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Below is a complete While You Were Out episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual While You Were Out episodes are listed along with the While You Were Out episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. While You Were Out episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Lexington: The Southern Suite” and “Miami: While You Were Dancing” are included on this list, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the While You Were Out episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Texas: Steven Drive Feb 14 2003 - Leslie wants to create a relaxing Venice-inspired bedroom for her husband, Mike.

Atlanta: Moreland Avenue May 02 2003 - Lauren wants to convert her backyard into a safari bonfire area for her girlfriend, Robin.

New Jersey: Woodland Court Jul 06 2002 - Neatnik Jennifer wants to turn a porch into an outdoor escape for her husband, Wayne.

Virginia: 18th Street North Aug 08 2003 - Julie wants to turn her living room into a 40's lounge for her fiance A.J.

Albuquerque: Moon Street NE Jan 04 2003 - Lisa wants to give her husband Wardell a relaxing meditation bedroom.

Connecticut: Norwich Avenue Aug 17 2002 - Catherine wants to create a more exciting kitchen for entertaining Navy Lieutenant husband, Pete.

Kansas: West 142nd Street Sep 07 2002 - Amy wants to create a colorful ""down under"" living room for her husband, Andrew.

Philadelphia: Edinburgh Drive Jul 25 2003 - Lisa wants to convert the deck into a margarita party beach for her husband, Richard.

Utah: South Lincoln Street Oct 05 2002 - Tiburon wants to create a patio oasis for cookout-loving husband Adam.

Texas: High Point Lane Jan 25 2003 - Summer wants to turn her backyard into a Korean garden to remind her husband, Ken, of his family culture.

Charlotte: Marblerock Court Jun 27 2003 - Shawna wants to create a family-fun room for her son and her husband, Mehrdad, while incorporating their nationalities.

Virginia: Split Oak Lane Aug 15 2003 - Puja wants to turn a deck into a India-inspired Hindu relaxation/entertainment area for her parents, Parul and Ambarish.

Illinois: Prairie Mist Drive Aug 24 2002 - Shelly wants to create a romantic, but not feminine, bedroom for her husband, Tom.

Illinois: Campton Crossings Road Aug 10 2002 - Patti wants to create a relaxing, restful bedroom for her husband, Scott.

Texas: Rambler Road Feb 01 2003 - Shawna wants to turn her bland living room into an African-themed room for her husband, Curtis.

California: Thorntree Drive Oct 26 2002 - Julie wants to convert the spare room into a functional office for her husband, John.

Charlotte: Belvedere Lane Jul 04 2003 - Lisa wants to turn the backyard into a piece of Ireland for her husband, Chuck.

Oregon: 29th Avenue Oct 12 2002 - Kristen and Zig are newlyweds - they've been married less than a year. Kristen wants to give her husband Zig's boring office a Mexican flair - reminiscent of his favorite vacation spot - the ...more

New Jersey: Azalea Lane Jul 20 2002 - Michael wants to create a romantic bedroom for his wife, Carolyn, before she has a chance to re-redecorate it - again!

Philadelphia: Hampton Circle Jul 18 2003 - Kim wants to create a room for her husband, Jerry, but WYWO decided to turn the tables. Instead, Jerry will be converting the master bedroom into a mountain retreat for Kim!

Tennessee: Linden Avenue Jun 13 2003 - Jennifer wants to turn a spare/storage room into a rock star haven for her fiance, Jay.

California: Tassajara Circle Oct 28 2002 - Scott wants to convert a living/dining room into a space not only for the family to relax, but also one where his wife Michelle can work on scrapbooking and crafts AND keep all her supplies

Oregon: Plumeria Way Sep 21 2002 - Dani wants to convert a large, undecorated living room into a rustic outdoor haven for her husband, Ryan. Chayse and the team give them both exactly what they're looking for with an Alaskan ...more

California: Lambeth Lane Oct 19 2002 - Mary Jane wants to rebuild a previously destroyed deck for her husband Eric so they can use it for entertaining.

