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Below is a complete Worzel Gummidge episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Worzel Gummidge episodes are listed along with the Worzel Gummidge episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Worzel Gummidge episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Fire Drill” and “Slave Scarecrow (1).” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Worzel Gummidge episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

A Cup o' Tea an' a Slice o' Cake (1) Dec 27 1980 - It’s Christmas Eve and Worzel’s feeling the cold. However any hopes he has of a Christmas holiday are dashed when the Crowman, canny to Worzel’s ways, ties him to his post in Ten-Acre field and ...more

A Cup o' Tea an' a Slice o' Cake (2) Dec 27 1980 - It’s Christmas Eve and Worzel’s feeling the cold. However any hopes he has of a Christmas holiday are dashed when the Crowman, canny to Worzel’s ways, ties him to his post in Ten-Acre field and ...more

The Trial of Worzel Gummidge Jan 27 1980 - Worzel is worried when a salesman tries to convince Mr. Braithwaite to replace him with an electric rook scarer...

The Scarecrow Wedding Feb 24 1980 - Worzel rescues Aunt Sally from inside a dishwasher at a junkshop and in return she promises to marry him...

Worzel's Nephew Jan 13 1980 - Worzel recieves an unexpected visit from his Cockney nephew, Pickles Bramble. The youngster gets a job on the Braithwaite's farm and blackmail's Worzel into doing all the work. Worzel has to ...more

Worzel in the Limelight Feb 10 1980 - Worzel and Aunt Sally enter the talent contest at the village hall. Their plan to perform as a double act soon turns sour...

Very Good, Worzel Feb 03 1980 - Mrs Bloomsbury-Barton tries to impress the guests at her dinner party by hiring a butler and parlour maid for the event. Unfortunetly for her, the jobs are given to Worzel and Aunt Sally...

A Fishy Tale Jan 20 1980 - While trying his hand at "wangling" in Mrs Bloomsbury-Barton's fishpond, Worzel is mistaken for an odd job man ...

Fire Drill Feb 17 1980 - When Mrs. Bloomsbury-Barton holds a bonfire party, her choice of Guy to burn on it causes Worzel some alarm...

Worzel and the Saucy Nancy Jan 06 1980 - Worzel stows away on the village coach outing to the seasidewhere he meets the Saucy Nancy. Nancy tells him that she saw Aunt Sally floating in the sea, but unknown to them, she has been rescued ...more

Worzel's Birthday Jul 31 1981 - Ten Acre field is covered in flowers of all colours and sizes which can mean only one thing—it’s Worzel’s “bestest birthday”. This however comes as no surprise to John and Sue who, over the ...more

The Jumbly Sale Jun 26 1981 - It’s the day of the Village Jumble Sale and Worzel has decided that he’s going along to get himself a new outfit so that he can impress Aunt Sally into marrying him. Meanwhile Mr. Shepherd has ...more

The Golden Hind Jul 17 1981 - The Golden Hind, a new fish n’ Chip shop has opened in the village. As usual Worzel is wandering about the village and when he smells the fish n’ chips he wants some. He is just about to enter ...more

The Return of Dolly Clothes-Peg Jun 19 1981 - A letter is delivered to Scatterbrook but no-one, save for John and Sue, recognize the name of the person it is addressed to—Worzel Gummidge. When they find Worzel they discover the Crowman is ...more

Muvvers Day Jun 12 1981 - After being driven out of the Village Baby Contest Worzel decides he wants his Mum. The only person who can help him is the Crowman who deduces that a Scarecrow called ‘Sarah Pigswill’ was made ...more

Will the Real Aunt Sally...? Jul 10 1981 - Worzel cannot believe his ears when Aunt Sally accepts his proposal of marriage, but almost in the same breath he is rejected. Worzel enlists the help of John and Sue and between them they ...more

Worzel in Revolt Jul 03 1981 - The Crowman has dispatched pigeons to round up Aunt Sally and Worzel. When they arrive at the Crowman’s abode they discover why. The Crowman has heard about a cake fight the pair have had at the ...more

Worzel Pays a Visit Apr 01 1979 - As Usual Worzel is up and about the Village bright and early and on his rounds stops to steal a pint of milk, for his Robin red - breast, and a News-paper, with Aunt Sally’s picture in it. Later ...more

