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TV episodes Full List of Wimzie's House Episodes

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Below is a complete Wimzie's House episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Wimzie's House episodes are listed along with the Wimzie's House episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Wimzie's House episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “The Assistant Grown-Up” to “The Accident” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Wimzie's House episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Cookie Crisis When Jonas and Wimzie accidentally drop Rouso's cookie tin and then lie about it, they end up getting into more trouble than if they told the truth in the first place.

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Boo! Yaya starts a game of ""Boo"", in which you sneak up on an unexpecting person and yell ""BOO""! Wimzie tries the game on Jonas, who quickly dislikes the ...more

The Magic Crayon Yaya creates a pencil that writes on air for Horace, who isn't crazy about coming to daycare. Horace loves the pencil, but when he isn't watching Lou Lou finds it and gives it to Wimzie. Horace ...more

I Want my Mommy! It's Gratziella's day off, and she plans to have a playdate with the kids today. Unfortunately, here plans are interrupted when Bo comes down with an ear infection. She ends up spending a ...more

Flower Power Wimzie and Jonas are awed by Rouso's own created flowers. Rouso has invented such flowers as Orca Orchid and Phillip Dandrum. Wimzie and Jonas decide to plant their own flower. Yaya gives them a ...more

Babies Have it Made Wimzie is jealous because babies have it made. Bo has everything done for him, while she has to do for herself. Wimzie wishes she was baby, so at naptime, she has a dream that she was a baby. ...more

The Scaredy Cats, Woooo Wimzie has her first sleepover, how exciting! She invites everyone, Lou Lou, Jonas, and Horace (Bo tags along too). Yaya even bakes special double chocolate chip cookies for the ocassion (and ...more

Treasure Hunt Yaya has staged a treasure hunt. Each of the kids must find a hidden musical instrument before they can delve into Yaya's kazoo cakes. A restless Wimzie steals a bite and discovers to her regret ...more

Horace, The Boy who Cried Wolf Horace gets into habit of saying things are happening when they're not. This habit gets so out of hand that the kids stop believing him, even when he really sees what looks like a wolf in ...more

What's the Matter with Horace? Horace arrives at Wimzie's house in a foul mood. But Horace's mood changes as he introduces his imaginary friend, Spike the Mosquito, whose parents had a yelling fight that morning, to the gang. ...more

You're not my Friend! Wimzie, Jonas, Lou Lou, and Horace's friendship is in trouble when they exclude one another from certain games. Yaya is fed up, and separates each one from the others until they learn their

It's Called to Share or Not to Share Wimzie gets a new present in the mail, a musical camera. Everytime you take a picture, the camera plays a little tune. Wimzie doesn't wish to share her camera, so the other kids stop playing ...more

The Plays the Thing It's a rainy day, it's a rainy day. It's raining outside and the kids can't go out and play. This leaves them with nothing to do. Yaya comes up with the idea for the kids to put on a Cinderella ...more

The Lucky Pen Jonas is getting better at his basketball shots. Rouso gives him a lucky pin as a reward. Jonas believe the pin brings him good luck, but when he miss places it, he runs into bad luck by ...more

Queen for a Day (a.k.a. The Sick Pest) After Horace, Jonas, Lou Lou, Gratziella, Rouso, and Bo recover from a flu bug, Wimzie catches it. Wimzie is then sent to bed. Wimzie gets bored, even though she's been provided with toys, ...more

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A Fishy Fish Story, Blub, Blub, Blub Wimzie wants a pet so bad. She doesn't care if it's a dog, cat, or even elephant as long as she can have a pet. Yaya decides to purchase a daycare pet for all the kids to love. She presents them ...more

To Tell the Truth Wimzie falsely accuses Bo of spilling something she was told not to touch. Feeling guilty, she confesses to Yaya, who tells her about the value of honesty.

Jonas the Actor! Wimzie starts a play, and wants all of her friends in it. They join in, but once discovered that the play will be presented in front of the entire neighborhood, Jonas fakes a sore throat, and a ...more

Lou Lou Thinks Big! (a.k.a. All Alone) Lou Lou is depressed because next to Bo, she's the smallest person at daycare. This excludes her some such events like playing board games, and ball games with the others. Lou Lou tries every ...more

You Just Gotta Keep Trying Afer seeing a realistic portrait of Lou Lou, drawn by Wimzie, Lou Lou is determined to draw a realistic portrait of Wimzie. After many failed attempts, she doesn't give up. After watching Yaya ...more

A Medal for Horace (a.k.a. Happy Yaya Day) Wimzie holds a ""Happy Yaya Day"" to let Yaya know how much they care about her, and appericiate her. Everyone gets her nice presents, but Horace forgets. Horace decides to ...more

By the Numbers A counting game has repercussions when everyone but Lou Lou can do it. She thinks that becoming more like Wimzie will enhance her abilities, but ultimately learns that it's much better to be

I'm Really Mad at Dad Rouso comes home from a two-week business trip. Everyone throws him a welcome home party. Bo missed him so much, he expresses his feelings by being mad a Rouso. When Rouso then unapproves ...more


Wimzie's Hushabye Wimzie realizes she was wrong for not accepting Yaya's stuffed magical talking bird, Max, on it's own terms: that it would rather be a private special friend, than a public one. As a result, it ...more

The Tattletales Yaya eplains the difference between regular tattling, which she doesn't want to hear, and important ""tattling"", like when Horace bruises his knee, and no one tells Yaya.

