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Below is a complete Webdreams episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Webdreams episodes are listed along with the Webdreams episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Webdreams episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Episode 8” to “Episode 7” is included below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Webdreams episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode 6 Oct 29 2005 - The next stop on Dugmor’s “porn tour” is Lake Havesu, Arizona. Together with Jay Scott and Uncle D, they pack Dugmor’s van and hit the road. Dugmor still has Karen on his mind and is finding it ...more

Episode 7 Nov 05 2005 - With Dugmor still on the road and MGH refusing to work with her, Malezia is in Montreal with nothing to do. There are only so many trips to the gym one can make while waiting for Vivid in L.A. ...more

Episode 8 Nov 12 2005 - Dugmor makes a surprise return to Montreal. It’s a time to check up on his staff, as well as to party. It’s also a rare opportunity to reunite with his most famous discovery, Malezia. His first ...more

Episode 1 Jan 30 2009 - In Episode 1 of this ten-part dramatic documentary soap opera, you are shuttled into the excitement via five storylines: you meet the webcam girls at, ambitious porn star Katrina, gay ...more

Episode 2 Sep 09 2005 - We catch up with gay icon Dave Angelo and his wife, Manon, fresh from a heated fight about the content of Dave’s website. The couple have kissed and made up, and now they search for the best ...more

Episode 3 Sep 16 2005 - In the third installment of Webdreams, chat hostess Leila returns to work at, but not before dropping a bomb on studio manager Cheli. Not only has Leila been dating chatters, causing ...more

Episode 5 Oct 22 2005 - After an incredible run with Malezia in Los Angeles, Dugmor has to turn his focus to other business. He heads off to Miami to attend Internext, one of the most important adult web conferences in ...more

Episode 4 Oct 15 2005 - The episode opens with Dugmor and Malezia continuing their exciting odyssey in Los Angeles, but Malezia is having trouble keeping up with the tight schedule set by her new employers, the porn ...more

Episode 9 Nov 19 2005 - It’s before dawn, and Dave, never a morning man, has to catch a flight to Palm Springs, California. He’s set to star in the fifth and final film of his contract for Colt Studios. Dave has been a ...more

Episode 10 Nov 26 2005 - Having set up an office in Asia, Dugmor jets off to Las Vegas for the annual AVN adult awards show and convention. This is where he will promote his business, including, to the elite ...more

Episode 12 Jun 22 2007 - Violet finally dumps her investor Jim and takes Mark Prince up on his offer to become the backer of her website. She now has to move quickly to make sure everything is in place for the site’s ...more

Episode 11 Jun 15 2007 - Violet meets with Vid Vicious to talk about what happened in Miami and confides that she wants to drop her investor Jim but doesn’t know how to do it. Vid offers to shoot material for her ...more

Episode 8 May 25 2007 - MSM is busier than ever and Dave decides it’s time he gave Franka her own project. The website will bring something fresh to the web and Franka is in charge of the entire ...more

Episode 1 Apr 06 2007 - Montreal producer Vid Vicious is under extreme pressure, needing to complete five shoots for a client in seven days. He’s having trouble recruiting enough girls. After the STD tests are done, he ...more

Episode 3 Apr 20 2007 - It’s been a couple of weeks since Uncle D’s argument with his long-distance girlfriend Kayla, and now she’s coming to Toronto to spend some time with him. The couple will be shooting for a ...more

Episode 2 Apr 13 2007 - Uncle D is in Las Vegas at one of the most glamorous adult industry conventions in the world for a business meeting with his idol, John “Buttman” Stagliano. But even though D has travelled ...more

Episode 10 Jun 08 2007 - Violet arrives at the Internext convention in Miami with her website still not online. She tries desperately to contact her webmaster Jim, but he can’t be reached. The severity of the situation ...more

Episode 9 Jun 01 2007 - Uncle D heads to Europe to visit with friends while doing what he loves best, shooting ass. Trying to forget his troubles with Kayla, Uncle D is quick to get back into his groove and shoots with ...more

Episode 6 May 11 2007 - Angelique and Celt are in Northern Quebec to visit with family and friends. They do a sultry shoot together, shot by Angelique’s friend Sophie, the photographer who kick-started the porn star’s ...more

Episode 4 Apr 27 2007 - Lance and Alexandra have solidified their partnership with Bucky and Janessa on, and now looking to bring some VIP star power to the project. They call their old friend Malezia, ...more

Episode 7 May 18 2007 - Vid arrives in San Francisco, ready to further help MSM’s new partnership with FCF. He gets to work right away, shooting his first scene of the day and training Sonny, a photographer at FCF, at ...more

Episode 5 May 04 2007 - Since MJ walked out of the shoot with Solaya, she has been reluctant to continue working with Diesel on his transsexual niche sites. Diesel is troubled by his girlfriend’s coldness and makes a ...more

Episode 7 Maxine X & Scott’s Caribbean odyssey falls flat; Seven reunites with his brother; Paris meets Vivid Entertainment; Chad goes to Argentina for some “Latin Heat”.

Episode 1 Starlet Maxine X is looking to move away from fetish porn, and open her career to the bright lights of the mainstream. With her husband Scott by her side, she attends the Toronto Sex Show, ...more

Episode 3 Back home after a grueling tour of Quebec strip clubs, Maxine X and Scott set out to further establish her in the mainstream by producing their first non-fetish DVD. They fly in Vancouver’s ...more

Episode 4 Paris accepts a role in a Triple-X film; Jordan travels to Vegas in search new talent; Maxine & Scott attend a porn convention in Miami; Chris & Chad work through some kinks on the set ...more

Episode 8 Tommy Pistol pushes his new indie porn film; Maxine X guest stars at a Toronto sex trade show; Justice eludes Seven; Paris considers Vivid’s offer.

Episode 5 Paris and Jordan bury the hatchet; Tommy Pistol is given new responsibilities at Naughty America; Maxine throws an X-rated launch party; Seven scours Toronto for amateur talent.

Episode 6 Tommy returns from his illness; Maxine X hits the road to stardom; Jordan throws a launch party; Chris and Chad scramble to complete their film on time.

Episode 10 Tommy lands a sweet new gig; Seven tries his hand at directing drama; Maxine X meets with porn legend Seymour Butts; Paris makes a bold decision.

Episode 2 Having broken into Toronto’s adult industry as a successful marketing consultant, Jordan is now looking to expand with an interactive webcam site. But he’s having a hard time luring new talent, ...more

Episode 9 Paris works the crowd at AVN; Maxine gets her own line of sex toys; Tommy starts work on “Evil Head”; Chad is overlooked by the “GAYVN” Awards committee.