 03 1990
Match Results:The Steiner Brothers defeated Johnny B. Goode & Paul LeeSid Vicious defeated Rob MorganTerry Taylor defeated Tony BurtonThe Master Blasters defeated Scott Allen & John ...more

November 10, 1990 Nov 10 1990
Match Results:Sting defeated Ringlord IIThe Iron Sheik defeated Todd BrewerBuddy Landell defeated Reno RigginsJunk Yard Dog defeated Chuck CoatesNasty Boys defeated John Chambers & Scott ...more

November 17, 1990 Nov 17 1990
Match Results:Sid Vicious defeated David TaylorSteiner Brothers defeated Mark Kyle & Johnny EbertDoom defeated Dave Diamond & Lynn FieldsZ-Man defeated Barry HorowitzThe Juicer defeated ...more

November 24, 1990 Nov 24 1990
Match Results:Doom defeated Pablo Crenshaw & Mark WhiteRicky Morton & Tommy Rich defeated Mike Samples & Jim CorbettBig Cat defeated Keith HartZ-Man defeated Rip RogersThe Steiner ...more

December 1, 1990 Dec 01 1990
Match Results:Steiner Brothers d. State PatrolBobby Eaton d. Keith HartSting d. Moondog RexStan Hansen d. Elbert BiselLex Luger d. Joe CazanaRic Flair & Arn Anderson d. Greg Sawyer &

March 2, 1991 Mar 02 1991
Match Results:Ricky Morton & Junk Yard Dog & Tommy Rich d. Bill Ford & Greg Sawyer & Randy StarrSting d. Dr. XSteiner Brothers d. Keith Hart & Lou FabiannoZ-Man d. Joey ...more

December 8, 1990 Dec 08 1990
Match Results:Ron Simmons d. Itallion StallionBrian Pillman defeated Jeff SwordTom Zenk defeated Buddy LandellSkyscrapers d. Lee Scott & Jerry PriceNight Stalker & Motor City Madman vs ...more

December 15, 1990 Dec 15 1990
Match Results:Big Cat & Motor City Madman d. Barry Deville & Tim ParkerMichael Wallstreet d. Rick CannonRick Steiner d. Chuck CoatesLex Luger d. Paul LeeRicky Morton d. Rip RogersSid ...more

December 22, 1990 Dec 22 1990
Match Results:Brian Pillman & Z-Man d. Joe Cazana & Ed BrockRicky Morton d. Bobby Eaton by disqualificationBig Cat & The Nightstalker d. John Faulkner & Scott AllenMichael ...more

December 29, 1990 Dec 29 1990
Match Results:Z-Man d. Motor City Madman (From 'WCW Main Event' - Dec. 1, 1990)Sid Vicious d. Lou Perez (From 'WCW Pro-Wrestling' - October 1990)Brian Pillman d. Stan Lane (From 'NWA Worldwide' ...more

January 5, 1991 Jan 05 1991
Match Results:Master Blasters d. Pablo Crenshaw & Todd BrewerDutch Mantell d. Dave JohnsonZ-Man d. Tim HughesBig Cat d. Jamie McKinnonRicky Morton NC Bobby EatonMichael Wallstreet d. Scott

January 12, 1991 Jan 12 1991
Match Results:Lex Luger d. Mike HartBobby Eaton d. Tommy AngelTim Horner d. Rip RogersBrian Pillman d. Dutch MantellRick Steiner d. Topp GallianLarry Cameron d. Ray Hammer

January 19, 1991 Jan 19 1991
Match Results:Konnan d. Chuck CoatsBig Cat & Motor City Madman d. Allan Iron Eagle & Greg SawyerRenegade Warriors d. Magnum ForceZ-Man d. Wild Bill IrwinFabulous Freebirds d. Itallion ...more

January 26, 1991 Jan 26 1991
Match Results:Doom (w/Teddy Long) d. John Faulkner & Greg SawyerNumber One Contender for the Television Title Match - Arn Anderson d. Bobby EatonMichael Wallstreet (w/Alexandra York) d. ...more

February 2, 1991 Feb 02 1991
Match Results:Fabulous Freebirds d. Flyin' Brian Pillman & Brad ArmstrongSid Vicious d. Dave JohnsonWCW World Heavyweight Championship - Ric Flair d. StingDoom d. Scott Allen & Carl ...more

February 9, 1991 Feb 09 1991
Match Results:Michael Wallstreet d. David IsleySteiner Brothers d. Mike Samples & Magnum Force #2Sid Vicious d. Unnamed JobberBarry Windham d. Ron SimmonsRicky Morton & Tommy Rich & ...more

February 16, 1991 Feb 16 1991
Match Results:Sting d. SamariSteiner Brothers d. Mike Samples & Steve StacksState Patrol d. Larry Santo & Jim BossBrian Pillman d. J.W. WolfeSid Vicious d. Tom SawyerWCW Television ...more