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Below is a complete Wild 'N Out episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Wild 'N Out episodes are listed along with the Wild 'N Out episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Wild 'N Out episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Episode #46” and “2x02 - Tyra Banks, Sean Paul.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Wild 'N Out episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Aug 25 2005 - This time the Black Team captain is Eva Pigford. In the first game “Snap on the Shots”, the team members off of each team make jokes of pictures that come up on a screen, if it’s funny they get ...more

1x07 - Farnsworth Bentley, Vanessa Minnillo Sep 08 2005 - In this episode Farnsworth Bentley is the captain of the Black Team. In the first game called “Got Props?” the Wild N’ Out members have to do something funny with the props that are given to ...more

1x09 - Kevin Hart, David Banner Sep 22 2005 - Kevin Hart Joins his black team crew in a game called "That's My Dog". That's where one team mate has to be a dog and the other has to be a person who tries to figure out what the ...more

1x06 - Kenan Thompson, Pussycat Dolls Sep 01 2005 - This episode Kenan Thompson comes through and is the captain of the Black Team. In the 1st game “World’s Worst” the team members have to do a skit and make fun of things that a person can do the ...more

1x02 - Christina Millian, Common Aug 04 2005 - Nick Cannon on the Red Team, goes against Christina Millian on the Black Team to see who can win. Christina Millian tries to take Nick Cannon's comedy crown. They play the "Interrogation ...more

1x10 - MethodMan Sep 29 2005 - Method Man comes through and plays the captain of the Black Team. In the first round they play a game called "You Can't Say That S***", where you wouldn't say on TV you can say on the ...more

1x08 - Omarion, Lil Wayne Sep 15 2005 - In the 8th episode Omarion is the captain of the Black Team. In the first game “World’s Worst” the members do things that people can be the worst at, the Red Team wins the 1st round. In the 2nd ...more

1x03 - Ying Yang Twins Aug 11 2005 - In this episode the Ying Yang Twins are the captain of the Black Team. In the first game called “Got Props?” the team members get a prop and use them to do funny things. The Black Team wins that ...more

Jul 28 2005 - The first episode sets off the whole season. The start off the show by playing “The Questions Game” from where the black and red team can only ask each other questions. Orlando Jones comes up ...more

Aug 18 2005 - This week’s episode is with Kanye West, he is the captain of the Black Team. The first game is called “Tore up from the Floor Up”, the team mates go out into the audience and get people that ...more

Mar 09 2006 - Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland appears as the guest star and Ne-Yo sing his hit "So Sick". Games were Talkin' Spit, Who's Your Daddy in which the player immitates a celeberty's ...more

2x04 - Marquest Houston, Bobby Brown Feb 23 2006 - This episode's guest is former IMX(immature) Lead singer Marques Houston and preformance by Rhymefest and Kanye West and a special aperance by Bobby Brown. The games in this episode were ...more

2x05 - Rev Run, Akon, Young Jeezy Mar 02 2006 - Episode eatures legendary Rev. Run from Run DMC and a preformance by Young Jeezy and Akon. Games were So Fly were you had to brag about how fly your team captain is, Got Props, and Lift every ...more

Feb 09 2006 - Today’s special guest is Tyra Banks. Cameron and Mike get a point for doing good in the skit “Couples Counseling”. In the next skit “R”, the audience picks a theme so the team can create a R ...more

2x03 - Cedric The Entertainer, Dem Franchize Boyz Feb 16 2006 - Nick Introduces one of the Original Kings of Comedy, Cedric The Entertainer. In the next skit “What Happened Was”, DeRay wins the red team a point. In the second skit Katt Williams and Cedric ...more

2x01 - Lil John, Three Six Mafia Feb 02 2006 - The "King of Crunk", Lil Jon, guest stars as the captain of the black squad in the first episode of the second season of Wild N' Out. The black squad wins 7 to 5 after winning two of ...more

2x09 - Wayne Brady, Paul Wall Mar 30 2006 - Wayne Brady steps back into improve by guest starring in this episode and Paul Wall preforms.

2x07 - Mike Jones Mar 16 2006 - Mike Jones is the Guest doing double duty as the Black Team Captain and preformer. Games are So Fly, R.I.P., and Before and After.

2x08 - Charlie Murphy, Busta Rhymes Mar 23 2006 - Comedic Legend Charlie Murphy steps up to the challenge to take on Nick in this episode and Busta Rhymes preforms.

2x10 - Mike Epps, Pitbull Apr 06 2006 - Comedian Mike Epps guest stars in this episode with a preformance from Pitbull.