The Crowman Mar 18 1979 - Worzel wants a wife and so he asks The Crowman to make him a ‘handsome head’, spotting an opportunity for Worzel to learn a lesson the Crowman agrees. He tells Worzel that, in return for one of ...more

The Scarecrow Hop Apr 08 1979 - Mrs. Bloomsbury - Barton sacks Aunt Sally and, as she is homeless, she turns up at Worzel’s barn. As soon as she arrives she starts telling Worzel, Sue and John about where she is going to go ...more

A Little Learning Mar 25 1979 - After losing his arm yet again Worzel is sick of people like John Peters calling him stupid, so he sets about the arduous task of locating his ‘clever head’. After searching high and low Worzel ...more

A Home Fit for Scarecrows Mar 04 1979 - During a torrential downpour Worzel leaves his post and heads for the cosy warmth of John and Sue’s Romany Caravan at Scatterbrook. Unfortunately John won’t let him in. even though Worzel ...more

Aunt Sally Mar 11 1979 - There is a Village fete on and there is one attraction that Worzel can’t miss, an Aunt Sally. However before he can go he must solve a problem, who will take his place in Ten-Acre field whilst ...more

Worzel's Washing Day Feb 25 1979 - As John, Sue and Mr. Peters are all driving to their new home, a Romany Caravan at Scatterbrook Farm, John sees a Scarecrow in a field and claims to see it move. Later John persuades his sister ...more

The Return of Dafthead Dec 06 1980 - Sue and John go up to Ten - Acre field to give Worzel a present, a bowl of Black Forest Gateaux mix but, when they arrive, they find a different Scarecrow at Worzel’s post, Dafthead. It turns ...more

A Cup o' Tea an' a Slice o' Cake (2) Dec 27 1980 -

Worzel the Brave Nov 22 1980 - Mrs Bloomsbury - Barton has sold her hall to a Colonel Bloodstock who is bringing all his belongings into the village via Rail. Also traveling by rail is a package for Mr. Shepherd, Aunt Sally. ...more

Moving On Nov 01 1980 - The Braithwaite's and the Peters’ have been on holiday in Tenerife and return home to a very unpleasant and unwelcome surprise. While they’ve been away Worzel and Aunt Sally have moved into ...more

Choir Practice Dec 20 1980 - It’s harvest festival time and Worzel is on loan to the Vicar in order to keep the Starlings out of the Church rafters. Worzel isn’t the only newcomer at the Church, the Vicar also has an orphan ...more

Dolly Clothes-Peg Nov 08 1980 - Worzel and Aunt Sally are both employed at the fair but Worzel, as usual, has a problem. Aunt Sally is walking out with ‘The Great Orlando’, the strongman. After being let down by Aunt Sally yet ...more

Captain Worzel Dec 13 1980 - Mr Shepherd is purposefully taking Aunt Sally on a canal boat holiday through West Chester in order to see a museum owner, Mr. Pursglove, who he believes wishes to purchase Aunt Sally. However ...more

A Cup o' Tea an' a Slice o' Cake (1) Dec 27 1980 -

Worzel's Wager Nov 29 1980 - Worzel has a dead cert racing tip courtesy of his Robin so, as he is desperate for five pounds, he decides to place a bet. Unfortunately though before he has a chance he’s thrown out of the ...more

A Fair Old Pullover Nov 15 1980 - Worzel is skulking around the farmyard with a purpose in mind. Firstly he steals Mr. Braithwaite’s flat cap, then Mrs Braithwaite’s scarf and finally Harry’s welding goggles. It turns out that ...more

Slave Scarecrow (1) Nov 22 1987 -

King of the Scarecrows Nov 01 1987 -

As the Scarecrow Flies Oct 04 1987 -

Worzel to the Rescue (2) Nov 15 1987 -

The Traveler Unmasked (2) Nov 29 1987 -

The Sleeping Beauty Oct 11 1987 -

Ten Heads Are Better Than One (1) Nov 15 1987 -

Full Employment Oct 18 1987 -

A Friend in Need Dec 06 1987 -

Worzel's Handicap Oct 25 1987 -

Runaway Train Mar 26 1989 -

Bulbous Cauliflower Feb 26 1989 -

Elementary, My Dear Worty Mar 12 1989 -

The Bestest Scarecrow Apr 16 1989 -

Stage Struck Jan 29 1989 -

Wattle Hearthbrush Apr 09 1989 -