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Below is a complete White Album episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual White Album episodes are listed along with the White Album episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. White Album episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “The reason a one person fight feels hollow isn`t just because it`s one person. The eyes of the audience hurt.” and “The vase was leaning toward one side, yet you didn`t notice? Because there was not even a drop of water left..” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the White Album episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Worried you're not a good speaker? Try talking with your eyes. It'll make you want to talk in no time. Nov 27 2009 -

They are to Blame. I'm not to Blame. Only They are to Blame. Only I ... Dec 18 2009 -

We Are Sitting Together, Throughout the Night, Without Moving Dec 25 2009 -

We hope to catch colds in order to be nursed and fed. We don't even imagine the pain we're about to endure. Dec 04 2009 -

Right, From That Time On, The Switch is Turned On Already Jan 03 2009 - Tōya Fujii wakes up to a television interview with his romantic interest and idol singer Yuki Morikawa, and laments the time they have to spend together. Later in the day Tōya has a conversation ...more

Do You Believe In Encounters Scheduled Long Before? Jan 10 2009 - After his conversation with Yuki on the phone, Tōya initially refuses, but later relents to accompany his childhood friend Haruka Kawashima on a walk. Meanwhile, Rina walks into her brother, ...more

Obstacles aren`t always the ones close to us. The less we know the person, the tougher it is Jan 31 2009 - After spending the night at Yuki's apartment, Tōya accepts Yayoi Shinozuka's offer for transportation to home. Yayoi then offers Tōya to a movie and dinner, and attempts to seduces Tōya to break ...more

Time Does Not Solve the Thorns In Our Heart. It Just Puts A Label of Oblivion On It. Mar 14 2009 -

The reason a one person fight feels hollow isn`t just because it`s one person. The eyes of the audience hurt. Mar 07 2009 -

The vase was leaning toward one side, yet you didn`t notice? Because there was not even a drop of water left. Mar 28 2009 -

Hand to Hand, Shoulder to Shoulder, Back to Back, And Then. It is Fine Even With Clothing Jan 17 2009 - At night, Rina calls Tōya on the phone and offers him a job to help her manager, which he accepts to meet Yuki. Later, Tōya receives a call from Yuki, who invites him on a date on Saturday. Tōya ...more

There Are Times You Feel A Mutual Understanding More Than You Can Ever Imagine. Yet, The Reverse Is Frequent As Well Though. Jan 24 2009 - Tōya awakes to a telephone call from Rina, who adjusts the meeting venue and time for his date with Yuki. The next day, Tōya arrives at Hotarugasaki Station, and meets Mana Mizuki, who is on her ...more

A good way of forgetting about your own worries. How about sticking your head into other people`s business, what do you think? Feb 07 2009 - At night, Yuki finishes the recording session for her single, while Misaki moves into Tōya's father's house in order to prepare for her materials for the play. The following day, Tōya again ...more

There`s No Need For Clever Scenarios In Memories. The Second They Come Out, Everyone Speaks Nonsense of Them. Feb 28 2009 -

The less time we have, the more we accomplish, the more we end up doing. Love, as well. Feb 21 2009 -

An image must be continually built upon, for it`s something that crumbles at the edges already. Feb 14 2009 -

To bind. To deceive. To take away. To give. What`s most painful is to wait. Mar 21 2009 -

There was never an instance where the tuning matched. I have come to think that there exists a better spot out there. Oct 02 2009 -

I do writhe in embarrassment when I reminisce my childhood. Moreover so if I make comparisons. Oct 16 2009 -

We were sitting together all night long, not even being able to move a single inch. Dec 25 2009 -

The things hidden from view are destroying everything around it. Since it was never there, nothing can be done to deal with it. Oct 09 2009 -

I think I want to return to the crossroad. Would have been better if I had chosen the right one. That journey filled only with regret. Nov 20 2009 -

I move on as I am losing interest. Most of the time though, I seem to have already lost interest before I move on. Nov 06 2009 -

Aren't you taking too much for granted? Complaining that you are claustrophobic while you are hiding in your own shell. Oct 30 2009 -

Nightfall did not bring about anything at all. It was the fault of the sun that the colors faded. Dec 11 2009 -

Love is beyond reason. Lovers who say this to one another are poets, critics, philosophers. Nov 13 2009 -

It's the fault of others. I'm not at fault. All the fault lies in others. Only I myself am― Dec 18 2009 -

Having troubles expressing yourself? Try to strike a conversation with your eyes and you'll soon find yourself in the mood for a chat. Nov 27 2009 -

I have lies that I want to expose. I have truths that I do not wish to believe. I have one of these each. Oct 23 2009 -

I have come to desire catching a cold in anticipation of the nursing and the home-cooked dishes. I didn't include the later part suffering in my imagination at all. Dec 04 2009 -