3x07 - Ray J, Young Joc Sep 28 2006 - Singer Ray J is the team captain for the Black team. Also, Yung Joc performs his hit "It's Goin' Down"

3x02 - Pharrell Williams, Clipse, Fat Joe Aug 17 2006 - Fat Joe is the leader of the black team in this episode. The first game is "So Fly". The teammates brag about their team captain. The red team wins. The next game is "Home ...more

Aug 24 2006 - Andy Milonakis is the captain of the black team. And came to win it. In the "Pillow Talk Game", the oppisite team has to make fun of a certain celebritie. In the last game, "Wild ...more

3x04 - Warren Sapp, Method Man Sep 07 2006 - Warren Sapp from the football team Oakland Raiders is the captain of the black squad. In the Wild Style Freestyle Warren Sapp didn't show any mercy to the Red Squad. And the black team wins the ...more

3x05 - Jamie Kennedy, Chamillionaire Sep 14 2006 - Actor /comedian Jamie Kennedy leads the black squad. Chamillionare performs the hit "Ridin'."

3x08 - Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco Oct 05 2006 - In the season finale, Talib Kweli is the Black Squad team captain and Lupe Fiasco performs "Kick, Push."

3x06 - E-40 Sep 21 2006 - Rapper E-40 is the Black Squad team captain and performs his hit "Tell Me When To Go"

3x01 - Lil Jon, Purple Ribbon All Stars, Big Boi Aug 10 2006 - The captain of the Black Team is a the member of one of the greatest hip-hop bands, OutCast, he comes to kick of the first episode of the third season. In the Smack Talk game, the red team tries ...more

Episode #46 Jun 09 2007 - Paula DeAnda comes and tries to take the Comedy Championship Belt. After that, Baby Boy Da Prince comes and performs his single "The Way I Live".

Bruce Bruce Sep 06 2007 - Bruce Bruce stops by to lead the black team. Afterwards, Paul Wall takes over to perform.

4x10 - Young Buck Jul 26 2007 - Rapper Young Buck steps away from the G-Unit for a second to help the Black Squad take over the Red Squad and win Nick's Comedy Belt

Terry Crews Aug 30 2007 - Terry Crews comes and tries to take the Championship Belt. After the games, Pretty Ricky takes the stage to perform.

Sommore Sep 06 2007 - Sommore comes to lead the black squad. Afterwards, DJ Unk Performs.

Episode #43 Sep 27 2007 - Katt Williams returns to the show as the captain as the black aquad.

4x07 - Redman Jul 12 2007 - Redman puts on a black Wild N Out t-shirt and his captain's shoes as he attempts to lead the Black Team towards comedy victory.

Common Aug 23 2007 - Common guest stars and leads the Black Team and also performs his single "The People."

Jul 19 2007 - It's Showtime when producer/DJ/rapper/label owner Swizz Beatz takes over the Black Squad to go up against Nick and his Red Squad.

4x01 - Snoop Dogg Jun 07 2007 - Nick and company kick of Season Four with a bang as fan favorite Snoop Dogg puts on a Wild 'N Out shirt and joins the Black Squad.

4x02 - Ne-Yo Jun 14 2007 - Ne-Yo stops by for a chance to steal Nick's championship belt, check out new skits and old favorites including the Wildstyle round.

4x03 - Lloyd Jun 21 2007 - Lloyd stops by to front the Black Squad in a contest where the funniest improv comedy wins the Wild' N Out Championship Belt.

4x04 - Steve-O Jun 28 2007 - When Jackass star Steve-O stops by almost anything can and will happen as he tries to get his hands on Nick's Comedy Championship Belt.

4x05 - Fabolous Jul 05 2007 - Fabolous commandeers the Black Squad this week in an attempt to win over Nick's Comedy Championship Belt.

4x06 - Brooke Hogan Jul 12 2007 - Brooke Hogan steps in as the Black Team's captain. Can she take down Nick and his hilarious troupe of improv comedians?

4x09 - Tara Reid Jul 19 2007 - Tara Reid steps up as the leader of the Black Squad for a chance at Nick's comedy championship belt. Afterwards, Izzy Battle performs.

Pauly Shore Aug 02 2007 - Pauly Shore comes and tries to take the comedy championship belt. After the games, the Fixxers go on stage and perform their single, "Can U Werk wit Dat".

Jim Jones Aug 09 2007 - Balla Jim Jones comes to the show. He is captain of the black team! After the games, he performs his hot single "We Fly High".

Serena Williams Aug 16 2007 - Tennis star Serena Williams comes and tries to win the Comedy Championship Belt. After the games, Crime Mob takes the stage to perform "Rock Yo Hips".

Big Boy Aug 30 2007 - West Coast radio personality Big Boy takes over the Black Team to try to take the Comedy Championship belt. Afterwards, Mike Jones takes the stage and performs

Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce stops by to lead the black team. Afterwards, Paul Wall takes over to perform.