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Below is a complete Wild at Heart episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Wild at Heart episodes are listed along with the Wild at Heart episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Wild at Heart episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Episode One” to “Series 6, Episode 5” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Wild at Heart episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode 7 Feb 19 2012 - With Danny not around and Du Plessis doing his community service, Ed is left in charge of running the Endangered Species Project. Kim wants Ed to go for a drink with her, but after feeling ...more

Episode 2 Jan 15 2012 - Caroline, Liv and Charlotte return to South Africa with Danny. They are looking forward to seeing their new home, Clearwater Farm. After they find out that Du Plessis hasn’t done anything since ...more

Episode 5 Feb 05 2012 - The family are still at odds and seperated after Caroline’s decision to move back to the old Clearwater house with Du Plessis. Rosie is determined to get everyone back together and plans a ...more

Episode 3 Jan 22 2012 - Danny has been working on an upcoming pitch for an Endangered Species Project. A pharmaceutical company are wanting to fund an environmental project and he hopes that this grant money could see ...more

Episode 8 Feb 26 2012 - Danny and Ed are getting ready for a review with JLW, the pharmaceutical company that funded their Endangered Species Project. Ed and Rosie find two dead wildebeest calves and Ed wants Rosie to ...more

Episode 9 Mar 04 2012 - Having lost their funding, the family are in serious financial straits. Danny and Ed try to get an extension on their mortgage but are turned down. Ed manages to arrange an interview with ...more

Episode 6 Feb 12 2012 - With Danny in prison, accused of murdering Peeters, Du Plessis is determined to prove his innocence anyway he he can. After Du Plessis quizzes Ed about what he was doing the night of the murder, ...more

Episode 10 Mar 11 2012 - There are some odd things going on at Leopard’s Den after the family awake to discover frogs everywhere. The giraffe also refuses to move from the front gate and the cheetah is off its food. ...more

Episode 1 Jan 08 2012 - After the devastating loss of Leopard’s Den, the family are split across continents. Caroline, Liv and a heavily pregnant Alice are in the UK, while Danny and Du Plessis have remained in South ...more

Episode 4 Jan 29 2012 - Danny and Ed release two cheetah brothers into the wild as their new partnership begins. Not all the members of the family are happy about the partnership though. Caroline is not happy with ...more

Finale Dec 30 2012 - Documentary narrated by Stephen Tompkinson, going behind the scenes of Wild at Heart as he introduces us to the animals and their handlers.

Episode Six Mar 05 2006 - Danny is concerned that poachers may be in the area and when he finds one of his zebras has been killed, he and Du Plessis stake out the grazing area. They find more dead animals, but these were ...more

Episode One Jan 29 2006 - Danny and Sarah set out to build a new life for themselves and their children amid the teeming wildlife of the African plains.

Episode Two Feb 05 2006 - As Danny considers signing a binding business contract, Sarah is appalled to learn the reserve would have fierce competition in the form of a nearby rival. Evan and Du Plessis accidentally run ...more

Episode Three Feb 12 2006 - The arrival of Evan and Olivia's father throws the family into turmoil. He is determined to take his kids back to England with him and threatens to go to court to get custody. Sarah is furious - ...more

Episode Four Feb 19 2006 - Evan and Olivia run away after a series of rows, leaving Sarah to search for her children alone while Danny and Du Plessis go looking for a half-drugged lioness. While tracking the animal, they ...more

Episode Five Feb 26 2006 - Sarah is forced to ask Tate for help when the first paying guests arrive early at a chaotic Leopard's Den, but a string of unfortunate misunderstandings at the rival reserve convinces Rosie her ...more

Episode Seven Feb 25 2007 - Simon, Sarah’s ex-husband arrives at Leopard’s Den and causes trouble between the family. Also, Sarah decides she doesn't want children with Danny.

Episode Nine Mar 11 2007 - Du Plessis's birthday celebrations don't go according to plan. He's been told he has angina and doesn't feel like celebrating.

Episode Eight Mar 04 2007 - A plane crashes at Leopards Den bring with it an unwanted virus.

Episode Ten Mar 18 2007 - The residents at Leopard’s Den are reeling from the lion attack. Danny has been given the all-clear to go home but Du Plessis is still unconscious. Will he pull through?

Episode Five Feb 11 2007 - Everyone’s excited about the arrival of Danny’s old tutor and Rosie’s godfather, Bash but he appears to be suffering from memory loss.

Episode Four Feb 04 2007 - With the Leopard’s Den’s annual inspection fast approaching, Danny is feeling the pressure of Sarah’s absence.

Episode Two Jan 21 2007 - It's the reopening of Mara and a British wildlife charity is releasing a Vulture into the wild. Danny has a love interest in an English woman who comes to watch the release but Sarah prevents it ...more

Episode One Jan 14 2007 - As Sarah agrees to plan a wedding reception to aid finance which is severely lacking, Tate has an accident whilst illegally hunting and this leads to his death despite Danny's best efforts. ...more

Episode Six Feb 18 2007 - The family are less than prepared when Caroline, Sarah's mother, arrives which drives Sarah into running into a buffalo.

