Full List of WWE SmackDown Episodes

Below is a complete WWE SmackDown episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual WWE SmackDown episodes are listed along with the WWE SmackDown episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. WWE SmackDown episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “500th Episode: On the Road to Wrestlemania” to “Final Stretch.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the WWE SmackDown episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • Chris Jericho pinned Chris Benoit to win the Intercontinental Title...Eddy Guerrero and Chyna defeated Essa Rios and Lita...Kurt Angle pinned Hardcore Holly...Rikishi Phatu defeated World Tag Team ...more
  • 1. Hardy Boyz -NC- WWF Tag Team champions Too Cool 2. Kurt Angle d. Bradshaw in a King Of The Ring qualifying match 3. Chris Benoit d. D-Lo Brown 4. Undertaker d. DX in a handicap match 5. Chris ...more
  • 1. European champion Eddie Guerrero d. Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn in a three way dance

    2. Kane d. Kurt Angle via DQ

    3. Hardcore champion Steve Blackman d. Al Snow

    4. Hardy ...more

  • 1. Hardcore champion Steve Blackman d. Road Dogg

    2. Hardy Boyz d. Lo Down

    3. Taz d. Grand Master Sexay via DQ

    4. Dudley Boyz & Kane d. Edge & Big Show & Christian

    5. ...more

  • 1. Al Snow d. Billy Gunn via DQ

    2. Edge & Christian d. Dudley Boyz

    3. Viscera d. Hardcore Holly

    4. Big Show –NC- Kane

    5. Godfather & D-Lo Brown –NC- Too Cool

    6. ...more

  • Crash Holly pinned Test to win the Hardcore Title...Chris Benoit defeated Kane by Count Out...Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, Al Snow and Steve Blackman defeated Edge, Christian, and The Hardy ...more
  • 1. X-Pac d. Chris Jericho

    2. Chris Benoit d. Rikishi

    3. HHH d. T&A in a handicap match

    4. Eddie Guerrero d. Road Dogg

    5. Too Cool d. Bull Buchanan & ...more

  • 1. Women's champion Lita d. Jacqueline

    2. Hardcore champion Steve Blackman d. Road Dogg

    3. Rikishi & Too Cool d. Kane & T&A.

    4. Tazz & Raven d. Chris Jericho & Jerry ...more

  • 1. Prince Albert & Big Bossman d. Test

    2. Kurt Angle pinned Rikishi Phatu

    3. Jeff Hardy pinned Al Snow

    4. The Hollys d. Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young

    5. Rock d. Kane ...more

  • 1. Edge d. Grand Master Sexay in a King Of The Ring Qualifying match

    2. T&A d. Hardy Boyz

    3. Scotty 2 Hotty d. D-Lo Brown

    4. Kane d. Intercontinental champion Chris Benoit via ...more

  • 1. Shane McMahon d. Joey Abs

    2. European champion Mark Henry d. Steve Blackman

    3. Curtis Hughes d. Ken Shamrock via DQ

    4. Undertaker won a 5 man royal rumble over Rock, Big ...more

  • 1. Acolytes d. Kane in a handicap match

    2. Chris Jericho d. Curtis Hughes

    3. Big Bossman d. Big Show & Hardcore champion Al Snow in a three-way dance to win the title

    4. Val ...more

  • 1. Viscera d. Kane

    2. Dudley Boyz d. Edge & Christian

    3. D-Lo Brown -NC- British Bulldog

    4. Chris Jericho d. Mick Foley

    5. Steve Blackman & Kurt Angle d. The Head ...more

  • 1. Too Cool & Rikishi d. Val Venis & T&A

    2. DX d. Hardy Boyz

    3. Dean Malenko d. Al Snow

    4. Eddie Guerrero & Chyna d. Chris Benoit in a handicap match via DQ

    5. Faarooq ...more

  • 1. Road Dogg d. Bull Buchanan

    2. Hardy Boyz & Lita d. Edge & Jacqueline & Christian

    3. Al Snow d. European champion Perry Saturn to win the title

    4. Undertaker d. Chris Benoit ...more

  • 1. Chyna pinned Billy Gunn

    2. Tony Chimel d. Howard Finkle in a tuxedo match

    3. Chris Jericho d. X-Pac via DQ

    4. World champion HHH d. Gillberg

    5. Mankind –DDQ- The ...more

  • United States Championship Match, Booker T defeated Chris Benoit to become new Champion 2. Hardcore Holly defeated Sylvan in a Hardcore Match 3. Bobby Lashley defeated Vito 4. Matt Hardy defeated ...more
  • 1. Chris Jericho d. Test in a King Of The Ring Qualifier

    2. WWF tag Team champions Too Cool d. Godfather & Dean Malenko

    3. WWF Intercontinental champion Chris Benoit d. Jeff ...more

  • 1. Perry Saturn & Terri d. Rikishi & The Kat

    2. Intercontinental champion Val Venis d. Eddie Guerrero

    3. APA & Crash Holly d. Big Bossman & Kaientai

    4. Hardcore champion Steve ...more

  • 1. X-Pac d. Test

    2. Kurt Angle & British Bulldog d. Steve Blackman & Al Snow

    3. Matt Hardy d. D-Von Dudley by DQ

    4. Big Bossman -DDQ- Prince Albert to a DQ.

    5. Too ...more

  • Rikishi Phatu defeated European Champion, Eddy Guerrero, by Disqualification...The Hardy Boyz defeated Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko...Perry Saturn pinned Crash Holly to win the Hardcore Title...Tazz ...more
  • Jesse James pinned Edge...The Dudley Boyz defeated Essa Rios and Eddy Guerrero...Rikishi Phatu and The Big Show fought to a Double Count Out...WWF World Champion, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, pinned ECW ...more
  • 1. Blue Blazer d. Val Venis 2. Big Show d. Test 3. D-Lo Brown d. Droz via DQ 4. Tag Team champions X-Pac & Kane d. New Age Outlaws 5. Ken Shamrock d. Bradshaw in a streetfight 6. Mankind d. Big ...more
  • 1. Kurt Angle d. European champion Val Venis to win the title

    2. Perry Saturn d. Grand Master Sexay via submission

    3. Edge & Christian d. Dudley Boyz

    4. Dean Malenko d. Scotty ...more

  • Kane and Rikishi Phatu defeated World Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz, in a non-title match...World Hardcore Champion, Crash Holly, and Tazz fought to a No Contest...X-Pac and Jesse James ...more