California: Lakewood Drive Nov 30 2002 - Donna wants to turn her bland backyard into a basketball court for her LA Laker-loving husband, Danny.

South Carolina: Landsdowne Drive Apr 25 2003 - Julie wants to convert her deck into a nautical marina space for her husband, Greg.

Arizona: East San Miguel Avenue Dec 24 2002 - Michael wants to convert a sunroom into a more attractive room for his wife, Nancy.

Atlanta: Main Street May 23 2003 - Stacie wants to convert a small bedroom into a studio workspace for her husband, Daniel.

Albuquerque: La Media Road SW Jan 11 2003 - Kimberly wants to create a special room for her husband Alex to display his dye-cast model car collection.

Albuquerque: Cardenas NE Dec 28 2002 - Marisa wants to create a new patio area for her hard-working husband Shane.

Miami: SW 54th Street May 09 2003 - Marisol wants to convert a piano room into a Cuban-inspired piano classroom for her mother, Ruth, a piano teacher.

Tennessee: Meadow Trail Drive May 30 2003 - Ken wants to convert his backyard into a Scottish relaxation retreat to reflect the heritage of himself and his wife, Leah.

South Carolina: Westfield Avenue Apr 11 2003 - Jennifer wants to convert a family room into a French-inspired salon, reminiscent of her mom, Diane's birthplace.

St. Petersburg: 17 Street North Mar 21 2003 -

St. Petersburg: 53rd Avenue Mar 14 2003 - Angel and Clinton want to convert an overused basement party room into a sophisticated room for their mom, Vicky.

Charlotte: Brownstone View Drive Jun 20 2003 - Toya wants to convert a bland living room into a home theatre for her husband, Patrick.

South Carolina: Basswood Avenue Apr 18 2003 - Jo Ann wants to convert a loft into a folly room for her joker husband, Adam.

California: Calle Jazmin Nov 16 2002 - Rob wants to give his wife Kathy a break from decorating by giving her a new bedroom.

Louisiana: Loveland Street Feb 21 2003 - Brett wants to convert a garage into a child's playroom with an adjoining laundry room for his stay-at-home mom wife, Suzan.

Miami: NW 150th Street Mar 28 2003 - Mondray wants to convert a patio into a piece of beachfront vacation property for her grandmother, Cassie.

Utah: Sherman Avenue Sep 28 2002 - Kelly and her husband, Jon, met in law school. Now the parents of a new baby, Kelly wants to give Jon a special room to relax and enjoy his other ""baby"", a large screen TV. ...more

Florida: 35th Avenue North Mar 07 2003 - Tanya wants to turn a spare room into a music-inspiring retreat for her husband, Adam.

New York: Great Rock Drive Jul 13 2002 - Jennifer wants to create a special den for her NY sports fanatic husband Jonathan.

Louisiana: Marseilles Place Feb 07 2003 - Regan wants to transform an attic into a special space for her mother Rhonda - and her drums!

Tennessee: Marne Street Jun 06 2003 - Molly wants to convert an unfinished bedroom into a special architect's haven for her husband, Corey.

Utah: Fairview Drive Oct 21 2002 - Cecily wants to turn her shabby, unused deck into a Western ranch range-at-home for her husband Marc.

Kansas: West 150th Terrace Sep 21 2002 - Tiffany wants her mom, Iva, to have an updated colorful and relaxing bedroom.

California: Shaw Street Nov 23 2002 - Erin wants to convert her bland living room into an artsy, one-of-a-kind room for her partner, Noe.

Utah: Tyler Avenue Oct 07 2002 - Alisa wants to convert her living room into an outdoorsy, family-friendly space for her husband Rhett.

Miami: NW 101 Way Apr 04 2003 - Ryan wants to convert a bedroom into a room with nursery potential for his wife, Susanna, with whom he's ready to start having children.