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Full List of Wedding Peach Episodes

Below is a complete Wedding Peach episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Wedding Peach episodes are listed along with the Wedding Peach episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Wedding Peach episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Shoubu! Akuma no PK-sen/Fight! A Devil's "PK" match” and “First kiss ga Ubawareru/My "first kiss" will be stolen!.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Wedding Peach episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • 1

    Celebration! Birth of the Love Angel

    Apr 05 1995
  • 2

    Episode 10, 526: Sorry, Yousuke (Bonus Special OVA)

    Bonus Edition OVA "Episode 10,526"
  • 3

    Wedding Peach DX: The False Love Angels - We'll Fight, Even on Valentine's Day

    Jul 25 1997
  • 4

    Wedding Peach DX: Salvia's Love... We'll Fight, Even on a Luxury Liner!

    Feb 27 1997
  • 5

    Wedding Peach DX: Reunion - We'll Fight, Even on Christmas

    Apr 25 1997
  • 6

    Combine! Wedding Robo!

    Bonus Edition OVA "Episode 10,527"
  • 7

    The Love Angel Task Force`s Final Battle

    Bonus Edition OVA "Final Episode"
  • 8

    Wedding Peach DX: Revival of the Love Angels! We'll Fight Even When We Go to the Beach

    Dec 24 1996
  • 9

    Shuku! Aitenshi Tanjou/Congratulations! A Love Angel Is Born!

    Apr 05 1995
    Momoko leads a normal young girl's life, living happily with her father, a professional photographer, attending school with her friends, Yuri and Hinagiku, and sharing dreams of love involving the
  • 10

    Appare! Oironaoshi/Awesome! Oyonashi!

    Apr 12 1995
    After returning to the devil world, Pluie reports to Queen Raindevila that he may have found a piece of the "Saint Something Four" in the human world and pledges to obtain it without fail. As for
  • 11

    Nerawareta Hanayome/Targeted Bride

    Apr 19 1995
    A graduate and former soccer star from Saint Hanazono is about to get married and the current soccer team has been invited to perform at the wedding reception. Momoko's father has been hired as the
  • 12

    Angel Lily tanjou/Angel Lily Is Born!

    Apr 26 1995
    Momoko and Hinagiku visit Yuri's home, where Yuri's mother, a successful wedding dress designer, is preparing for a fashion show. Mistaking the wedding gowns for the Saint Something Four, Pluie and
  • 13

    3 Nin me no Aitenshi/The Third Love Angel

    May 03 1995
    The Tamano household is in chaos when Hinagiku's mother assumes that her husband has forgotten their fifteenth wedding anniversary. However, Hinagiku's father only pretended to forget because he
  • 14

    Jamapi no Gyakushuu/Jama-pi's Return

    May 10 1995
    A shy classmate asks Momoko to deliver a love letter on her behalf to none other than Fuuma Yousuke. Later, after Momoko hands the letter to Yousuke, Jama-P launches an attack, but Wedding Peach is
  • 15

    Tabesugi ni Goyoujin/Be Sure To Eat Properly

    May 17 1995
    The newspaper club conducts a survey to determine what the boys consider to be the perfect girl and the results point to their classmate Yukiko. The next morning, everyone is stunned to find that
  • 16

    Pajama to Nemuri-hime/Pajama And The Sleeping Princess

    May 24 1995
    Students at Saint Hanazono are falling into deep slumber for days and no one has been able to wake them. Suspicious, the Love Angels begin to investigate, but are too late to prevent the devil
  • 17

    Ubawareta Something Four/Stolen Something Four

    May 31 1995
    The "Something Four" is explained when idol actress Miyagawa Erika holds a press conference prior to her wedding. The devils mistake Erika's something four for the magical angel world relics, the
  • 18

    Omigoto! Yuujou Oironaoshi/Congratulations! Oyonashi in friendship

    Jun 07 1995
    Other school clubs try to lure Hinagiku and Yuri away from the newspaper club, leaving Momoko to handle things on her own. As a result, the power of their friendship weakens to the point where they
  • 19

    Toki wo Kakeru Hinagiku/Hinagiku's journey through time

    Jun 14 1995
    It's déjà vu when Hinagiku’s Saint Pendule watch starts behaving very strangely. The entire Saint Hanazono campus is buzzing in preparation for the school anniversary celebration, but Hinagiku seems
  • 20

    Bijin Akuma no Koi Uranai/A beautiful Devil fortune-teller

    Jun 21 1995
    The money-grubbing devil Aquelda convinces Raindevila to allow her to go to the human world in search of the Saint Something Four. Meanwhile, the Love Angels have their fortunes told by their fellow
  • 21

    Ubawareta Ai no Yubiwa/Stolen Ring of Love

    Jul 05 1995
    Pluie and Aquelda band together and manage to steal Momoko's ring. Momoko is crestfallen, but then her father confesses that her mother is in fact still alive although her whereabouts are a mystery.
  • 22

    Sennyuu! Akuma no Mori/Stealth! Devil's Forest

    Jul 12 1995
    There seem to be more questions than answers. Pluie reports to Raindevila that a powerful wave came from a human and teams up with the devil Nocturne in order to investigate. Momoko is still
  • 23

    Akumazoku no Hokori/The pride of the Devils

    Jul 19 1995
    Yousuke's life hangs in the balance as the Love Angels and Jama-P continue their rescue efforts. Fighting on the devils' home turf, this confrontation with Pluie may prove to be the Love Angels'
  • 24

    Sei-Hanazono Gakuen no Himitsu/Flower Garden Academy's secret

    Jul 26 1995
    More devils are searching for the Saint Something Four: the devil Sandra and his three recruits, Noise, Blitz, and Cloud. While Momoko is serving detention cleaning the library, Yuri and Hinagiku
  • 25

    Aitenshi, Natuuyasumi mo Tatakau wa!/Love Angels, fighting during summer vacation

    Aug 02 1995
    Noise’s search for the Saint Something Four leads her to Yousuke. When Noise takes the small bell that Yousuke's father left him to the devil world, Lord Sandra determines that Yousuke's bell is not