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TV episodes Full List of William And Mary Episodes

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Below is a complete William and Mary episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual William and Mary episodes are listed along with the William and Mary episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. William and Mary episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items on this poll, including “Driscolls Music,” “McKinnon & Spalding” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the William and Mary episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

My Mother's Passed Away Apr 20 2003 - After William's mother dies, he discovers the fraud that forced him to take over the family business years earlier and contemplates selling the funeral business. Mary learns the identity of ...more

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The Football Match Apr 13 2003 - A tragedy strains William & Mary's relationship as their kids try to adjust to their new relationship.

Arranging The Funeral Mar 30 2003 - William writes a letter of explanation to Mary, but her mother hides it in hopes Mary will get back with her ex-lover Rick. William visits a dying woman who is afraid of not being found after

Two Of A Kind Mar 23 2003 - William picks midwife Mary from her photo on an Internet dating site, but a pregnant woman with cancer interrupts their first date. Mary discovers William's job when he picks up the woman's

There's Somthing I Want To Say Apr 06 2003 - The children of both William and Mary want to meet their parent's new SO. William's clients want to shoot their father's ashes off in a rocket. Mary's mother keeps begging to move back in.

I'm Selling William continues negotiating to sell Shawcross & Sons, but he can't handle Mary's ex-lover staying with her and breaks off their relationship.

One Visitor Terrence has gone and Mary is depressed and cross with William. Doris and Eamon are back together. Mrs Ball has gone to visit her father. A young boy inquires about having a funeral for someone ...more

The Postman Mrs Ball comes back and fills in for Jane in the office. Molly is due out of hospital. Williams funeral is a twin (which has some funny consequences later). The comatose mother (Jane) is sent to ...more

Breakfast Apr 17 2005 - The stair gate is broken and Mary makes a comment "Mind the future" as William climbs over with Thomas. William wonders if Mary wants another baby. Molly has lost her job and is ...more

Episode dated 1 May 2005 May 01 2005 - There is a postal strike and Kate is waiting to find out about university. Mary is feeling a bit depressed and organises a dinner party with Doris and Eamon and Billie. William has to repatriate ...more

The Band Apr 24 2005 - Doris's new bloke Amon, starts making his obnoxious appearance. Terrence starts tagging someone else's turf. Molly continues treatment and enters competitions. William leaves the band but goes ...more

Episode Dated 8 May 2005 May 08 2005 - A group of bikers hires William to arrange a special funeral for a club member. Rick and Molly compete in a ballroom dance competition. Terence is attacked by a gang of street artists.

Contracts Mar 07 2004 - After selling Shawcross & Sons, William start setting up a new funeral home. William and Mary try to plan their wedding. Kate and Brendan continue to hunt for a place to have sex. Molly and ...more

McKinnon & Spalding Mar 14 2004 - McKinnon & Spalding's first funeral and a stillbirth that Mary attended complicate Rick & Molly's wedding day. William hunts for a larger house for their combined family.

The Funeral Apr 11 2004 - They finally move into the new house, but two uninvited guests may ruin Mary's wedding: Mary's father, invited by Molly, and Reuben, who can't give up the idea of him and Mary as a family.

Driscolls Music Apr 04 2004 - With only a week before the wedding, William is hiring people to make it more interesting and Mary is getting ready to take a year off from work. Mary blames herself for a tragedy.

The Prison Visit Mar 21 2004 - William feels stressed as teenagers rampage through the small house, there is a notable lack of progress on the new house, and McKinnon & Spaulding receives death threats over the funeral of ...more

Bad Luck Mar 28 2004 - Their new house may be condemned. Mary sees some of the independent midwives' clients. Reuben gets the band a plum booking.