I Dare You!!! Rouso goes into training at the firedepartment. One of the obstacles, is more of a dare he claims. Afterwards, Jonas and Horace get into an episode of daring each other to do stupid things. ...more

We Want Toys! We Want Toys! Wimzie see a commercial for a new toy called a Binga-Boinga, which is like the pogostick of the future. Wimzie wants one in the worst way, but Rouso says for Christmas, and Gratziella says for ...more

The Personal Trainer 1,2,1,2,1,2 Jonas is so out of shape because he hasn't exercised in months. It starts to show when he can't even lift his dirt collection of the table. Wimzie becomes Jonas's new personal trainer. Everyday ...more

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Jonas and All of His Hits After Lou Lou accidentally made Jonas's ants run away, he has a very bad day. He is so mad, everytime someone displeases him, he hits them. He hits Lou Lou after they argue, and Rouso talks to ...more

Who Do You Trust? (a.k.a. No TV Contest) Yaya has a No TV Contest. Lou Lou, Wimzie, and Horace fail. Jonas claims he didn't watch TV, and receives the prize, which is a Cosmic Piggie Power Ring. Jonas gets so excited, he tells what he ...more

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Wimzie's Three Wishes Wimzie wishes innocently for Graziella and Rousso to spend their time at home, not at work. When both are laid off, Wimzie is frightened. Fearing that her family will be without food, Wimzie ...more

Who's the Boss Jonas is appointed leader of building a spaceship, and his bossiness is causing a mutiny! He soon learns the difference between being a leader, and being a boss, and the kids finally build their ...more

The Great Moving Day Wimzie is excited because Mitzi Moonstar might be coming to daycare. But Gratziella and Rouso believe that Wimzie will be sad when she finds out that a neighbor is moving. Lou Lou over hears and ...more

The Mighty Monster Power Piggies Wimzie resists peer pressure by doing Tai Chi with Yaya while everyone else only wants to play Mighty Monster Power Piggies. The kids see the allure of doing something different, and the piggies ...more

Wimzie's Scary Dream Making scary masks fills Wimzie's subconscious, as each time she sleeps, a scary dream confronts her.

The Little Red Wimzie While most of the kids are sitting around in boredom,Wimzie tries to arouse fun by setting up a tent outside. Graziella, too, has a way to keep busy.

Friendship Day While preparing for Friendship Day, the kids agree it's easy to be friends, until a series of misunderstandings make them so mad they don't even want to makeup.

Bye, Bye Birdie Rouso is awaken by Miss Ferris's nopisy cat out in their backyard. When Wimzie and the gang play outside, they find a dead bird. They learn that the cat killed the bird because their hunters by ...more

A Little Privacy, Please? Wimzie accidentally plays an audiocassette recording of Yaya's diary. This leads Wimzie to ponder about privacy. Despite her friends' curiosities, Wimzie will not play any more of Yaya's ...more

I'm Scared for Daddy Rouso breaks his arm during a fire rescue. He rescued a boy's dad from a fire, the dad fell ontop of Rouso, breaking his arm. Rouso has the week off, and spends his time with Wimzie and the ...more

Bo Goes Bonkers! Bo suddenly becomes so full of energy, and starts distracting Yaya, who is making puppets for the kids' puppet show. Wimzie and the gang offer to watch after Bo while she makes the puppets. Bo ...more

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Identical Cousins The daycare gets a visit from Horace's twin cousin, Morris.

Hand-me Down Sweater It's trash day, and Rouso throws out stuff that's useless, but recycles things that are still useful. Lou Lou and Jonas both have new sweaters, but Lou Lou is sad because her's is just a hand-me ...more

I Think I Forgot Something When Wimzie causes Rouso to lose his memory by throwing the Blizzer Ball in the house, the children learn they should always report an accident to a grownup, even when it means they might get ...more

Mommy's Afraid Graziella is overwhelmed with the thought of test-flying a new plane and backs out. It plays on her psyche for days. At the same time, Horace has to gain confidence in himself, which in turn ...more

The Stuke a Piddleys Jonas gives Rousso a backstory. In the course of fantasizing a talk show, Wimzie acts bossy to Jonas, calling him a ""stookapiddlie"" *according to the captions). And things ...more

The Toothfairy Horace's tooth comes loose, giving him the perfect oppertunity to meet the toothfairy in person. But she never comes since Horace stays awake. Yaya explains that the toothfairy only appears when ...more

Wimzie's Late Wimzie starts getting into a habit of being late. This causes trouble when she's late for getting sugar for cookies, and getting a book for storytime. Rouso takes the kids on a cruiseship, but ...more