Episode Three Jan 28 2007 - Evan and Du Plessis keep running away from the work of Leopard's Den to look after Togo, an orphaned elephant. Rosie finds Du Plessis' son Kirk on a game drive but Du Plessis attempts to shoot ...more

Episode 2 Jan 27 2008 - On completing his annual animal census, Danny makes the alarming discovery that there are no male cheetah on the reserve. Meanwhile tension between Sarah and Caroline is at an all time high and ...more

Episode 1 Jan 20 2008 - Business at Leopard’s Den isn’t flourishing. Sarah decides that new luxury accommodation which will attract wealthy guests is the answer to their financial problems. Danny is finding it tough to ...more

Episode 4 Feb 10 2008 - Danny is shocked when Elaine, his old flame from veterinary college, turns up with a tranquilised lioness which she claims to have found in the bush. Sarah is unhappy when she sees the way Danny ...more

Episode 5 Feb 17 2008 - Danny berates a tourist for carelessly hitting a cow while driving through the township. He’s stunned to learn that the woman is Kriel’s wife, Amy (Jessie Wallace). Sarah is dismayed when she ...more

Episode 8 Mar 09 2008 - The hospital is lost in the fire, but the animals are now in danger of being trapped in the flames, so the Trevanions rush to help them. Disaster strikes and the family has to decide what it can ...more

Episode 7 Mar 02 2008 - Max's parents are from old South Africa and don't approve of the wedding and the omens are bad when Max sees the bride before the wedding. The drought continues and a fire threatens the ...more

Episode 6 Feb 24 2008 - Danny is busier than ever due to a drought affecting the region. But he has to turn away some locals with sick animals to attend to an abandoned baby hippo. Frustrated by his relentless ...more

Episode 3 Feb 03 2008 - This week Danny has an elephant problem: there’s not enough space for their growing numbers at Leopard’s Den. The elephants have eaten all the available foliage and are beginning to fight over ...more

Episode 9 Mar 08 2009 - Alice is forced to leave Danny and try and get help following the storm. After Alice makes it back to Mara a search party heads out to find him. Danny leaves the car when he needs water and ...more

Episode 10 Mar 15 2009 - Danny has to fix the reserve's boundaries after some of the animals are discovered roaming around in the town following the storm. Vanessa fires Fatani after he steals some medicine to help a ...more

Episode 1 Jan 11 2009 - Danny is unable to get custody of Evan. The gang try and save a baby elephant who has been abandoned. Danny finds himself pushed to the limit as a father and a vet.

Episode 3 Jan 25 2009 - Danny is called to help with a rabies outbreak. Danny finds it hard working with a vet called Alice who has been sent to help him.

Episode 8 Mar 01 2009 - Danny and Alice fall out at an animal auction. Alice becomes upset when she thinks she has paushed Danny towards Vanessa. A storm hits the area and Alice is concerned that she might not get the ...more

Episode 4 Feb 01 2009 - Max and Rosie are finally married but their future happiness is in jeopardy. Du Plessis is upset when he finds out that Caroline has decided not to return to Africa.

Episode 5 Feb 08 2009 - Danny and Alice rescue an endangered wild dog and are shocked by the arrival of Alice's ex boyfriend who shows up to take a look at the animal. When Terry manages to persuade Alice to give them ...more

Episode 2 Jan 18 2009 - Whilst they are on the run Danny and Evan come across a sick hippo. They put themselves on the line to try and help her. Rosie meets the new owner of Mara. Rosie put her own and the animal ...more

Episode 6 Feb 15 2009 - Du Pleiss shocks everyone when he says he is returning to the United Kingdom to live with Caroline and that he wont be coming back. Rosie is determined to stop some animals from being treated

Episode 7 Feb 22 2009 - Georgina thinks that Du Plessis is South Africa's version of Crocodile Dundee. An animal's welfare is in jeopardy when he lets fame go to his head. A man shows up claiming that a lioness belongs ...more

Series 5, Episode 5 Feb 07 2010 - Danny and Alice's plans for a romantic trip away are ruined when they come across a crash out in the bush. With an injured tourist on their hands and a lion on the loose, they are faced with a ...more

Series 5, Episode 9 Mar 07 2010 - There are dangerous consequences when Du Plessis ignores his heart condition and collapses while alone in the bush. Danny gets more than he bargained for when he has to deal with two rogue lions ...more

Series 5, Episode 8 Feb 28 2010 - Leopard’s Den’s residents go to an auction to purchase a giraffe after lions kill their own. However when Danny and Alice argue over a suitable replacement Danny falls into the arms of Vanessa. ...more

Series 5, Episode 2 Jan 17 2010 - Danny starts to feel his age after hurting his back whilst building a new local school. When a new young vet arrives called Lewis he feels even older. After Caroline requests that Du Plessis ...more

Series 5, Episode 3 Jan 24 2010 - Alice becomes increasingly torn between helping Rowan to rehabilitate a tiger at Mara and her own responsibilities at Leopard's Den. Danny's project to help township animals takes a disastrous ...more