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Full List of Wedding Peach Episodes

Below is a complete Wedding Peach episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Wedding Peach episodes are listed along with the Wedding Peach episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Wedding Peach episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Shoubu! Akuma no PK-sen/Fight! A Devil's "PK" match” and “First kiss ga Ubawareru/My "first kiss" will be stolen!.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Wedding Peach episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Manatsu no Yoru no Shinpi/A summer night's mystery

    Aug 09 1995
    The newspaper club hosts a traditional test of courage one summer evening for the Saint Hanazono students. The fun takes a serious turn when students start disappearing, thanks to the devil Blitz.
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    Umibe no Pendant/The pendant of the beach

    Aug 16 1995
    Yuri's mother is preparing for another fashion show, this time at a seaside villa. One of the models, Saori, befriends Hinagiku and becomes somewhat like an older sister. When Hinagiku has a
  • 28

    Piano yo Hibike Hoshizora ni/Echo the piano in a starry sky

    Aug 23 1995
    Gentle and ladylike Yuri starts hanging out on the streets with a rough group of girls and is evasive when her friends ask about it. Eventually the truth comes out and Yuri explains that she is
  • 29

    Nerawareta Jamapi/Targeted Jama-pi

    Aug 30 1995
    Hinagiku secretly tricks Yanagiba into going on a shopping date with her. At the public library, Momoko and Yuri accidentally lose Jama-P, who is mistaken for a stuffed toy and taken by a little
  • 30

    Dokidoki Gakuensai/Exciting school festival

    Sep 13 1995
    Coerced into a devil's contract, Takuro continues his relentless pursuit of Momoko and flaunting the extraordinary new skills that Igneous is magically granting him. Hinagiku, who has known Takuro
  • 31

    Akuma no Kiss ha Amaku nai/A Devil's kiss isn't sweet

    Sep 20 1995
    Igneous gets serious and sends out the devil Tarashi, who is able to see into a woman’s heart and transform into the object of her affection in order to deplete her love wave with a kiss. The
  • 32

    Ituwari no Kekkonshiki/A false bride

    Sep 27 1995
    Igneous comes up with a scheme to help Takuro get a kiss from Momoko while Yuri and Hinagiku develop a strategy of their own to get Momoko and Yousuke together. The Love Angels end up facing the
  • 33

    Uso! Yanagiba-sama ni Koibito?/No way! Yanagiba-sempai's girlfriend?

    Oct 04 1995
    Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku volunteer at a nursery school for a day but things are not what they expected in more ways than one. Yanagiba appears at the nursery school to pay a special visit to the
  • 34

    Koi suru Shoujo ha Saikyo yo/A girl in love is the strongest!

    Oct 11 1995
    Yousuke asks the newspaper club to help him play matchmaker and get his fellow teammate, Tajima, together with classmate Takeuchi Akiko. Momoko kicks off the plan by taking Akiko for a
  • 35

    Halloween na Majo/A Halloween witch

    Oct 18 1995
    Takuro's life becomes even more complicated with the arrival of the devil Potamos, who has been sent to help Igneous search for the Love Angels and the Saint Something Four. When Potamos invites
  • 36

    Good bye Akuma-sama/Good-Bye, Devil-lord!

    Oct 25 1995
    Takuro becomes increasingly dissatisfied with his devil’s contract with Igneous and the suspicious Love Angels begin investigating Takuro in earnest. Igneous discovers the true identities of the
  • 37

    Rannyuu! Koi no Rival/Intrusion! A rival in love

    Nov 01 1995
    Potamos infiltrates Saint Hanazono Middle School by transforming herself into a human. As the transfer student Kawanami Hiromi, she wastes no time endearing herself to the boys, but is strangely
  • 38

    Muffler ni Ai wo Komete/A muffler, with my love

    Nov 08 1995
    Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku decide to knit mufflers for Yanagiba. When a group of girls gathers together to knit after school, Potamos becomes envious and calls upon the devil Fusuma, who creates a
  • 39

    Senjou ni Saita Koi/A love in the battlefield

    Nov 15 1995
    When Yousuke is injured, Momoko takes him to the nurse’s office and Potamos goes on another jealous rampage, blanketing the school in evil waves. During the battle that ensues, a giant devil insect
  • 40

    Koi no Ayatsuri Ningyou/Puppet of love

    Nov 22 1995
    Hiromi invites herself over to Momoko’s house in order to persuade Momoko to bring her to Yousuke’s place. Things don’t seem to go Hiromi’s way, however, so she calls upon the hideous devil
  • 41

    Yonin me no Aitenshi/The fourth Love Angel

    Nov 29 1995
    Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku secretly follow the soccer team to their training retreat at a hot springs resort. Hiromi latches on to Yousuke, but when he refuses to kiss her, Potamos loses control.
  • 42

    Hitoribochi no Aitenshi/A Love Angel's loneliness

    Dec 06 1995
    Raindevila questions Potamos’ ability to perform her duties and secretly sends the devil Brani to the human world. Hiromi continues to cling to Yousuke. When Jama-P senses a new evil wave, he leads
  • 43

    Salvia no Namida/Tear of Salvia

    Dec 13 1995
    Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku visit the school that Angel Salvia attends and learn that her name is Scarlet. Their conversation does not go smoothly, but Momoko is persistent. Hinagiku goads Hiromi
  • 44

    Owakare no Atsui Kiss/A kiss of parting

    Dec 20 1995
    Hiromi corners Yousuke, demanding a kiss and a promise of marriage from him, but he tells her that he likes someone else. Unable to accept the rejection, Potamos goes berserk and tries to send the
  • 45

    Sensei wa Akuma?/Is the teacher a Devil?

    Dec 27 1995
    Raindevila releases the brutal devil Petora from his prison of stone and sends him to the human world, where he masquerades as a new teacher at Saint Hanazono. Along with his devil henchman Hanma,
  • 46

    Ai ga Suwarechau!/My love will be sucked out!

    Jan 10 1996
    Petora, continuing in his guise as Counselor Iwamoto, institutes absurd school rules with his new henchman, Sojiki, by his side. When Limone, Jama-P, and the Love Angels take them on in battle, they
  • 47

    Ren'ai Gokko Dai Ski/Ski trip love games

    Jan 17 1996
    Momoko, Yuri, Hinagiku, Yousuke, and Takuro go on a skiing trip. Petora follows them and summons the devil Hengema in order to anger the students, creating bad energy that can be harvested to
  • 48

    Yuri no Kuchibiru/Yuri's l-i-p-s

    Jan 24 1996
    On his way home, Yousuke unintentionally walks through an area where the devil Petora is gathering evil energy, which triggers a change in Yousuke again. Momoko arranges a triple date at the lake so
  • 49

    Rain Devila no Shinjitsu/Reindevilla's story

    Jan 31 1996
    Yousuke, having seen the Love Angels transform, confronts Momoko and demands answers. Raindevila makes Yousuke her objective and tries to accelerate the changes that are occurring in him by sending
  • 50

    Jamapi no Hatsukoi/Jama-pi's first love

    Feb 07 1996
    Jama-P's childhood friends, Jamaccho and Jamapon arrive in the human world to assist Kachusha, which rouses Jama-P's feelings for Jamaccho. Yousuke admits to Momoko that he has been experiencing